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R. v. Patrick Fox - RCMP Interviews

Burnaby File: 2016-25379
Statement of Desiree CAPUANO
Statement Date: Friday, 2016/06/17
Statement Time: 1300 hours

DM: Cst. D. MACKAY, #57043
UF: unidentified female


1.DM:Okay, so uh it is Friday, 17th, 2016 at 1300 hours my time or Vancouver time. And this is Constable MACKAY of the Burnaby RCMP, reg. number 57043. Um and we have a Desiree CAPUANO. Is that how you pronounce it? CAPUANO?
4.DC:Yeah, very close, yeah.
5.DM:Uh we're just doing a uh statement by way of Skype. Uh she's in Arizona. So what's, I would like to do um, I'll just explain to you that uh our investigation focuses on uh some of the offences uh from up here. Um but what I would like to do is start uh, and I don't know how much time you have, but I'd like to start with uh basically an overview of your relationship. Um I understand your, you previously were in a relationship with uh we know as uh Patrick um FOX.
7.DM:Um can you tell me about your relationship uh with him?
8.DC:Yeah. Uh he was Richard RIESS. Um we met in uh January of 2000. Um we were in uh less than a two year relationship. Um and he's the father of my son, my oldest son.
10.DC:We separated in 2001. Um he took my son uh for nine years, uh moving between California and Arizona. I didn't know where he was, I didn't know where my son was. Um 2007 he was arrested by the Phoenix Police Department for forging cheques, cheque fraud and an unregistered firearm. They discovered that he was a Canadian citizen. During his exit interview he lied to the Federal Judge, told them that he was born in the United States, he said he was born in Ontario, California, and that both of his parents were American citizens. Um again, this is all under Richard RIESS name. Um judge found out that he was lying and he was sentenced to two years and so he was detained in Arizona from 2007 until 2011. In 2011 he was deported, that's when I found out where my son was. Um who I now have full custody of. Um he was deported in September of 2011, he immediately returned to the United States uh and took up residence with Liz MUNOZ in Los Angeles, where he lived for the next year. In 2012, January 2013, um he was arrested and deported for a second time. In March of 2013 he was arrested and deported for a third time. And in June of 2014 he started using the identity of Patrick FOX. At that point uh he made it his life's goal to destroy my life. Um and he started um a campaign of harassment, uh including building a website, maintaining a website pretending to be me. Um accessing uh information by pretending to be our child on social media. Um posting pictures of my house and my former address, my phone number, contacting my employers, people I work with pretending to be me, um trying to get me fired. Uh would send me emails, multiple emails every day telling me how horrible I was, uh how I was white trash and um he was trying to get me to commit suicide. Um he told me at one point he would kill me if he could get away with it. Um and he was gonna try to hire someone to have sex with me so he could get pictures to put on his website. He would send me updates on the website, things that he was doing. Um, uh in October of 2015 I obtained an order of protection against him, um and that was upheld recently um by the Superior Court of Arizona. Uh after the, the order of protection was initially um granted he continued with harassment, um updating blog posts. Uh he went on international news and, and said that his life's goal was to destroy me. Um and then he confirmed he would absolutely shoot me if he could get away with it. Uh within the last month he's been calling my house from phone numbers within the United States; uh two from California, one from Arizona. He's told my son that he has shipped his stuff to Los Angeles um and mm-, told my son that he was planning on moving back. Um continuously tells me about how he has guns, how he's allowed to own guns, how he goes to the shooting range all the time. Um he shows me pictures of where he crosses um the border uh through a park and he uh taunts me, telling me that there's no authorities present when he crosses the border and he does it all the time. Um that he's constantly in the United States. He's sent me a picture of a birth certificate from Florida stating that he uses this identity whenever he feels like it. Uh he, I have an email from him where he stated that he uses Patrick FOX or Richard RIESS whenever it suits him best for whichever purpose he needs it for. Um and uh yeah...
11.DM:Okay, thank you for telling me all that. Um I'd like to go back to the beginning. Uh you talked about uh your relationship uh starting in uh 2000.
13.DM:Uh can you tell me about um where and when you guys met?
14.DC:Yes, we met at a bar in Phoenix. I was 19, he was 26. I knew that he was in the country illegally but I was really young and naïve. And um he was a very angry person at the time. Um but uh...yeah, it was, it was in Arizona.
15.DM:Okay. Um and uh can you tell me about um the relationship, how did it progress in terms of you know where you guys were living and you know?
16.DC:His, his goal has always been to live in Los Angeles, that's, that's the epitome of where all the good things are. And so we moved to Los Angeles and lived out there for the majority of the relationship. I um, I became pregnant uh in the summer of 2000 and uh had complications. I was in a very bad car accident in Los Angeles and um at four months pregnant I started hemorrhaging and um we eventually moved back to Arizona where my mother lived um 'cause I was in and out of the hospitals. And our son was actually born um severely premature. He was born um one week into the sixth month so he was only two pounds, three ounces when he was born. Um Richard never wanted to go see him in the hospital, wanted nothing to do with the child, told me he didn't want anything to do with the child. He would, he would um degrade me and, and, and talk down to me when I would go visit the baby in the hospital.
18.DC:And uh at one point he um was uh convinced that we needed to give the child up for adoption but um only if we could get money for him. Uh he wanted nothing to do with the child at all. And uh we got into an argument um in the summer of 2001 and he basically told me he was mad at me for um not letting the baby die during birth and uh doing what I needed to do to keep him alive. And so I, I took my son and I moved from Los Angeles and I moved to Arizona with um the child and my belongings and moved in with my mom. Um I had gone vacation to Florida and my mom told me to leave my son with her um while I went and so I did. But he found out that I was gone and he went to Arizona to my mother's house and he took my son, brought him back to California, filed for custody and said I abandoned him. And I uh, I didn't see him again for nine years.
