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R. v. Patrick Fox - RCMP Interviews

Burnaby File: 16-25379
Statement of Desiree CAPUANO
Statement Date: 2016/06/10
Statement Time: 14:05 hours

DK: Cst. D. KAM

1.DK:It's Constable KAM here, today's date is June 10th, Friday. The time now is 14:05 hours. I'm on speakerphone with Ms. Desiree CAPUANO. Uh this is in relation to Burnaby file number 2016-25379. Uh Ms. CAPUANO is currently in the United States of America, therefore a uh, telephone interview is being sought. Um so Ms. CAPUANO can you tell me just um, your relationship between you and um, Mr. Richard RIESS? Or his alias Patrick FOX.
3.DK:Whichever name he goes by.
4.DC:Uh we were in a relationship in um, between 2000 and 2001. And he is the father of my child.
5.DK:Okay. And how old is your child?
6.DC:He is 15.
7.DK:15, okay. And um is your son currently residing with you or?
8.DC:Yes, I have full sole custody of the child.
9.DK:Okay. 'Kay so can you go into more about the history between you and Mr. RIESS?
10.DC:Yes. Um, although he would dispute it um, he took our son at a year old and kept him uh until he was 9 years old, I did not know where my child was. Um, for those years. In 2011, well in 2009 I found out that he was in custody in the United States. Um, being held on federal charges for lying to a federal judge. Um, I went to see him in the federal jail and he still refused to tell me where my child was. Uh in 2011 uh he finally sent me a letter asking me if I wanted to know and I did. So in 2011 I made contact with my child for the first time since he was a year old. Um at that point it was uh, I believe August um, of 2011. He was released from the federal jail in Arizona and deported to Canada where he turned around and immediately took up (inaudible) (inaudible). Um at w-, at which point we ended up in a very long and drawn out custody battle of the child. Um, mm, between 2011 and 2012 um, when the custody battle was (inaudible) he went after me for child support. He had primary custody of the child. He was repeatedly trying to take away all (inaudible) (inaudible) from me. Um, and finally in uh, Decem-, well November of (inaudible) the immigration department (inaudible). Told him that he was living in the United States illegally again. Um, and they deported him for a second time in January of 2013. At which point um I took custody of our son. Uh, for a third time in March of 2013 he entered the United States again. Um this time for a court hearing that was supposed to take place in California. Um, I called the uh, immigration office again and he was for a third time deported. (Inaudible) United States. Um where he uh, has been living ever since. In 2014 he started a campaign to destroy my life. Uh he started by emailing uh the people that I work with pretending to be me. Um, giving them information that a professional should not have. Um, uh saying things like I smoke pot and I'm a racist and including email conversations between the two of us um to, at one point was over 600 people that I worked with. Uh he sent an email to the board of directors of my company pretending to be me and he created a website called which he still to this day, uh runs. Um, from 2014 until now um, he has continued uh to run this website. Um he stated to me in writing um and also on national news, um up in Canada and in the United States, that if he were able to get away with it he would shoot me. That his mission in life is to destroy me. Where I am (inaudible) dead. And he will never stop. Ever. Uh, until that happens. Uh, he (inaudible) stated that uh one of his intentions is to try to hire someone to have sex with me so that he can get intimate pictures to put on the website. Uh he included our son in those communications. (Inaudible). Um, so recently uh, recently (inaudible) in the last month, he um, identified various companies here in my area that I would be potentially trying to find employment with and has sent them resumes pretending to be me. Um and monitored uh any email traffic to the website, found out one of them that I was supposed to be working for, um posted (inaudible) about them, up on the website and I lost the job. Uh as well he started a campaign against my 12 year old child. The child that I have that is not the communal child. My daughter (inaudible). Um he has uh postings, he has social media accounts, he has pictures and videos of my 12 year old son up on the website. Um, including a picture of my son when he was 6 years old in his underwear. Um, the website is particularly damaging because it has uh my address, it has my phone number, it has my uh email address, it has pictures of my home, it has a map to my house. It has my general location. Uh he's taken out Google ads trying to target my vicinity. So, like within a 20 mile radius has Google ads out um about me and has basically just done everything he can. All of that aside um he has told me numerous times that he (inaudible) (inaudible) illegally. He sent me pictures of (inaudible) park in Vancouver