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What follows is a short historical account of what I believe are some of the significant points that have brought Desiree and Patrick to the point they're at today. The purpose and the hope is that this might help the reader to have a better understanding of the current situation, the motivations behind this website, and possibly why we believe Desiree deserves every bad thing that might ever happen to her.

Every reasonable effort has been taken to ensure the correctness and accuracy of the information. However, should you find an error of fact, please feel free to notify the editor at, and we'll promptly take appropriate measures.

It is not the goal of this narrative to paint Desiree as an entirely evil, selfish, vindictive person (even though that is what I believe she is). Every effort to be fair and objective in the following narrative has been provided. I believe Desiree does a good enough job of proving how truly evil and sociopathic she is - I don't need to distort facts to accomplish that.

[Comment from the Editor: This narrative is still in progress. As long as you see "To Be Continued..." at the end, it means I'm still writing it and it will be updated over the next few days.]

Desiree's Early Years (1980 - 1999)

Desiree Capuano was born Desiree Yvonne Tomlin, on October 1, 1980, to Teresa Lagasse (now Teresa Hoffman) and Donald Tomlin. Although Desiree often claims to have been born in Alaska, official records show she was actually born in Florida.

Most of Desiree's childhood was spent in Alaska and in the Tampa, Florida areas.

Desiree's parents separated at some point in her very early childhood, with her mother getting custody and being responsible for much of her upbringing. However, it is significant to point out that at numerous points throughout Desiree's childhood, her mother actually pawned her off on her grandmother (Teresa's mother), so that Teresa could run off to be with the various men that occupied her attention.

At some point in Desiree's teenage years, she became involved in drugs and criminal activity. Her mother, not being one to have an interest in providing guidance and support to her children, sent Desiree to Tampa, to live with her father.

While living in the Tampa area, Desiree attended Largo High School. During that last year of high school Desiree's, drug use, delinquent behavior, and compulsive lying increased dramatically. She dropped out of high school, even though she only required a few more credits.

The Stripper Era, Meeting Michael Capuano

After dropping out of high school in 1999, in the 12th grade, Desiree began working as an dancer at a strip club in Tampa. She was still living with family in the Tampa area, but needed money to support her ever increasing drug habits.

While working as a stripper, Desiree met Michael Richard Capuano, at the club. He would frequently go to the club, specifically to see Desiree. At the time, Desiree was 18 and Michael was 26 years old. Michael was married and still with his wife at the time. They had a 5 year old daughter together.

Although Michael Capuano had no real marketable skills, he had recently received a significant inheritance. That enabled him to contribute, significantly, to supporting Desiree and her drug habits. Though, the inheritance didn't last long and the money soon ran out.

Desiree had an intense, though shortlived fling with Michael for a while. Obviously, since Michael was married and pretending to raise his daughter, Desiree was "the bitch on the side". Of course, she didn't realize that and she believed one day Michael would leave his wife and daughter, and they could run off together.

Things came crashing down for Desiree when she was arrested at the strip club.

Things came crashing down for Desiree in September 1999, when she was arrested at the strip club, for lewd conduct. Yes, it was that kind of strip club and she was that kind of stripper - the line between stripping and prostitution becomes very blurry, for the right amount of money.

In light of Desiree's arrest at the strip club, the pending prosecution, and her out of control drug use, her father sent her back to her mother in Phoenix. As if Teresa would be able to be some kind of positive role model.

Desiree and Patrick Meet

In January 2000, Desiree was living with her mother, Teresa, in Phoenix. She was still using as many drugs as she could get her hands on.

Teresa was working as a karaoke host at at Marcel's Bar and Grill, at Union Hills and 32nd Street. Patrick, a Software Engineer, was in Phoenix, at the time, working on a project. One evening, Patrick had stopped by Marcel's, with an associate, for a drink and some dinner. The next evening, he returned for another drink - there's not a lot to do in Phoenix if you're neither a retired senior citizen or a tweaker.

