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R. v. Patrick Fox - RCMP Interviews

Burnaby File: 2016-25379
BW: Cpl. B. WILCOTT, #50519
AM: Cpl. A. MOHAN, #48932
AC: Anna Diane CARBONI


1.BW:Good afternoon, it’s Corporal Brent WILCOTT of the Burnaby RCMP. It’s Monday, July 11th, 2016 at 1232 hours. We are in, what town is this?
2.JS:San Pedro.
3.LM:San Pedro, California.
4.BW:San Pedro. San Pedro, California, just uh outside of Los Angeles. With uh Liz, with Liz MUNEZ. MUNEZ?
7.BW:MUNOZ, sorry. Uh and your legal
9.BW:representative and friend here.
11.BW:Uh Anna CARB-, CARBONO. Anna Deane, Anna Diane.
14.BW:CARBONI, I’m sorry. I have an I there. Uh with uh Special Agent SPIZUOCO and Corporal MOHAN and myself here. Uh we’re just gonna be taking a KGB Warning statement so Ali is just gonna do the KGB Warning.
15.AM:Sure, I’ll sit beside ya.
17.AM:Um so this statement will be taken out of oath, solemn affirmation, and solemn declaration and it’ll be audio recorded. I know it says video recorded here but we’re gonna audio record this…Did that. You must understand that uh, that it is a criminal offence under Section 139 and Section 140 of the Criminal Code to obstruct justice or commit public mischief by making a false statement to police during a, during an investigation. You must further understand that you may be a witness at a trial uh concerning the events you describe in this statement, and if at any time you recant your statement or claim it to be false, it can and will be used at that trial. And you maybe be liable to prosecution under Section 137 of the Criminal Code for fabricating evidence. Finally, you must understand that yy-, you’re not obliged to give a statement. And if any person has by words or acts attempted to persuade you to provide it, you are to disregard those words or acts, and only give a statement if you freely choose to do so.
19.AM:Okay? Do you understand the criminal consequences of making a false statement?
21.AM:Do you understand your right to choose whether or not um to make a statement?
23.AM:Do you understand the fact that this statement will be audio taped and under oath?
25.AM:Okay. Do you choose to give a statement?
27.AM:Okay. I will get you uh, okay, so I’ll be Commissioner of Oath. Uh do you sol-, uh do you wanna swear or affirm? It doesn’t make a difference, yeah.
29.BW:Swearing on the bible or affirming is
30.AC:Same thing.
31.LM:uh same thing. It’s yeah,
34.BW:legal, legal mumbo-jumbo.
35.LM:Well I swear I guess.
36.AM:Okay. Do you solemnly swear that evidence given to you will be the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth?
38.AM:Okay. And I will get you to sign right there, please. It’s just right there. Right?
39.BW:Uh yes.
41.BW:And then you’re the witness.
43.BW:Or I, I can be the witness. You’re the swearer.
44.AM:Okay. I’ll sign as well. Perfect. Thank you.
45.BW:Excellent. So now that we’re three minutes into that part.
47.BW:Um we’re here to talk about Mister uh Richard RIESS.
48.LM:Mm hmm.
49.BW:Or Patrick FOX.
51.BW:Um he’s changed his name
52.LM:Mm hmm.
53.BW:uh recently.
55.BW:And kinda your history with him.
57.BW:And as well kinda what happened when he sent some packages down here.
59.BW:So if you can tell me first off how…
60.LM:Like history?
61.BW:Yeah, a little bit of history.
62.LM:Okay, okay. I used to be a TA, a teacher’s assistant at the preschool and uh he was under the care of his son, and that’s how we met. Yeah, we became friends and became uh, I used to babysit for the kid and that’s how we got to know each other.
63.JS:What state was that in?
64.LM:Right here in Torrance.
65.JS:Oh it was Torrance?
66.LM:In Torrance, California, yeah.
67.BW:When abouts was that, sorry?
68.LM:Oh my god, I can’t remember. Oof, his child was 18 months so tt-, that could have been 2000.
69.BW:Almost 14 years ago?
70.LM:Oh my god, he’s gonna be 16.
72.LM:He was 18 months to…
73.AC:How many years ago?
