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R. v. Patrick Fox - RCMP Interviews

Burnaby File: 2016-25379
Statement of Mohammed KHAN
Statement Date: 2016/06/17
Statement Time: 1111 hours

MK: Mohammed KHAN


1.CD:Okay, this is Constable DAVEY. The date is June 17th, 2016, time is 1111 hours. Gonna be taking a statement from Mohammed KHAN. For Burnaby file 2016-25379.
2.CD:Okay Mohammed, can you just go and explain to me um what you just did about uh Christopher FOX that came in here asking about a custome-, customer named Christopher FOX? And you provided me with this um tracking order.
3.MK:Um he brought me a gun, it was really old gun, it was separated, there was a wooden handle to it, like a bb-, butt part and a barrel. Um he wanted to ship it, I don't know where 'cause Manny does the shipping and destination, all I do is wrapping and packing.
4.CD:Mm hmm.
5.MK:Um I bubble-wrapped it, I packed it, and made a package and gave it to Manny. And Manny did the shipping I think for it. That's all I seen and that's all I know.
6.CD:Okay. Can you describe the, these parts of this gun that you saw?
7.MK:Um there was wooden barrel, uh no, the metal barrel part, and the other half of it was separate which was the, what would you call it, a butt or handle.
8.CD:Like a stock, (inaudible) end part of it?
9.MK:Like a stock. Yeah, the end part of it.
11.MK:To hold in your hand. Uh it was, was, it was just really old and antique and uh he didn't want it damaged and wanted it wrapped properly and that's all I did for him.
12.CD:Okay. Can you describe uh Mister FOX for me? What does he look like?
13.MK:Short, not too short, average, well short, I'd say about five-four or so. Nice (inaudible) nice guy, he's very well spoken. And seemed normal. And that was first time I met him. And uh other than that I don't really (inaudible)
14.CD:Okay. And this, I guess this tracking information that you've given me, um is this the info for that, that package?
15.MK:Um when I wrapped the stuff I just wrap it and I
17.MK:give it to Manny and Manny does all of it, so.
18.CD:Okay, I'll ask Manny about that.
19.MK:I believe, yeah, I believe that would be the one.
20.CD:After I take a statement from you. Okay. And do you remember when that was? Like how long ago?
21.MK:Roughly about three weeks or so, within the last month.
22.CD:Okay. And how do you know Christopher FOX? Like when I said his name you kind of seemed like you recognized who I was talking about immediately.
23.MK:Well when you mentioned weapon and guns that's the only one I ever seen here.
25.MK:So I kinda put two and two together.
26.CD:Okay. Did he say anything about, I know you said he, he said to be careful, he didn't want them damaged.
28.CD:Did he say anything at all about why he was shipping them, or?
29.MK:Hmm, no he did not. Uh I just thought some people collect guns
30.CD:Mm hmm.
31.MK:and that's all I assumed, like he was a collector and you know. No, he did not say anything about why or where it was going.
32.CD:Okay, and just to be clear, it was only, it was two parts, two separate parts?
33.MK:Two pieces, yeah.
34.CD:The barrel and the stock.
35.MK:Yeah, separate.
37.MK:Yeah, and the other reason is when you're shipping stuff if it's bigger and long it costs you more, so he separated them and I wanted to make sure it doesn't go get damaged so we ship it (inaudible)
38.CD:Okay. Alright, thanks Mohammed, I'll conclude the statement there. Time is 1114 hours.
39.MK:Okay, you're welcome.