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Arizona Child Custody Case

This page contains all of the documents filed in the Arizona child custody case I filed the time I abducted our child and took him to Arizona to try to get custody of him.

Brief Background

In December 2001, when our son was 15 months old, I abandoned him in Phoenix and ran off back to Florida. Patrick then raised him alone for the next 9 years, with no significant contact and with no assistance or support from me at all.

In January 2011, Patrick tracked me down and put me and our son in contact. In May and June 2011, I made two weekend trips to Los Angeles to visit our son. Then, in August 2011 I went to Los Angeles and took our son, by force, back to Arizona where I tried to get "emergency" custody by falsely claiming Patrick had been hiding our son from me for the past 9 years, that he was an illegal alien, and that I believed he would again disappear with our son. I even tried to get a restraining order prohibiting all contact between our son and Patrick.

Summary of This Case

Desiree Capuano's attorney, David L. Goldfarb Desiree's attorney, David L. Goldfarb

The major issue in this case ended up being the question of whether Arizona had jurisdiction in the matter. Patrick argued that California was our son's home state and must have jurisdiction under the UCCJEA.

As usual, I had a useless, jackoff attorney (David L. Goldfarb, of Gillespie, Shields & Durant) - one of those typical, arrogant, Arizona attorneys who insists just because someone (Patrick) didn't go to law school, he can't possibly have any idea what he's talking about.

Ultimately, the Arizona and California courts decided that Patrick was right and California was the home state and the state with jurisdiction. For that reason, this case was dismissed.

In the end, I ended up paying that fucking Goldfarb thousands of dollars for accomplishing absolutely nothing! He was punked by a asshole with absolutely no formal legal training (Patrick).