74.LM:Oh like in 2000. So yeah, I,
76.LM:so I honestly can’t remember the exact date but yeah.
77.BW:That’s okay. 2000-ish.
78.LM:So yes.
79.BW:So you’ve known him for quite some time then.
83.BW:And um obviously you looked after the child, you took care of the child for some things.
84.LM:Yes, right, yes.
85.BW:Um at what, at one point I understand that Mister RIESS or Mister FOX um was in jail.
86.LM:Yes, correct.
87.BW:And you basically were the…
88.LM:Yeah, I was taking care of the son and helping him and whatever you know I could.
89.BW:Okay. When was that? Do you recall?
90.LM:I can’t remember. I’m sorry, but I don’t know the dates.
91.BW:That’s okay.
92.LM:I don’t know dates. (inaudible) by the dates but I know it was a while ago, couple years ago. Yeah.
93.BW:Okay. And how long did you look after the child for?
94.LM:Ah, on my own? About four years.
96.LM:Yeah. For four years that he was gone. Yeah.
97.BW:I didn’t know that, I’m sorry.
98.LM:Yeah, four years.
100.LM:But like I said I know him since he was 18 months, the child.
101.BW:Yeah. Okay. And uh obviously uh Mister RIESS was deported at some point back to Canada.
102.LM:Correct, yes.
103.BW:Um and did you guys maintain communication with each other or talk?
104.LM:Well when once that he was established over there and he was able to get a phone and call, yeah, he called.
106.LM:He calls now and then say hi and how’s things. He was very uh thankful for what I did for his child and himself. So yes, he kept communication, yes.
107.BW:Okay. Um when you guys uh, I guess at that point the child had already been returned to his mother.
108.LM:Yes, correct.
109.BW:Okay. For what’s happened recently,
110.LM:Mm hmm.
111.BW:um can you walk me through what happened on…
112.LM:I have no idea. Just receive a call from, from them and uh that there were some packages that were, that were sent to my house that, that he shouldn’t have sent. That’s all what I know. They came home, they took the packages and that’s all what I know
113.BW:Okay. Did,
114.LM:about the packages.
115.BW:did he uh, Mister RIESS talk to about that? About sending packages?
116.LM:Oh yeah, yes, yes. About the packages, yes. About what was in the packages, I didn’t know.
118.LM:You know I just knew a few things you know because I saw the boxes, like it was a home stereo, uh a, a lot of computer work, personal things like clothes, blankets. You know that’s, that’s all what he mentioned to me.
119.BW:And what did he talk about? Like um was he saying he was shipping these items to you or?
120.LM:Well yes, yes, yes. Uh did, did, this are his words. Okay? That he was planning on the future, he didn’t know whether he was relocate to Toronto for a new job, or whether he will like to come, come back to LA. You know but at that point he never told me you know I’m going here or I’m going there or you know he never really told me what his plans were. That’s, he just said that in the future he would like to come here or he was thinking about moving to Toronto.
121.BW:Okay. That’s uh, if he’s planning on going to Toronto, do you think he would have shipped the packages to you though?
122.LM:No, but at the same time I don’t know too much about his relationship with his family.
124.LM:So I know he doesn’t have that many friends or people you know what I mean, so I said as long as these packages are not gonna be sitting in my house for a long time I’m okay with it. And it’s his money, I’m not wasting money sending, ‘cause that’s a lot of money so
126.LM:said whatever. You know what I mean? But I never expect that. Me helping him with the package you know ww-, was gonna take me here.
128.LM:Yeah. Seriously.
129.BW:You never do, so.
130.LM:So, no, so I don’t know, he’s like that. He, he does things like that you know. He moves here, he doesn’t stay alike in one place. I said okay.
131.BW:He’s pretty transient then is what you…
132.LM:No, no, but you know because of his job I know he’s a contractor, he likes to do different uh projects so sometimes he takes a job like I don’t know for years, months, whatever. He likes to do different things. He, he gets bored in one thing.
134.LM:So that’s why he said that he was looking into, looking for projects too on Ontario also.
135.BW:Do you recall when you uh started receiving the packages?