19.DM:Okay. So I'm just taking uh some notes in my notebook here.
20.DC:Okay...During the course of the relationship he would um, he would get hired on with companies by providing uh, a fake social security number. And then uh he would work for them for a little while and then quit. Um toward the end of the relationship he had taken to, um agreeing to job offers from places that were out of the State and uh he would get the relocation money from them, work for them for a couple weeks and then quit.
22.DC:Um and because all of it was under a false social security number um they could never trace it back, so.
23.DM:Okay. Uh so just uh so we can narrow it down in terms of where you guys lived, um from what I understand it sounds like you moved out to Los Angeles, lived there for most of the time and then moved back once. Um could you kind of give me a, it doesn't have to be an exact timeline but I'm just trying to think, I would like to know what cities you guys lived in during the course of your relationship.
24.DC:It was only ever Phoenix and Los Angeles.
26.DC:Mm hmm...And he only ever agreed to move back to Phoenix because money was tight. But he never really wanted to. He wants to be in Los Angeles.
27.DM:Okay. So uh just so I have this clear, you uh met in uh, in Phoenix and shortly after you guys moved to Los Angeles, lived there with him for uh approximately how long?
28.DC:Six months.
29.DM:And then you guys moved back to Arizona?
30.DC:Yes. Uh and we lived in Arizona for about another six months.
31.DM:And then?
32.DC:And then back to LA.
33.DM:And then back to LA. And then at which point you uh, you and your son left and went and lived with uh your mother.
35.DM:And um after that point in time was there any other time that you lived with him or were in a relationship with him?
36.DC:No. That was the end of the relationship. It ended in October of 2001.
37.DM:...Okay. Can you tell me about um his uh, actually we'll just back up for a second. Uh just so we are clear on who we're talking about, um can you tell me uh all of the names or who you know him to be?
38.DC:Sure. Um when I was pregnant um with our son he actually introduced me to his father over the phone um and had one of his half-brothers come live with us. So uh he was born Ricky Steve RIESS in Sudbury, Ontario. His dad is Steve RIESS who lives in Toronto still. His mother, um her maiden name was PIPPEN, but her name is Peggy, and I believe that she changed it to ZAMPONA, so I believe it's Peggy ZAMPONA now.
40.DC:Um he didn't...
41.DM:And how do you spell, how do you spell RIESS again?
42.DC:R-I-E-S-S. That's the last name of my son.
43.DM:Okay. Um he did not like his birth name and so he went by Richard, Richard Steve RIESS. Um and uh that was, that's, I have his birth certificate, that's just, that's who he is. Um in, I don't know if it was 2011 or 2012, um but one of those two years while he was in the United States he went by the name of Morgan ROTH, R-O-T-H. Um I have an email from him from that email address Morgan ROTH. And then um in 2014 was when he started using the name Patrick Henry FOX. And I have hundreds of emails from Richard RIESS and you can see the exact time that the email address went from Richard RIESS to Patrick FOX.
44.DM:And what's his date of birth?
45.DC:11-24-73. It's the same for both identities.
46.DM:Um yeah, some of the information I understand that you probably already provided it. Just because I am doing a more of a, somewhat more of an official statement, I'm asking for some of these details just so we have it on record.
48.DM:Um okay. Um and who did you say his ff-, his father went by?
49.DC:Uh Steve RIESS.
50.DM:Oh it was just Steve RIESS, okay.
51.DC:Yeah, and I, I still talk to Steve. He's, he's really a wonderful gentleman and um is more than willing to do whatever is needed to prove that he's his father.
52.DM:Okay. And who's his mother?
53.DC:Uh Peggy ZAMPONA. Maiden name PIPPEN. And I believe she lives in Vancouver. Last I knew she lived in Vancouver.
54.DM:Okay...Okay, so if you could tell me during the course of your relationship with um, uh, how do you, do you usually refer to him uh now as Patrick or just as Richard?
56.DM:Okay, so for the purpose of this interview we'll refer to him as Richard um
58.DM:throughout this interview. Um so with Richard, uh can you uh tell me about uh during the relationship what uh, what he was like?
59.DC:He was awful. Um the two years that we were together he was very um mentally and emotionally abusive. Um he told me at one point after I had the baby that I had turned into the type of woman that used to cheat on their husbands with him. Um he would tell me things like uh now that um I had baggage, meaning the child, that no other guy would ever want me. Um, uh brow beating, putting me down, just constantly made me feel like I was not worth anything at all. Um, um...yeah, it was, it was not good. He had very few interests. Uh he really only ever talked about programming, um that was basically all he ever talked about was programming, writing code.
61.DC:Uh very few friends. And antisocial, didn't get along with people. Um had a tendency to be rude and mean and would use people for whatever he needed to gain from them. He didn't believe in relationships. Um he refused to say, he doesn't believe in emotion. Um he's never actually said I love you to his son ever. Um and he's been trying to teach his son that um relationships and emotions um are made up and imagined and not real. Um so clearly love was never actually part of our relationship. Um that was never a term of, of why we were together.
62.DM:Okay. Okay, uh can you tell me any um history of uh abuse that, from him?