Patrick was sitting alone, at the bar, when Desiree came over and started talking to him. She was 19 at the time, so she wasn't drinking. Turns out she was there with Teresa, who was hosting the karaoke. Patrick got a buzz going and the conversation was flowing. After some time, Patrick and Desiree decided to hop in the car and drive up to Flagstaff to go to a Denny's. Sure, they could have gone to a Denny's in Phoenix but what fun would that be?

At the time, Patrick had a Porsche, so a cruise up I17 seemed like some good fun after the countless number of cocktails.

They got a hotel room, watched "Blast From the Past", and had sex.

Later, after leaving the Denny's and driving back to Phoenix, they grabbed a hotel room at the AmeriSuites near Peoria and I17. They watched Blast From the Past, with Brendan Fraser and Alicia Silverstone, then had sex and fell asleep.

The next day, they returned to Patrick's apartment. Desiree wouldn't leave. She just kept hanging around. After a couple of days, hanging around Patrick's apartment, Patrick let her borrow his car to go see a friend. That was the last time that car would ever run. She completely warped the front of the frame, which tore the radiator hose, which caused the fluid to run out, which caused the engine to overheat, which caused the header to warp. The cost of repairing it would exceed the cost of replacing the entire car. This was an omen of things to come!

Over the next couple of weeks, Patrick introduced Desiree to some of his acquaintances and associates in Phoenix. The consensus was fairly consistent: The girl is fucked up! Ditch her, she's got issues! But did Patrick listen? Nah!

Shortly thereafter, Patrick and Desiree grew bored of Phoenix and Patrick was homesick for Los Angeles. Without much consideration, he told her he was going back to LA. She wanted to go with him. She said she was sick of Phoenix and her mother always telling her what to do. Seemed like a fine idea to Patrick - returning to LA with a smokin' hot 19 year old blonde.

The First LA Excursion

Desiree arrived in LA, with Patrick, in early February 2000. When they first arrived, they were low on money and bouncing around hotels. Occasionally sleeping in the rental car - which is peculiar because they certainly weren't broke. Since arriving in LA, Desiree hadn't been using drugs because she didn't know anybody and Patrick didn't use drugs.

They had weed and ecstacy, and the decline began.

After a couple of weeks, her mother put her in touch with an old family friend who lived in Torrance (or somewhere around there). Patrick and Desiree stopped by at that friend's home to socialize for a bit. They had weed and ecstacy. And the decline began!

Desiree got blasted out of her mind and did that thing where she talks to walls and imaginary people. Her friends got freaked out. Patrick got fed up and left. A couple days later he checked with the family friends to see what ever happened with Desiree. He was told she woudln't leave and eventually they had to tell her she just had to go or they were going to call the police.

A couple of weeks past and no one heard from Desiree. Patrick was working with a company in Marina del Rey, and had gotten a place in Torrance. He had moved on, but still he felt bad for the crazy, fucked up little chick.

Desiree had been arrested and was in the LA County Jail.

Then, out of the blue, in mid March, Teresa (Desiree's mother) called Patrick to tell him Desiree had been arrested in Santa Monica, on the 3rd Street Promenade and was in the LA County Jail.

Patrick felt her downfall was, at least in part, his doing. Perhaps if he had not brought her back to LA, then none of that would have happened. Naive, I know, but he was young and kind of stupid in that respect.

Desiree Committed to a Psych Hospital

Patrick took some time off from his new job to try to track down Desiree. He spent days being sent around to different jails in LA County. Until, finally, he found out Desiree was actually in a place called the Penn Mar Therapeutic Center in El Monte. A hospital of some sort. Only later did Patrick realize it's a psychiatric hospital. He picked up a few packs of Camels (that was Desiree's brand of smokes) and some books for her to read.

Desiree had been ordered, by the court, for a psych evaluation.