136.LM:No. It, it was few months. You know he didn’t send everything at once you know. No, I don’t, I don’t have dates. But they didn’t came out together, you know at once.
137.BW:And um did he talk about what was being sent like?
138.LM:Like I said a few things he told me, that’s because I asked what are you gonna send. He said personal things; my computer, you know some clothes, and things like that. But uh (inaudible) stuff he never mentioned anything to me.
139.BW:And what’s your understanding what was inside those packages?
140.LM:Well I understand what they do. I understand the fires, the firearms because
142.LM:I talked to him. He communicated with me to apologize for all of this so I knew what it was inside the box you know. But be-, before that I have no clue what was inside the boxes. And like I said they, they were never touched, they were never opened, they were sealed the same way that I received the boxes.
145.BW:So you didn’t know the firearms were inside the packages?
146.LM:Nothing. Absolutely I don’t know, I don’t know what, I don’t know what is inside the boxes at this point.
147.BW:Um has he communicated ww-, with you since? Is that what you were saying?
148.LM:Yes, yes, he has.
149.BW:While he was in jail?
152.LM:Yes, he has.
153.BW:And he’s apologized to you about that?
154.LM:Yes. Yes. He called me right away after what happened and heapologized. I’m sorry that I got you into this. He even called me this morning casually, and I told him what happened and he said I’m sorry, you know you gotta talk to them and just tell them what you know. And I told him I don’t want part of this, I don’t wanna be linked to this. And he said just go ahead, just talk to them, tell them what you know.
155.BW:Oh wow.
157.BW:And so he obviously called from a jail phone probably.
158.LM:Of course. It’s recorded. You can hear the phone calls, they’re recorded.
159.BW:Yeah. How was he to deal with? Like he seems like he was okay with what’s happened.
160.LM:Yes, yes, yes.
161.BW:He probably didn’t wanna put in the situation then.
162.LM:No, no, I don’t think so. Like I said you know he’s, believe me, he’s not a bad guy. I know he, I, I don’t know how he is when he’s there but he’s not that kind of person.
165.BW:Can you tell me like what, how you know him like?
166.LM:How I know him?
167.BW:Like is he a, how is he…
168.LM:He’s, he’s not a very social person uh that I can tell you, but he’s not aggressive. Never been aggressive to me or towards anybody.
170.LM:Uh he’s the kind of person that he can be on that shithole eating you know but, and I see him picking up and actually this is, we talk about this all the time. I don’t know how he got into this because he was doing so well.
172.LM:So it’s like why you know a person that’s doing so well, making so much good money do this kind of stuff. So he’s, he’s very smart but in other things like something is lacking you know.
173.BW:Some life skills potentially?
174.LM:Something, yes.
176.LM:Yes, yes. But no, he’s not a, an aggressive or I cannot say anything bad. You know I never have any bad experience
178.LM:with him as you know our friendship.
179.BW:Uh how many bag, or packages do you think were sent?
180.LM:Oof, I don’t remember. I, I think there were 20 some boxes.
181.BW:And do you still have the ones that were returned to you, everything?
182.LM:Yeah, they return everything pretty much.
185.BW:And are you just gonna keep it until he can figure out?
186.LM:I ask him you know what you want me to do with this and he said let me figure out, I don’t, you know by now he’s in the position that, I said well as soon as you know what you want me to do you know you gotta figure out how you want me to return everything. So they’re gonna be returned. I don’t know when or what’s gonna happen with him, so.
188.LM:Just waiting for his uh, the green light you know.
191.BW:Ali, do you have anything else that we are missing?
192.AM:No. (inaudible)
193.BW:Jason, do you wanna add any, or?
194.JS:Just when you were watching the kid you, at one, for four years you were the soul provider. Right?
195.LM:Yes, correct.
196.JS:Where ww-, was he in Canada or was he in custody?
197.LM:He was in custody.
199.LM:He was in custody for four years. I told you the story about the mom you know what I mean I mean.
200.JS:Right, right.
202.JS:Right, and she left, yeah.
203.LM:Yes, the whole thig.
204.JS:So the boy (inaudible) from the ages of what? Like six?
205.LM:Well you know when we met like I told you he was 18 months.