63.DC:Physical? No. Um he, he, he never physically abused me. Um he's kind of a coward when it comes to that. Uh he likes to hide and do his damage. He likes to do the type of damage that you can't see the scars. Um or he can't get caught because of the abuse that he's, that he's doing. Um and so it was, he's also kind of a small guy. Um but uh there was no physical abuse during the two years that we were together. It's a shame that's the only kind of abuse that counts.
64.DM:Yeah. Uh and what about uh emotional and verbal uh...
65.DC:Constant. Um from 2011 until um 2014, um I have over a 1,000 emails from him um that will sum up basically um the type of communication that I've received from him. Um it's, it's, it's really hard. Um, uh but it's a lot of insulting and, and um I don't know what you'd wanna call it. It's, "You're white trash," "You're nothing," "You're not a good mom, "Your son doesn't respect you, "He doesn't love you," "Why do you continue to try to pretend like you're a good person?" "Why do you pretend like you could even be a parent?" "You're not a real parent," "He loves somebody else more than he loves you." "Um I told him all along and taught him that you're white trash and that you're not gonna amount to anything, "You're just a drug user, and um "I, I sit here and I count the 50 different ways that we laugh at you and make fun of you." And, and, and just, it's just constant. It's just constant, every day, multiple, multiple emails about this.
67.DC:And just every day.
68.DM:And um can you tell me about uh what was, what was that, was that present during the relationship that you guys had?
70.DM:Okay. And can you tell me about that at the time uh that you guys were in the relationship?
71.DC:Um I almost, I, it almost broke me. Uh it led to pretty bad post-partum depression. Um and I was uh sad and I was depressed and I really had very little self-worth during the relationship. Um I actuallyuh went to see my mom on a vacation towards the end of the relationship without him and that's when I realized how bad I'd gotten and that's when I realized I couldn't stay there. I couldn't stay in the relationship with him anymore, I couldn't keep doing it.
73.DC:So that's why I left.
74.DM:Okay. Um...
75.DC:There's on email in particular that he sent me in 2015 where it's um, it's a very angry and verbally abusive email with a lot of swearing and uh that I'm, I'm a worthless piece of shit.
77.DC:Repeatedly. In many different ways of, of how you can say that.
78.DM:Okay. Now uh can you tell me about um what uh, what Richard does for work, what he did for work in your relationship and what he did afterwards?
79.DC:He does the same thing that he's always done, he writes code. He is a C++ software programmer. And he makes a lot of money doing it. He is very savvy with computers...He uh currently has a business that he owns which I believe is how he's been getting jobs, he's been doing contract through his business so...And the emails that um were sent to me, the, the 1,000 emails were sent from Patrick FOX but they were sent from his business.
81.DC:So they were sent from
82.DM:Solar Onyx?
83.DC:Yes. And this is a company that he's registered in cc-, in Canada and it's also registered in Los Angeles. Um and the address on file for the company in Los Angeles belongs to Liz MUNOZ, it's her home address.
84.DM:Okay. Uh is Solar Onyx, is that O-N-E-X?
88.DM:...Okay. Um now can you tell me about any uh threats that uh
90.DM:you received from him?
91.DC:Um, uh Richard's attitude toward me um is, is very angry and um very bitter. Every email that he sends has tones of aggression in them. Um and one email he sent me in particular uh he told me that during a conversation that he had with our son, our son asked him if he would ever shoot me. And um Richard told him that he would absolutely would no qualms shoot me um if the punishment for that were not life in jail. That, that is how much he hates me and that is how much he'd wish to see me gone.
92.DM:And so this information uh how did you find out about this information?
93.DC:He sent it to me in an email.
95.DC:Along with another email where he said that his entire, multiple emails telling me that his entire goal in life, his mission in life, his purpose is to destroy me, to break me and either kill me or get me to a point where I kill myself, or um 'til I'm homeless and destitute and have nobody to turn to, and he will not stop until that happens ever. And I believe him.
96.DM:Uh the email that he sent you that referenced a conversation with your son about um, uh hh-, not having any ish-, any issues about killing you. Uh when was that sent to you? I believe it was, it was referenced earlier in another report but I just wanna know where, when it was sent to you.
97.DC:It is sent uh December 2014 I believe.
99.DC:Uh and again, I mentioned earlier, another email he sent me, um he said in the email that he was going to go ahead and divulge another part of his plan to me and that was to hire someone to have sex with me so that he could get pictures for his website.
101.DC:Uh he also told me that he has my social security number, that he plans on putting it up on billboards. Um and then his goal is not only to destroy me but to be sure that everybody around me knows all of the things that he thinks about me so that I have nobody to turn to.
102.UF:...(in background) Oh, what happened to your staff?
103.DM:They're all gone. I'm just doing a, a interview over Skype. Thanks...
104.DM:Okay, um any other uh threats that you received from him?
105.DC:Um I think that's it.
106.DM:Okay. Um have you uh, tell me about any threats that you've received um, uh either talking to him on the phone or in person or anything like that
107.DC:Um he uh, um he, um on the website that he hosts um that has all of my information on it, he also has the address of my home, and he has a map to my house. Um this website has a lot of racist remarks. Um and uh making it seem like I'm, I'm a White Supremacist and a racist. Um when I mentioned to him that uh that's the home where his son lives and that could potentially be dangerous, uh the responded um with an intention that if uh, if somebody came to my house looking to hurt me because of the information that was on the website, um that they would probably leave the kids alone, but regardless nobody would be able to hold him accountable for it so he didn't really care. Um he's given the impression um on more than one occasion that this one of his goals with the website, to incite violence from it. Um and by ex-, by stating where I live on there anybody that would want to cause violence would know exactly where to go to find me.