The next day, Patrick drove out to El Monte to visit Desiree at Penn Mar. Desiree was surprised to see him. She figured he had forgotten about her. He told the hospital staff he was her husband - so that he'd be able to visit with her. They sat in the court yard for a while and smoked and talked. The court yard was enclosed within a tall, steel fence - don't want them criminally insane folks walking away. As it turned out, Desiree had been ordered, by the court, for a psychiatric evaluation because she was, apparently talking to herself at the hearing and doing some other weird, indescribably shit.

Getting Desiree Out of the Psych Hospital

Patrick returned the next day, to visit Desiree again. He asked a nurse if he could see the court order under which Desiree was being held. Surprisingly, she obliged. The nurse left Desiree's documentation with Patrick and walked away. He took the papers back to his car and locked them in the glove compartment. A little while later the nurse asked for the documents and Patrick coyly replied "What documents?"

Moments later Patrick was discreetly approached by one of Desiree's doctors, who expressed upon him the importance of the hospital getting that documentation back. Patrick expressed upon the doctor his belief that Desiree really didn't need to be in the hospital. The message was received. The doctor agreed to release Desiree to Patrick's care - you know, being that Patrick was Desiree's "husband" and would take care of her - and the missing documents would find their way back into the filing cabinet.

That day, Desiree went home with Patrick.

After her release from the psych hospital, Desiree returned to using drugs - mainly weed and ecstacy. She would get high every day while Patrick was at work. Sometimes, she would sit on the bed for hours, staring blankly ahead, talking to herself, making Hunter Thompson-esque hand gestures.

Patrick got fed up with her drug use and told her she had to leave.

After a couple of weeks of her chronic drug use, Patrick got fed up and told her she had to leave. She grabbed a few items and walked out the door. Patrick went to work. Later than evening, upon returning from work, Patrick found Desiree sitting on the steps of the building. She promised she'd stop using drugs if he'd give her one more chance. He agreed.

In one of her rare, lucid moments, they had talked about whether either of them ever wanted to have children. They seemed to agree that they were both too young for anything like that.

In early April, Desiree told Patrick a story about the time she had gotten pregnant and her father forced her to have an abortion. And another time she had gotten pregnant and had a miscarriage. Of course, Patrick felt bad for her. What kind of father would force that on their child?

Then, a few days later, Desiree told Patrick she was pregnant.

The Pregnancy

Although he had reservations - namely about someone with such serious drug problems raising a child, and both of them being too young and self-absorbed to be making such major life decisions - Patrick agreed that he would support whatever decision Desiree made about the pregnancy. She decided there was nothing she wanted more than to keep it. She knew Patrick was probably not ready to take on that kind of commitment at this point in his life. So, she agreed that she would study and learn some relevant skills and she would accept the responsibilities of taking care of the child.

She did quite using drugs during the pregnancy. She even quite smoking. What she couldn't stop, though, was the endless stream of "bad luck" that seemed to follow her. Some people seem to attract unfortunate circumstances - though, when you look at it from a distance, it's usually because they habitually make poor choices, and don't think through their actions before doing them. That was the case with Desiree.

Shortly after learning of the pregnancy, Patrick tried to influence Desiree to start studying something in the field of computers. She soon found she had an interest in database technologies - particularly, Oracle. Patrick encouraged her to pursue that. Over the next few months, Desiree demonstrated an impressive aptitude for Oracle database administration, which motivated her to continue learning it.

Around this time Desiree got back in touch with Michael Capuano.

It was around this time, Desiree got back in touch with Michael Capuano. From this point on, Desiree and Michael maintained regular communication. Desiree concealed this ongoing communication with her ex-boyfriend from Patrick.

Over the next few months there was one crisis after another. Always something requiring more money to fix. Patrick and Desiree were unable to get ahead. Then, in the summer of 2000, Desiree got into an accident on the 405 - totaling the car they had just bought. Although the car was a write-off, Desiree was not hurt in the accident - not so much as a bruise.