207.LM:He was just living with the dad. He come to the preschool and pick him up and we became friends. The child was very attached to me.
209.LM:Uh he was under my car at the preschool. And I start babysitting for him you know. And that’s how the friendship start. Then he got in some troubles, obviously you know what I mean, and the child, himself, I think he was about five years ago, he called me from Arizona where he was living with Richard. He was no longer in California.
211.LM:He called me himself to please go and pick him up. He was with some neighbours.
213.LM:And I have no, I don’t have a heart for saying no to the child after being with me for so long you know.
215.LM:And uh I went right away and I pick him up and that took me four years with him.
218.JS:So he was in, so after Richard got out of custody he came back and picked the boy up?
219.LM:Well Richard came back obviously.
221.LM:You know what I mean, and uh that’s when he start fighting in court. And the court ordered the woman, ‘cause she was not supposed to take the child out of California,
223.LM:that she needed to return {G*****} to the state of California. She uh, Arizona didn’t have jurisdiction so over you know California and that’s how the child was returned to him.
225.BW:That kid’s gone through a lot then.
226.LM:Yes, yes, he has. And uh I mean the only parent that he has has been Richard. The woman was never on the picture until now.
228.LM:Until he was like 10 or 11.
229.AC:The only stability that child has had
231.AC:in his life is…
232.LM:Yeah, was with me.
233.BW:With you.
234.LM:The years that he was with me. Correct. Yeah.
235.AC:She, I mean she raised that child like you know her own.
236.LM:Like my own.
238.JS:Was there a-, any formal agreement or you, you just had him because…
239.LM:There was a power of attorney.
241.LM:Of course, of course. I, when I went to pick him up I was not gonna cross the border with, heck no, you know.
243.LM:No, no, no, no, we, we got a power of attorney and he gave me the authority you know to, to take care of the child you know what I mean. Um…
244.BW:Did he pay? Did he give you money or?
245.LM:No. Cc-, come on, he was in jail.
246.AC:It wasn’t like that.
247.LM:He has no money.
248.AC:This girl with the little money that she makes
249.LM:No. No.
250.AC:fed this child, dress him, put him through school, uh, uh
251.LM:Through school, everything, yeah.
252.AC:(inaudible) the guy with 20 bucks here and there that she was sending him.
253.LM:Yeah, no, no. No, they, there was no help from him, of course he was in jail.
255.LM:Yeah, it was me. Yeah.
256.AC:The uh mother abandon the child at 18 months and you know
258.AC:she picks him up from, they raise (inaudible) and they come and they take
260.AC:this child from her.
262.LM:She came, she took him.
263.AC:She, she loves the child.
264.LM:And uh she use um, what’s this called, uh guardianship, not guardianship, how’s it called uh, uh custody that they had when the baby was born. So that’s how she took the child from here. But like I said the courts over here told her uh- uh, you need to return the child.
265.BW:‘Cause part of the State of California…
266.LM:Because he’s been for too long
268.LM:and he wants school and there was no right for the mom to do. I mean how can you take a child that all his life being here and one day show up and hey.
269.AC:And during all those years
271.AC:she never saw the child at all.
274.AC:And it was when I guess Richard was in jail she called her for help.
276.AC:And you know she came and, and took the child, but…
277.LM:Yeah. That’s what, that’s how it happened, yeah.
278.BW:Okay. Okay.
279.LM:And you know like I said I don’t have anything against the mom. We’re not the best friends. She’s not my enemy. We’re just, she’s there, I’m here.
281.LM:You know.
282.BW:And you were saying earlier you do obviously still speak with the child, uh…
283.LM:Yes, yes, I call him.
285.LM:Now and then you know what I mean. I don’t speak to him often because I believe the mom play some games and she likes to record the calls and I know the child doesn’t feel confident talking over the phone.
287.LM:So I call and I talk to him sporadically, how you doing, how’s summer, how’s school, how’s the family and basically but that’s it. Personal life, things he doesn’t say anything and I don’t ask.
289.LM:Yeah. Yeah, so I don’t know what’s going on right now you know what I mean.
291.LM:I hope he’s doing well.
292.BW:Yeah, yeah, okay.