109.DC:He has um, he also uh decided to start attacking my youngest son who is 12 years old and so he has all of my 12 year olds information on the same website, that again has a link to my house, a map to my house and the home address. And he's got um picture and video and writing um saying really awful things about my 12 year old son. Um one of the pictures is actually of my son when he was six years old in his underwear, and it's up on the website. So any pedophile that wants to go to see it totally has access and knows where I live.
110.DM:Okay...Um...tell me about a time when he came to your house and confronted you or anything like that.
111.DC:He has not.
112.DM:Okay. Uh...
113.DC:He hasn't, not that I know of.
115.DC:He has not at my house.
116.DM:Does he...
117.DC:I, I saw him in person in 2011 um for custody hearings. Um and uh because the child was present we um, we were civil to each other. Uh but he had not started uh much of the harassment or uh attacking with the emails and with the verbal and the aggression at that point. That didn't really start until 2012. Uh after that I didn't see him.
119.DC:He has called my house numerous times from phone numbers in the United States though. One of them was actually a phone number in Tucson, Arizona, and that was within the last month.
120.DM:Okay. Do you uh happen to have those numbers available?
121.DC:Um yes.
122.DM:Can you get them?
123.DC:Um I sent you the email with the uh Vonage. Yeah, we can forward those to you in an email
125.DC:so you have...
126.DM:That's fine, if you don't have 'em right now we can, if you forward then to me that's, that's fine.
127.DC:(speaking with unidentified in background) Okay, you have the Tucson number?
128.UF:Yeah, yeah.
129.DC:The Tucson and the California?
133.DC:They're, yeah, okay, we can send you two out of the three numbers that he called from.
135.DC:I'm pulling them up and sending them to you right now.
136.DM:Okay. Um so uh if we could also just back up to like I just wanna focus on the custody battle issues.
138.DM:If you could just give me a timeline of how the custody battle went?
140.DM:Uh I understand you know you went back to your, uh your mother's house, you ended up going to Flor-, Florida and then you came back.
141.DC:(inaudible) Uh we, yeah we ended up with joint custody um in 2000-, February of 2002. The judge ordered joint custody, um time was supposed to be evenly split. At that point I was in Florida and he was in California and the judge ordered that we had to fly the child back and forth between those two states every two weeks. So I took him for the first visit, uh he took him back after two weeks. Um and then uh, um I couldn't, I couldn't afford to get him again. Um and by the time I had the money to go get him um Richard was gone. I, I had no idea where he was. Phone number wouldn't work, email wouldn't work, address, nobody was at the address, um so he was just gone uh with my son. And um in 2011 uh when we went back um into the custody battle um my son said that he wanted to live with Richard and he wanted to visit with me and so I agreed to let Richard have primary physical custody, um but we had joint um legal custody. And uh for 2011 and 2012 that's how it remained. But Richard took me back to court many times trying to get all visitation removed, trying to get custody taken away from me, and uh going after child support.
143.DC:He was trying to get me for child support. Um I fought each of the times that he tried to change it and the judge never ruled um in his favour on any of those. Um well let me back up really quick. In 2011 while he was in jail I took my son from this lady, Liz MUNOZ, who he had given um my son to raise while he was in jail. So in 2007 he gave my son to Liz MUNOZ in Los Angeles and had her raise him. Um and so in 2011 when I found out where he was I, I took my son from Liz. Um when Richard got let out in 2011 and went back into Los Angeles he filed something called a UCCJEA, which said that the home state of the child was California and not Arizona, and the judge agreed, and the judge made me return {G*****} to him in California. Um and that's when we started the custody battle. Um so again, uh we had joint legal custody, he had primary physical custody. Um he kept trying to take it away, he kept interfering with all of the visitations. Um there were times where he would call the airlines and change flights that I had made. Um he would cancel flights so that I would have to drive out to California. Um he just, he messed with all the visitations. Um, uh until um at last in, in November or October of 2012, he was actually petitioning the court to allow him to take {G*****} back to Canada with him 'cause he couldn't get a job in the United States. And um while I wanted him to be deported back to Canada, I did not want him to take my son. And so um I called a tip line um and I told them that he was here and while my son was with me for holiday, um over winter break, they arrested him. They, they arrested Richard and deported him back to Canada. At that point I got sole custody of our son.
144.DM:Sorry, what year was that?
145.DC:Um and in 2013 um Richard was kinda quiet I assumed 'cause he didn't really have any money, he was up in Canada, um and he was trying to get this whole Patrick FOX identity going. Um later half of 2013, 2014 and 2015, he took me back to court I think seven times to try to get custody taken away again. Um and finally in April of two-, of this year, 2016, the judge not only upheld that I keep custody, all physical and legal custody of our son, but any visitation is, will be determined by me. Any phone conversations will be determined by me. And basically I'm in control of anything that happens between him and his son. Richard did not like that and his response was to go on a rampage against my youngest son.
147.DC:...He basically, he, he's told, he's told {G*****} many times in the past that he's basically using him as a pawn to get to me. Um and so he would convince um my son that I was a worthless mother, that I was no, nn-, nobody that he would have to love or respect. Um {G*****} feared me um for a long time. Um didn't believe anything that I'd say. Um had just been conditioned basically to um believe that I was bas-, I was the worst person on the face of the earth. Uh and so I've been working really hard to get past all of that with my son.
149.DC:And it, it's been a challenge.