where he told me he crosses the border into the United States. He's told me many times that he has guns, that he owns them, that he continues to buy them, that he shoots them at the, the shooting range all the time. And that he's absolutely allowed to have them under the name Patrick FOX. Um, and uh again he, one of the charges in the United States was that he had a firearm that was not registered to him. Um, I don't believe (inaudible) having unregistered firearm in the United States or in Canada is beyond him at all, 'cause I know that he's already (inaudible). Um, I currently have a restraining order against him. Uh in the United States. He is on the Brady Index in the United States. Means he's not allowed to possess firearms at all here in the United States. Um, and all of the harassment is now aggravated and a felony charge. (Inaudible). So when I didn't know where he was (inaudible) (inaudible).
11.DK:'Kay. Uh you had mentioned earlier that um, he wanted to destroy your life, like that was his goal. Um, has he ever made any specific threats to you?
12.DC:Yes he said that he would shoot me if he could get away with it. In, in writing. And then he, he confirmed that when he, he ran a story interview and, and he, he said that during the interview. Which ran in Canada. Back in February. That he would absolutely have no problem killing me.
13.DK:Okay. And that aired in February of this year?
14.DC:He, yeah that was (inaudible) story ran and (inaudible) interview with him and, and said that on air, yeah.
16.DC:(Inaudible) the first time he said that to me was in December of 2013.
18.DC:Or 14. Sorry 2014.
19.DK:So I guess there's a bit of confusion as to his name and his alias. So when you first met him, what was his name, who was he and how did he go about (inaudible)
20.DC:His name is Richard RIESS.
22.DC:(Inaudible) Ricky Steve RIESS. And he was born in Sudbury, Ontario.
24.DC:I have his birth certificate from his father. I know his father, I've given the police his father's information. His father will absolutely do a DNA test. And will, will testify and will tell you that he's his dad.
26.DC:Um my son's last name is RIESS.
28.DC:Richard RIESS is who he is, he is Richard RIESS. He's (inaudible) United States into Richard RIESS, that's his passport, fingerprints, signature, he was born 11-24-73 in Sudbury, Ontario. He did not even start using the name Patrick FOX until 2015.
29.DK:Sorry 2015?
31.DK:Like 1-5, 2-0-1-5?
32.DC:All, sorry?
37.DK:Okay. And then is that when he obtained his firearms licence in Canada?
38.DC:Yes Ma'am.
40.DC:He sent me a picture of the firearm licence under the name Patrick FOX. He sent me a copy of his British Columbia I.D. under the name Patrick FOX. And he also sent me a birth certificate with the name Patrick FOX before in Florida, United States.
41.DK:So he was tryin' to pose as a U.S. citizen.
43.DK:Okay. Do you feel that uh, with Mr. FOX having possession weapons is a danger to public safety?
44.DC:Yeah. Yes, yes I do.
45.DK:Okay. Other than the threats that he's made to you, um has he ever threatened you or anyone else?
46.DC:Not, not (inaudible) physical harm, no.
47.DK:Okay. Does he have any history of violence?
48.DC:Um, not violence, no. Uh he's, he's kind of a coward. He would only do something if he couldn't get caught. Or (inaudible). But I don't know. Honestly I think he's sick. I don't think he was, he's, I don't know.
50.DC:He's scary. He's just scary. I don't know what he would do.
51.DK:Okay um, do you think he has any mental health issues?
52.DC:Yeah I do.
53.DK:Okay has he ever (inaudible)
54.DC:I absolutely do.
55.DK:Uh do you know if he's ever been formally diagnosed with any of it or?
56.DC:I know that he has not.
58.DC:We were in a relationship that lasted less than two years. And it was over 15 years ago.
59.DK:Mm-hmm. And he's still constantly harassing you and ...
61.DK:... getting in contact with you.
62.DC:to the point that I got a restraining order upheld in a superior court last week.
64.DC:For a hearing he requested.
65.DK:He requested it?
66.DC:Yeah. He re-, he was contesting it. He requested the hearing to contest it, saying that nothing he's doing is damaging.
67.DK:Mm-hmm. Okay. Alright is there anything else you would like to add for the, this interview?
68.DC:Um, I honestly (inaudible) going through all of this is how he was able to have firearms in the first place. I, I, I don't know how (inaudible) do that but that's, that above (inaudible) anything else scares me. Um, and it scares me because I know that the border between Canada and the United States is nothing (inaudible). He crosses it all the time. Um, and, and with him having firearms, I've been looking over my shoulder for the last two weeks.
70.DC:'Cause it's not (inaudible).
72.DC:And I'm, I'm glad to know where he is at least.
73.DK:Mm-hmm. Okay is there anything else you would like to add?
74.DC:Um n-, I don't think so.
76.DC:It pretty much sums it up.
77.DK:Alright. Time now is 15, or sorry uh 14:18 I'm gonna be ending the statement and turning off the tape.