Desiree had been frequently depressed because she didn't know anyone in Los Angeles and rarely ever went outside. Desiree had been increasingly upset that Patrick had not been taking a more active role in the pregnancy.

Desiree had also, gradually, been backing out of her agreement to accept the full responsibilities of providing for and caring for the coming child. Each week she would slowly put more and more of the responsibilities on Patrick.

Desiree Attempts to Self-Abort the Pregnancy at 5 Months

All of this lead to an argument one day in August, where Patrick told her that much of their problems came from the fact that she habitually makes bad decisions and he always has to clean up after those decisions. Patrick told her he was very frustrated with the direction things were going, he didn't like that he was being forced into a situation where it looked like he was going to have to support a family on his own. Desiree was visibly upset by that.

She was punching herself in the stomach, trying to force a miscarriage.

When they returned home, Desiree locked herself in the bathroom for a long time. She was repeatedly punching herself in the abdomen - deliberately attempting to terminate the pregnancy. She believed if she hit herself enough she could induce a miscarriage. Eventually, she started bleeding. When she saw the blood she panicked. When she came out of the bathroom, she told Patrick what she had been doing. She told Patrick that she just wanted to cause a miscarriage so he wouldn't have to deal with her or the pregnancy any more. Patrick helped her down to the car and took her to the Harbor-UCLA Medical Center in Carson.

On the way to the hospital, Desiree was very worried the doctors would call the police and she'd be arrested. She didn't seem to have any concern for the welfare of the fetus, or for her own health.

While Desiree was being examined by an endless stream of medical interns, at the hospital, she was repeatedly asked whether she had ever been pregnant before; whether she had ever had an abortion. She responded that she hadn't. At that moment, Patrick realized that the stories she had told him in April were nothing more than attempts to manipulate him into agreeing to the pregnancy.

The doctors asked her if there had been any recent trauma. She told them she had been hitting herself in the stomach earlier because she was upset about an argument she and Patrick had had that day. She begged the doctors not to call the police. They told her they wouldn't, that there's no crime in physically harming a fetus prior to the baby being born.

Ultimately, the doctors concluded there was no immediate harm to the fetus, but they urged Desiree to get counseling and to return for follow-up examinations. She never did.

Getting Married, Returning to Phoenix, and the Birth of Their Son

After the incidents leading up to the hospital visit, Patrick proposed they move back to Phoenix, so Desiree could be close to her mother during the pregnancy. That way, Desiree wouldn't feel so alone, and she could have people around for moral support. Desiree was very receptive to the idea. Patrick wasn't happy about the idea of leaving Los Angeles again - that was, after all, his home - but he knew he had to do what was best for Desiree and for the pending baby.

Before returning to Phoenix, they took a trip to Las Vegas. Desiree had never been to Vegas before. While in Vegas, the couple got married, on August 26, 2000.

They returned to Phoenix in early September 2000. Shortly after their arrival, Desiree began experience complications related to the pregnancy and needed to be hospitalized.

[Comment from the Editor:For the sake of our child's privacy, we'll refer to him only as "{G*****}", herein. That's not, actually, his name.]

On September 27, 2000, their son, {G*****}, was born - 3 months premature.

Patrick was at work when Desiree went into labor. When he received the call, from the hospital, he immediately left to be with Desiree. By the time Patrick arrived at the hospital, Desiree had already delivered the baby, via Caesarean section. The nurses kept reassuring him that the baby was fine - which greatly disturbed him, as his first concern was with Desiree's well-being.

Because he was so premature, {G*****} spent the first 3 months of life in an incubator at the hospital. Desiree was very upset that Patrick was not showing more interest in {G*****}. Desiree would very often spend her time at the hospital, with {G*****} and it seemed to her that Patrick had little, if any, interest in participating.