150.DM:Yeah. Okay. sorry, I'm just trying to uh make sure I'm tracking with you in terms of the timeline of events. So uh correct me if I'm wrong on any of this here, I'm just gonna try and summarize briefly to get right where, where this custody issue goes. So in uh 2002 uh you guys were given joint custody. Uh and that's why you were in uh Florida at the time and the judge ordered that the, that {G*****} had to be flown back and forth. Um now at that time was that after the incident where he took {G*****} from your mother's house?
151.DC:No. Yes, yes it was, sorry.
153.DC:Yes, it was.
154.DM:So that was after that. Um and then you had said that um you weren't able to keep up with the payments and flying back and forth. And when you got to um, to Arizona he was gone. Uh can you just explain that?
155.DC:I...No, I was, I was still in Florida. Um I, I actually stayed in Florida until I moved in 2008.
157.DC:I, I (audio malfunction) from Florida to Arizona in 2008. I was in Florida the whole time. Which is why I couldn't afford the plane tickets. It wasn't like it was you know a 100 dollar round trip plane ticket from Arizona to Los Angeles. It was a 300 dollar plane ticket each way
159.DC:from Florida to California.
160.DM:Okay. Um...
161.DC:And {G*****} was a year old at the time which means somebody would have to fly with him so it was two plane tickets each way.
162.DM:Okay. So at the time, uh so just so I understand this, basically from 2002 to 2008 you guys had joint custody, uh he, was he living in Arizona at that time or?
163.DC:No, well I didn't know where he was. He was going back and forth between Los Angeles and (inaudible)
164.DM:Okay. And you were in Florida at the time.
166.DM:And uh my understanding is for the better portion of that time uh {G*****} was in his custody.
168.DM:Um and then um, sorry, I'm just looking through my notes here...he ended up in jail and uh gave {G*****} over to Liz to be taken care of.
170.DM:What uh, approximately what year was that, sorry?
171.DC:That's 2007;
172.DM:And then you found out um that...
173.DC:In two (audio malfunction)
174.DM:that he was uh, he was there in 2009. And uh...
175.DC:I didn't (audio malfunction) {G*****} was. I just found out that Richard was incarcerated in 2000...
176.DM:Uh okay. Um so then uh we start the issue of you ended up getting {G*****} from California.
177.DC:Yeah, in 2011.
178.DM:And then he filed um...
179.DC:(audio malfunction) the homestay document.
180.DM:And what year did he file the homestay document?
181.DC:That was 2011. 2011 was when he was released and he was deported.
183.DC:But he says that he was technically deported because he wasn't walked across the border, he was left in Washington State and handed a deportation paper so he wasn't technically deported.
184.DM:Okay. And so was this the first time that he was deported in 2011?
185.DC:Yeah. In 2011 that was the first time he was deported.
186.DM:Okay. Okay, so then uh, then you end up um ww-, you end up having a custody bb-, custody battle 'cause he's trying to get {G*****} to come to Canada. And uh in April of this year uh you end up winning full, full custody and basically control over the custody.
187.DC:Yeah. I, I got it initially in 2013, in January of 2013, but April of this year was when it was confirmed that I have full say over everything that happens. 'Cause January of 2013 was the second time he was deported.
189.DC:In July of 2015 was when I first contacted the RCMP and filed my first case with them regarding the harassment. But then was when he put my home address up on the website, pictures of my house, a map to my house, the bus route that goes by my house, my home phone number, my email address.
190.DM:So um you described that uh the harassment starting in uh, sorry was it 2012 or 2014?
192.DM:2014. Um so tell me about that, how uh, I mean you were talking about harassment, there being harassment before uh but in 2014 uh you said that that's when everything really started. What do you mean by that? Tell me what that means.
193.DC:Uh so in 2014, it was early like March or April, uh he hacked into a LinkedIn profile that I had and got the names of everybody that I work with, that I was connected with. He set up a secondary profile that said I was a stripper and a meth head and I drank beer. Um and had it set up so that everybody that I was connected with through work was actually starting to connect with the secondary profile. Um and I work with uh LinkedIn to get it taken down. Which they eventually did take it down, um but at that point he had the email addresses of everybody that I was connected with and it was, it was a lot of people, all the way up to CEO's, vice presidents. Um I had been with the company since 2008 so at that point I had been there for a long time. Um once that profile was taken down he started sending out emails um pretending to be me to all of the people on that list, everybody that I had been connected with on LinkedIn he started sending them emails pretending to be me. In the emails it would include bits of emails conversations that he and I had had, um things that he thought was incriminating evidence against me, um things that would make me look bad to my coworkers and peers. Um and he would send that out to them along with a link to the website. And it was the first time I ever found out about the website. Um when the first email, first couple emails went out, security had to be contacted at my job, he was blocked, the website was blocked, um they did everything they could. But he figured out the name of the email convection of where I work so he sent out a second, it's not even a second, it was like a third or fourth email to my company and this one reached over 600 people that I worked with. Um with you know uh email content and descriptions of the entire custody battle, emails that we'd gone through back and forth where he was stating that I was, I was fighting for {G*****} but {G*****} didn't even wanna be with me. And uh he included um my income and expense declaration which I had to provide to the court, so he included that on his email to over 600 people. Um a bunch of other information. And so I, at work I would just start getting these random emails talking to me about how I should just let him have {G*****} and I shouldn't be fighting and it really seems like this is what {G*****} wants. No idea what the situation was at all. He uh, then he sent out an email to the board of directors of my company and it, well it said, "I smoke pot and there's not a fuckin' thing you can do about it," signed my name. Um and at that point he would start sending me emails talking to me about how many people are going to the website, how many hits it was getting. Um he would show me graphs and charts of spikes of people going to the website. He would talk to me about how he was gonna tweak it so that uh whenever you Googled for my name this website was the first thing to pop up. Um he uh, the pictures that are on the website, he actually created a um Facebook profile um pretending to be {G*****} and uh went into {G*****}'s Facebook profile and that's how he got the pictures uh for the website 'cause I, obviously I was friends with, on Facebook with my son, and I didn't know that it was Richard that was actually behind it. And so um he would use {G*****} to get information about me, um about what was going on and then he'd put that stuff on the website. Um he uh, he was basically just doing everything that he could to get me fired. Um and uh, and that was, that was basically where it started.