293.LM:Yeah, so that’s, that’s pretty much you know how things are right now.
295.LM:And I know they have problems but that’s between both of them as he’s the only one who can explain you the problems you know.
298.BW:And we’ve got his side and obviously we’re going to get her side and
299.LM:Yeah, correct.
300.BW:get all the details so we can try to figure out…
301.LM:What, what’s going on, yeah.
303.LM:Yeah. So I don’t know what else I can help but…
304.BW:Um one thing I, one other question wanted to ask is uh when you knew him
305.LM:Uh huh.
306.BW:uh when he lived in California earlier.
308.BW:Did you know he had firearms?
309.LM:No, never.
311.LM:No, he never did, that, as far as I know he never did you know. I know he does enjoy go-, going to the shooting range that I believe it’s close from the place that he’s staying.
313.LM:I don’t know what it’s called but.
314.BW:In Canada.
315.LM:In Canada, of course.
317.LM:Yeah. Uh I know he owns a couple of firearms and rifles for himself and his son.
319.LM:When he visit they used to go shooting range. I know that’s his hobby. That’s all what I know. You know what I mean, but here in California, no, never. As far as I knew never. I never saw one. He never mentioned you know buying, owning, so.
320.BW:That’s perfect, yeah.
321.LM:Yes. I know this is new when he move over there he start buying uh guns.
323.LM:For him and his child.
326.BW:Um anything else? I think that we’ve covered everything?
328.BW:Do you have anything you’d like to add? Anything else?
329.LM:No, I don’t know, like I said anything that I can help. I don’t know what else can I help you with.
330.AC:I don’t think he’s such a bad guy. He just makes stupid decisions.
333.AC:But he’s not a bad guy.
334.LM:He, this is uh…
335.AC:You know he’s a good dad, he uh, he really loves that child.
337.AC:Um he’s made wrong, stupid decisions but when the mom (inaudible) he you know kept struggling with the child and I think he’s a good daddy.
340.LM:Yeah. I think this is like a battle to be honest with, with him, between both of them. The ex-wife or, and himself.
343.AC:The child was not with him because the mom kept playing games
345.AC:and not sending the child.
346.LM:Uh this man you know…
347.AC:down as the court order. She didn’t follow the court order. But he’s not a bad…
348.LM:Yeah. You know what it was for this man after being in jail for four years he was looking forward to see his son. And the mom was the one who got him deported so he couldn’t see his son.
350.LM:So that was like a hard, it’s more like a…
351.BW:He took it very personal.
355.LM:And as you can see you know what I mean.
357.LM:So that’s when all this start
358.BW:And there’s…
359.LM:coming out you know what I mean because he feels like oh she lies about this and it’s not like that, it is like this, and that’s when this whole big thing started.
360.AC:Yeah, they, they were going to court and uh one of the custody battles he shows up to court and she called Immigration and got him arrested so he never got to go to…
361.LM:So she could take the child.
362.AC:He never got into go to the courtroom so the court puts him
363.LM:Mm hmm.
364.AC:like a no show.
366.AC:And she takes the child because he’s a no show.
367.LM:She knew that the court was gonna rule in his favour with the child stays here, yeah.
368.AC:So you know that’s when they start those stupid battles and…
369.LM:That’s what happened.
373.LM:Yeah, when, when she first came, I mean she, she was here on California like for two visits after like years of not seeing her son. On her third visit she show up on my house with the police to take the child. She make her own child go through that. Even the police was saying look, think about it, this isn’t fair for the child, give it some times to, for the transition. She did not care.
375.LM:I understand, she’s the mom you know what I mean but for the child I think things could have been handled in a better way, but…
377.LM:She has him now.
378.BW:Uh well hopefully he’s doing well.
379.LM:Yeah, yeah.
380.BW:That’s the main thing of this.
381.LM:I hope so, I hope so, I don’t know. Ho-, I hope. Like I said I don’t, I talked to him but we don’t talk that often like I would like to. But I call him like once a month or something.
384.BW:Okay. Well it’s 1252, I think we’ve covered everything.
386.BW:Thank you very much for your time.
387.LM:No problem.
388.BW:I’ll turn this off.