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R. v. Patrick Fox - RCMP Interviews

Burnaby File: 2016-25379
Statement of Manvir MANGAT
Statement Date: 2016/06/17
Statement Time:



1.CD:It is Constable DAVEY again. The date is June 17th, 2016, time is 1116 hours. Gonna be taking a statement from Manny MANGAT. For Burnaby file 2016-25379.
2.CD:Okay Manny, I came here to,
4.CD:is it the Packaging Depot is the name of the business?
5.MM:Yes, yes, the Packaging Depot, yes.
6.CD:Okay. And are you the owner?
8.CD:Okay, you're the owner. Um and I asked you about uh customer Christopher FOX
10.CD:and whether or not he'd shipped any packages from here.
11.MM:Yes, he did.
12.CD:Can you just go ahead and, and tell me what you know about that?
13.MM:You know that the guy actually he's a computer engineer so he fixed my computers here. So in exchange I send his uh just the packages.
15.MM:And uh, uh so I didn't charge any money.
16.CD:Okay. How long was it that he, he fixed the computers here?
17.MM:Maybe three weeks ago.
18.CD:Okay. Is that something you hired him to do or was he a customer before then?
19.MM:No, no, he was just a customer.
20.CD:Okay. Had he sent packages before then?
21.MM:Yeah, he send uh I think couple times.
22.CD:Okay. And so three weeks ago after he fixed the computers uh you said he sent some, you sent some packages for him for free?
23.MM:Yeah, yeah, yeah.
24.CD:Okay. And is that these?
25.MM:So these are the tracking number (inaudible), yeah.
26.CD:So these tracking informations that you (inaudible)
27.MM:Yes, yes, I print it.
29.MM:So but he mention you know something, you can see there.
30.CD:Okay. Can you...
31.MM:I believe computer parts.
32.CD:Yeah. And can you do me a favour, just because his name isn't on these anywhere.
34.CD:Can you just initial and date these forms for me? Just to say that these are,
35.MM:Oh yeah, that's for him.
36.CD:yy-, you're, you're certain these are the, the tracking information for Christopher FOX.
37.MM:What date is today?
38.CD:It's the June 17th.
39.MM:17...Alright, so each of them?
40.CD:Yeah, if you can just initial
42.CD:and date each page.
44.CD:Okay. And I just wanna make sure because
45.MM:Yeah, yeah, yeah.
46.CD:just 'cause his name isn't on here, how,
47.MM:Yeah, yeah, yeah.
48.CD:when you check the computer how did you know that these are, are for those packages that you sent for Mister FOX?
49.MM:Because you know like he mentioned about uh, about the wood, like you know the wooden piece.
51.MM:So I remember that's the guy, that, the, that, that's the guy . Right? He broughted those stuff and the guy packed it. Right?
52.CD:Mm hmm.
53.MM:So then I, I know that he's a little short guy and his name is Patrick.
54.CD:Patrick? Okay. Oh sorry, Patrick, I think I said his name is Christopher. (inaudible)
55.MM:No, but he gave his name Patrick.
56.CD:You're right, I think I said that wrong. Yeah, it is Patrick FOX.
57.MM:Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
58.CD:That was my mistake when I said Christopher.
59.MM:That's okay.
60.CD:Um so on this tracking information there's, it lists four packages here. So are those four packages in addition to the one that with the rifle parts (inaudible)
61.MM:No, no, this is included in this.
62.CD:Okay. So was there, was there five packages? These four plus...
63.MM:No, no, no, these are, no, no, it's altogether, for, including everything it's altogether for pieces.
64.CD:Okay. So...
65.MM:So whatever that, the thing is there we print it and so it's already included, like four pieces.
66.CD:Okay. And you didn't see what was in the other boxes?
67.MM:Oh no, no, no.
69.MM:He didn't, he said like you can see there, mentioned the, the computer and computer parts. Right?
70.CD:Yeah, I see it says here on the form he declared.
71.MM:Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. And ww-, and that's what he declared for on custom form. Right?
72.CD:Okay. And you said when we first (inaudible) you said you picked up the packages at his house?
74.CD:Is that right?
76.CD:Can you, do you remember where that was?
77.MM:Yeah, it's close to the Burnaby Hospital.
78.CD:Okay. You don't remember the address or anything?
79.MM:Uh it's apartment but I don't know the exactly address. But it's close to the Burnaby uh Hospital, his apartment, he was living there.
80.CD:Okay. And can you describe Patrick for me?
81.MM:Patrick is uh just a short guy, maybe around five-eight, I think 150 pound.
82.CD:Okay. Uh...
83.MM:And probably around uh 42, 41, 42 year old male.
84.CD:Can you describe his hair for me or any other feature?
85.MM:Hair is like I think uh gray, yeah, yeah.
86.CD:Okay. And his race? Is he?
87.MM:He's a white guy.
88.CD:Okay. And I'm, I'm just asking to confirm we're talking about the same person (inaudible)
89.MM:Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. No, no, but I ask him you know like he's, he's, I ask, he's a Canadian citizen and a US citizen.
90.CD:Mm hmm.
91.MM:That's what I ask him few things about (inaudible) uh travelling in the truck.
92.CD:Mm hmm.
93.MM:So you know that's what he mentioned.
94.CD:Okay. And you mentioned he, you saw some news article (inaudible)
95.MM:Yeah, he ask me about you know he got a divorce from his wife and then he was in local newspaper, this year, was very big news.
96.CD:It was big news?
97.MM:That's what he mentioned, yes.
100.CD:Did he say why it was big news or?
101.MM:I didn't ask him. You know so many problem with the wife so he got a divorce and they got a son now.
103.MM:I didn't ask him person so many things. Right? Was just like while, while we were travelling, just chatting.
105.MM:He's a computer nn-, engineer, that's what he you know mentioned.
106.CD:Okay. And that's why you had him fix the computers?
107.MM:Yeah, then I ask him because I really need a computer guy.
108.CD:Mm hmm.
109.MM:So that's what we traded that stuff and that. So I didn't charge him any money.
110.CD:Okay. And before you sent these four packages on May 27th.
112.CD:Um do you remember how long ago it was before then, like the last package he might have shipped here?
113.MM:Maybe, I don't know, maybe, maybe at least in this year couple times I believe, yeah, couple times, maybe two months ago, maybe aft-, one is, maybe one, two and a half months ago.
114.CD:Hmm. Do you remember where he shipped that to?
115.MM:Same address.
116.CD:Everything he shipped is always to the same address, is that what you're saying?
117.MM:Yeah, yeah, yeah.
118.CD:Okay. And that's, so looking at this one in Carson, California?
119.MM:Somewhere, California, correct.
120.CD:Okay. Can you recall any other address he might have shipped something to?
121.MM:I don't think so but I have to (inaudible) a lot of my stuff
123.MM:to find out.
124.CD:Okay. Okay. Okay, I'll conclude this statement there. The time is
125.MM:Yeah, yeah. (inaudible)
126.CD:1122 hours.