194.DM:Okay. Um and what was the results of what happened uh when he did that with the emailing the 600 people and uh obviously yy-, there's, you were receiving emails from your coworkers and everything like that. Uh what ended up happening as a result of that?
195.DC:Um nothing at the time. Uh I um, I was actually let go um last year, September of 2015. Um it was unrelated, they were going through reduction in force and I was part of the layoffs. Um since then I um, I had a job offer on the table uh including the start date and the offer was revoked because of the website. They could not take the risk of hiring me and employing me with the website and the things that he's doing. And so that job is gone.
196.DM:And when was that?
197.DC:Two weeks ago...I've had people email me and I've had people call my house with threats and disgusting things because all of it's public.
198.DM:...What sort of, when you say threats, what do you, what do you mean by that? Like what sort of things do they, have they said in the past or?
199.DC:One phone call they left a message and they said something like, "You wanna fucked in the ass? I'll fuck you in the ass." Um another one is like, "You're a total piece of shit, you should die." Um things like that.
200.DM:Okay. obviously you talked a little bit about this website. Um you found out about it uh after that he started uh emailing uh to people at your work. Uh tell me about the website.
201.DC:Uh the website is And all it said is my name. Um it started out with all of the information that he had because we were in a custody battle and so documentation had to be provided to the court and he had to get a copy of all of our documentation so he put it all up on the website. Um all of the emails that had gone back and forth between him and I, um between lawyers, everything, every form of communication was up on the website. Um the pictures that he got through our son's Facebook account, um put up on the website. Uh he got like I was arrested at one point in 2011, he put mugshot, he put the recording of me talking to the police up there, every court hearing that he's recorded he's put up there. Um and all of it is written and pretending to be me. All of it is um in first person, talking like it is me on the website, it's mine. I've had uh people walk up to me and, and tell me you know they don't, they don't really understand why I would create a website like that and I have to tell them that it's not me. That that's, that's not...that's not me.
203.DC:Um it's, it's very foul. Um there's a lot of awful things that are said on it. Um and if you Google for my name um not only is the website the first thing that comes up but there are key words like meth head and child abuser and narcissist that show up next to my name. It's a very elaborate uh website. He also has um every contact that I was connected with on Facebook up on the website. He has posts about my parents up on the website, talks about them. Uh talks about my friends. And uh he's taken to doing blog posts now. He says that the website is for informational purposes and it's so that everybody can know what an awful person I am.
204.DM:Just taking some notes.
206.DM:...Okay...Um...the 600 people that he emailed, uh who were,
208.DM:who were those people? Not by name obviously, but generally who were those people?
209.DC:I worked for a company called Apollo and they are owned the University of Phoenix. I don't know if you've heard of it, they're an online school.
210.DM:Mm hmm.
211.DC:Um so part of the 600 people were individuals that worked for Apollo and a lot of them, the majority of them were people that worked for University of Phoenix. Uh and I didn't know any of the people that worked for University of Phoenix that he sent it to. I don't know how he was able to get the list of people. Um I don't know, but it was sent.
212.DM:Okay. Um...
213.DC:He also had a Google Plus account taken out in my name. And it targeted from the 20 mile radius around my home.
214.DM:Sorry, say that again?
215.DC:Google Plus,
217.DC:he took out a Google Plus account, he had one set up um that was targeted for a 20 mile radius around my house. So anybody, Google ads, he took out Google ads also.
219.DC:Um so anybody that went on the internet would see the website or they would see a link to the website. Also um he monitors where I might potentially be getting jobs at. Um I believe he might be sending them resumes pretending to be me. Uh he had an In Deep profile pretending to be me um so that he could prevent me from getting a job.
220.DM:...How do you think he's monitoring um your job application or job searches? What makes you think that?
221.DC:He knows what I do for a career um and so he goes through the jobs that are available in my area um and then he looks for the ones that would be a fit with my credentials.
223.DC:Um he found out about the job that I ma-, that I got the offer for because they actually went to the website and Googled my name and he saw traffic coming from that school and, or from that company. And so he went onto their website and he found the jobs that they had available and he saw that some of them would be a fit for me and so he started blogging about them on the website. Which was one of the key reasons they revoked the offer. They revoked it solely because of the website, but partly because they were already on the website.
224.DM:Hmm...Okay. Um I'm just trying to think where to go next here...Have uh, sorry, have, are you a, a US citizen? Have you ever been to Canada?
225.DC:I am a US citizen. And yes, I have been to Canada.
226.DM:Okay. When was the last time you were here?
227.DC:I was nine years old.
229.DC:I lived in Seattle for about six years when I was a kid.
230.DM:Okay...Um tell me about any uh mental illness he has.