In December 2000, {G*****} was stable enough to be brought home. The next few months were, at times, very challenging for Desiree and Patrick. Neither had any experience caring for a newborn and the commitment was sometimes overwhelming. Nevertheless, they pulled through it and gradually, it became easier.

The Second LA Excursion

In January 2001, the software development market had slowed substantially in Phoenix and it was looking as though it would not remain cost effective to stay there. As a result, Patrick took a few short, out of town projects, while Desiree and {G*****} remained in Phoenix.

In March 2001, Patrick told Desiree that he'd really like to move back to LA. There was a lot more opportunities there for software engineers, and perhaps this time Desiree might be able to make some friends there. They agreed that Patrick would return first, get an apartment, then Desiree and {G*****} would follow once Patrick was settled.

Patrick lined up a new position in LA, before the move. He quickly found a nice apartment near Redondo Beach. A few weeks later he returned to Phoenix to complete the move, and to bring Desiree and {G*****} back to Los Angeles.

After being back in LA for a few weeks, Desiree had still not made any attempts to meet new people. Instead, she maintained contact with a number of her friends from Florida. It wasn't long before she asked Patrick if her friend, Carrie Davis, could come to LA and stay with them. Patrick agreed, hoping it would help Desiree to settle into their life in Los Angeles. He purchased Carrie a flight, and they moved {G*****} into their room so that Carrie could have her own room.

While Carrie was staying with them, in LA, she was able to secure employment and did offer to contribute to some of the costs of being there. That was very commendable, in my opinion.

A few weeks after Carrie's arrival, Patrick began to suspect she was using drugs. Carrie was very thankful for all Patrick had done - bringing her to Los Angeles and supporting her while she got on her feet, but he couldn't tolerate having drugs around, considering the complications Desiree had had with drugs in the past. He eventually confronted Carrie about her drug use, and told her she would have to leave. She was very understanding.

By the middle of Summer 2001, Desiree still had not made any attempts to meet people in LA, and rarely engaged in any activities. She would bring {G*****} to day care in the mornings and claim that she had been looking for work. Patrick eventually suspected she was not, in fact, looking for work. He would later learn, from the woman that ran the day care, that Desiree would often spend much of her days hanging out at the day care. She would speak at length about how she had Patrick wrapped around her finger, and how easily she got away with everything.

Desiree Returns to Using Drugs - The End of the Marriage

In August 2001, Desiree took {G*****} to Phoenix, to spend a week with her mother. Upon her return to Los Angeles, Patrick quickly noticed a sharp change in her personality. She had become distant, aloof, and would experience abrupt and unprovoked changes in her moods. Patrick recognized the behavior from when she was previously using drugs.

Knowing Desiree had started using drugs again, Patrick decided there was no future for their relationship. He was going to tell her he wanted a divorce. But before raising the issue to her, Desiree told him she didn't think things were working out and that she was going to take {G*****} and move back to Phoenix, with her mother.

Desiree's intention was to return to Phoenix by the end of September, but Patrick asked her to stay until after her 21st birthday on October 1st. His stated reasoning was that she was finally turning 21 and he would like to take her out one time, now that she'll actually be old enough to get into clubs. In reality, October 1st would mark 6 months that they'd been back in California - which is the legal residency requirement for California to have jurisdiction over family court matters. If Desiree had returned to Phoenix, with {G*****}, even one day before October 1st, then California would not have been {G*****}'s "home state" for the purposes of child custody proceedings.

In the first week of October 2001, Desiree packed up her's and {G*****}'s belongings and moved back to Phoenix.

Desiree Abandons Her Son to Return to Florida and Be With Michael Capuano

Immediately upon her return to Phoenix, Desiree began going out, meeting men, and engaging in a series of trysts and one night stands, often leaving {G*****} with her mother overnight.