231.DC:He's never been diagnosed with any mental illness as far as I know. Um but uh I don't, I don't see how anybody that's in their sane mind would do the kind of things that he's done with no remorse. And, and just he believes things that are, that are so far removed. Um he's tried to convince me that um that I didn't meet his father, or he's tried to convince me that he was never Richard RIESS. He's tried to convince me of things that I was there for. Um, uh it's like he, he comes up with this thing in his head and then, and then this is just all there is to it. And I, I don't...he scares me.
232.DM:Mm hmm. So...
233.DC:He ss-...
234.DM:Sorry, what were you gonna say?
235.DC:He scares me.
236.DM:So along those lines, um obviously he scars you. Do you fear for your safety?
238.DM:And why do you fear for your safety?
239.DC:Um because he does not abide by any of the laws or rules that are set down. Uh he believes that he's above them or that he can get out of them no matter what he does. Um I believe that if he comes back in the country um he'll figure out a way to be here without anybody knowing that he's here. Uh I watched him (inaudible) and um he's had unregistered firearms in the United States before. I know he owns guns up in uh Canada and he's been practicing shooting them. Um and uh I don't think it would've taken anything to show up and, and hide behind a bush. And I really feel like he hates me enough and despises me enough that he would absolutely take the shot if he had it. And if nobody knows where he is and he's in the United States, it will be far too easy for him to do that.
241.DC:And clearly that border between these two countries means nothing to him.
242.DM:Um so you mentioned that he's uh illegally crossed um into the US. Uh what knowledge do you have of that? Like what uh, how do you know about that?
243.DC:Well the first time um he was actually convicted of perjury and sentenced, um and then deported. The second time uh immigration actually called me to tell me that they had him in custody and they were deporting him. The third time uh he was actually at court in Los Angeles uh for a hearing that he thought was gonna happen for custody. Um that hearing was actually off calendar and he didn't know that and so I got a call from the court saying that he was there. So I called a field agent who arrested him and deported him again. And then this is the fourth time.
245.DC:And keep trying to tell people he's just gonna keep coming back...And he thinks that this Patrick FOX identity is gonna let him do whatever he wants 'cause it has no criminal record...Also he's been told to stop with the harassment and he's been told to stop trying to hurt me and to leave me alone uh multiple times and by multiple different law enforcement agencies. And he absolutely refuses.
247.DC:And just doesn't listen at all.
248.DM:Uh you talked about him having um unlicensed firearms. Can you tell me about that?
249.DC:When he was arrested in 2007 in Phoenix, Arizona, he had an unregistered firearm.
250.DM:And how did you know about that?'s on the police report. And uh when he was deported um, uh he called {G*****}, he called my son and told him that uh they took the gun but they let him keep the ammunition.
252.DM:Did you ever uh see that gun or talk to him about it?
253.DC:No...No. My mother did, but I did not.
254.DM:Tell me about any other weapons that he may have access to?
255.DC:As far as I know it's just guns. However, I know that he, getting any kind of unregistered firearm would not be difficult for him to do in the United States...Have you guys found the firearms that he had up there? If not, they might already be in the United States.
256.DM:No we have not come um...
257.DC:You might wanna check Liz, Liz MUNOZ 'cause she's been talking to him and he told {G*****} he shipped his stuff to LA.
258.DM:Mm hmm. Yeah, we'll, we're gonna talk about that once we finish uh the interview, we'll talk a little further about that.
260.DM:Um so actually uh that's actually something I wanted to ask about further. Uh Liz, can you, do you know the spelling of her name?
261.DC:Yeah, it's L-I-Z and her last name is MUNOZ, M-U-N-O-Z.
262.DM:And do you know how old she is?
263.DC:Uh late 30's, early 40's. I have her address and her phone number.
264.DM:Uh do you have it there?
266.DM:Okay, do you wanna just go ahead and give it to me?
267.DC:406 and a half, East Lincoln Street, uh Carson, California. Um not sure of the zip code. 90745.
269.DC:That's (audio malfunction) he was living when he was picked up the second time that he was deported.
270.DM:Okay. And uh obviously you talked about her a little bit with regards to your ss-, {G*****} being left there and uh him being in contact with her. Uh what do you know about Liz? Tell me about her.
271.DC:Um she is actually in the country illegally also, um so the help that she provides to Richard is limited. Um she uh doesn't wanna get her family into trouble. But she will do anything that Richard asks her to do.
272.DM:Are they in a relationship?
273.DC:As far as he has said they have never been in a relationship. She uh, she apparently worked at the daycare where {G*****} was when he was a toddler and um she fell in love with {G*****}, um, uh became friends with Richard. And um the three of them were now a happy little family out there in Los Angeles until at some point, in like 2005 or something, he moved with {G*****} back to kk-, Arizona. I don't know, I wasn't there for it, but um...she basically just does everything that he asks.
275.DC:And says (audio malfunction)...Um she has been calling my house uh with increased frequency over the last two weeks. She told {G*****} on the phone yesterday that she's been in contact with Richard.
276.DM:What's the nature of the calls when she phones you?
277.DC:Um between her and {G*****} or between her and Richard?
278.DM:Well when she phones your house what happens?
279.DC:Uh she just leaves a message and I tell my son and he calls her back, and then my son tells me that you know she's just checking on him and that she talked to his dad and you know. {G*****} still protects his father too so it's hard.
280.DM:...Okay, um let's see if we can try and wrap this up here quickly. Um so what about uh your knowledge of, of his threats towards others?
281.DC:Uh Richard doesn't have a very high opinion of anybody, and he would have no problem using or hurting anybody that he would need to get ahead. Um that being said, I don't know first-hand of any threats that he's made against anybody else.
283.DC:Um he has threatened my fiancé as far as um trying to destroy him the way that he's trying to destroy me. Um but the goal of that is so that my fiancé will break up with me and throw me out and won't, I won't have him to turn to. So he's, he's threatened his security clearance, his information is all over the website. Um, uh my fiancé's mother is on the website. Um, uh anybody that's, that's, that's close to me or knows me is at risk for um what he will do. Um...
284.DM:Okay. Uh tell me about uh any stalking that uh he's done or anything like that?
285.DC:When uh, back in uh, back in, in 2002 when I had {G*****} um for the first two week visitation, um we were supposed to trade off the child in the airport in Florida. And uh the night before the plane um, that the flight uh Richard actually came to my house in a taxi and um was trying to disable the car. Um we ran out and uh, and he jumped in the taxi and, and, and uh drove away. Um but then we had to, to check the car and the gas line was, or the gas, I don't know if it was the gas, the battery was unplugged, looked like he was trying to do something with the brakes. Um even when we went to court uh ll-, later that same year I was in the courtroom um with the judge and he was in the parking lot again trying to mess with the vehicle that I was in. Um recently I, he's, he had a warrant in the state of Arizona and so he wouldn't come into Arizona um while he was in the country. Um at least not that I would know of.
287.DC:The stalking is not physical but he's told me that he's hired a private detective to follow me. Um he monitors all of my public records. He digs up every kind of information, every piece of information you could possibly find on a person in the United States. Um any time anything happens he's, he has something triggered that he gets notification. I feel like I'm constantly being watched.
288.DM:Mm hmm.
289.DC:Like I can't do anything without him knowing.
290.DM:Okay. The uh, sorry to break back on something else, you talked about how um he told like {G*****} that uh he had sent a bunch of stuff to Liz.
292.DM:Can you tell me about that?
293.DC:Yeah, um it was a call, phone call that uh, that they had had, um and afterwards {G*****} came out and said that uh his dad told him that he was shipping his stuff to Los Angeles with intention to move there. This was two months ago...I, I actually notified um and sent an email to Constable DUPONT when that happened.
294.DM:And when he says items did he describe anything in particular?
295.DC:If he did, my son did not tell me. But um Richard is very paranoid and he believes that I'm recording the phone calls and so he won't provide specific details like that over the phone.
296.DM:Okay...And this was two months ago?
297.DC:Yeah, roughly.
298.{ V04 - Redacted by Crown Counsel }
299.{ V04 - Redacted by Crown Counsel }
300.{ V04 - Redacted by Crown Counsel }
301.{ V04 - Redacted by Crown Counsel }
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303.{ V04 - Redacted by Crown Counsel }
304.DM:...Do you still have the emails from when he texted every-, or emailed everybody at the company?
305.DC:Uh yeah, actually I do.
306.DM:Okay. Uh if we could get those that would be great.
307.DC:I can forward those.
308.DM:Okay...Um so just uh for clarify, you may have already answered this, but has he, has Richard ever uh threatened you uh in person or over the phone, uh like on a phone conversation?
309.DC:No. We don't, we don't really talk over the phone.
310.DM:Yeah. Uh so from my understanding, most of the threats that you've received are from email or from this website?
312.DM:Or by third person through {G*****}e.
314.DM:Is there any other sources or threats or harassment that uh...
315.DC:Um no. No, again, mm-, most of this started once he was out of the country. Since you know he's protected.
317.DC:And I have no cause for concern.
318.DM:...Okay. Um has {G*****}e ever told you about any weapons that uh Richard has?
319.DC:Yeah, yeah.
320.DM:What did he tell you?
321.DC:Every, {G*****} went up to go visit them, they went shooting. You know he would, he would call and tell him about the new gun that he got and tell him about how it fired and um Richard would post onFacebook page about them going to the gun shooting range and would show video of {G*****} shooting the guns and he sent me an email one time and told me that he actually got {G*****} a firearm for his birthday, but he would keep it up in Canada with him, he wouldn't ship it down to me. Um yeah...{G*****} has told me on a number of occasions that he has firearms in the house and that they got shooting all, all the time...This website is actually been forcibly taken down multiple times. Been,
322.DM:Uh who's...
323.DC:been taken (audio malfunction) United States once. He was told to take it down in Canada. Um he has since moved it to Iceland. He keeps moving it so that he can keep it up. But this is, this website has been a problem. More than one authority has indicated this is not only harassment but domestic violence and abuse.
324.DM:...Okay...Okay, um that's all I can think of right now. Is there anything else that you would like to say or you have any other questions?
325.{ V04 - Redacted by Crown Counsel }
326.{ V04 - Redacted by Crown Counsel }
327.{ V04 - Redacted by Crown Counsel }
328.{ V04 - Redacted by Crown Counsel }
329.{ V04 - Redacted by Crown Counsel }
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335.{ V04 - Redacted by Crown Counsel }
336.DC:Um the only other thing that I wanna say is that uh when the harassment case was brought before the Crown um back last year, the Crown dismissed my case and said that I had no cause for concern or fear for my safety because I was in another country. And not only was he caught in the country, um but he was caught in the country looking like he was moving, and the firearms are now missing. So um I would just really like to have a little protection or notice from the Crown that maybe there is cause for me to be a bit concerned.
337.DM:Okay. Okay. So what I'm gonna do is I'm just going to uh conclude the recording. Um it's our time 1450 hours, 1415.