After Desiree left, Patrick bought another Porsche. The Chevy Tracker he had bought while with Desiree was then relegated to the parking space. Why would you drive a Tracker when you have a Porsche, right? In early December 2001, Desiree, frequently called Patrick, complaining of how difficult it was to take care of {G*****} without a car. So, Patrick arranged for her to fly to LA and to take the Tracker back to Phoenix. He agreed to maintain the payments and the insurance on it for her. Patrick also gave Desiree $2,000 in cash to help Desiree with her expenses and to buy Christmas presents for {G*****} and her family.

Two days after Patrick gave Desiree the Tracker and the $2,000, Patrick received a message from Teresa that Desiree had moved back to Florida, without {G*****}, and did not leave any forwarding information. Teresa informed Patrick Desiree's reason for returning to Florida was to get back together with Michael Capuano, who had since left his wife and daughter. Patrick immediately drove to Phoenix to pick up {G*****} and bring him back to Los Angeles. Teresa asked Patrick if he would bring {G*****} to Phoenix, next week, so she could spend Christmas with him. Patrick agreed he would.

As soon as Patrick returned to Los Angeles, with {G*****}, he immediately retained an attorney and filed for divorce from Desiree, and for custody of their son. Based on Desiree leaving {G*****} behind while she relocated to Florida, the family court granted Patrick temporary emergency custody of their son, and set a hearing date for February 2002.

Child Custody, Divorce Proceedings Begin

At the February 2002 hearing, the court ordered joint custody, in 2 week intervals. The court told Desiree it would not allow her to drive cross country with {G*****} because that would be too long of a drive to subject such a young child to on a regular basis. The court said, if Desiree was to remain in Florida, she would have to fly when she picks up {G*****}. Desiree told the court she could not afford to fly, round-trip, from Tampa to Los Angeles every month. She agreed she would move back to Phoenix and stay with her mother so that she could be close to {G*****}.

Desiree's first custody period was ordered to commence that day, and Patrick would pick {G*****} up for his period two weeks later. Desiree was expressly ordered to only drive back to Phoenix with {G*****} - she was strictly admonished not to drive back to Florida with {G*****}. Desiree swore she would return, immediately, to her mother's home in Phoenix and remain there.

Desiree did, in fact, drive directly from LA to Phoenix after the hearing. She stayed in Phoenix for 2 days, then her, Michael, and {G*****} continued on all the way to Tampa.

Two weeks later, Patrick flew to Tampa to pick up {G*****} and bring him back to LA for his custody period. That would be the last time Desiree would see {G*****} for the next 9 years.

Desiree Marries Michael, Patrick Loses Contact

Over the next seven months, Desiree would call Patrick frequently. Most often to complain about whatever financial problems she was encountering at the moment - none of which could have, in any way, been caused by, or related to Patrick.

Desiree continued to use drugs on a daily basis and, since Michael was also a chronic drug user, there was no one present to discourage it, or to try to guide her in a better direction.

In March 2002, Patrick had stopped making the payments on the Chevy Tracker and notified the finance company that he no longer possessed it; that it was in the possession of Desiree, they were no longer together, and she had moved to Florida. In June 2002, the Tracker was repossessed from Desiree's home in Florida. Desiree immediately called Patrick and chastised him for not continuing to make the payments on the vehicle. Patrick responded that he had not "given" her the vehicle - he had "loaned" it to her to make her life easier, taking care of {G*****} when she was in Phoenix. Since she was no longer caring for {G*****} he did not feel obligated to continue supporting her and her new boyfriend. Desiree was livid!

The family court hearing in February 2002 was only to address the issue of temporary child custody - not the petition for dissolution of marriage (divorce). Nevertheless, in June, 2002 while still being married to Patrick, Desiree married Michael Capuano.

In September 2002, Desiree became pregnant with Michael's child. Immediately upon learning of her new pregnancy, Desiree changed her telephone number and ceased all contact with Patrick. At that point, Patrick lost track of Desiree.

Desiree Has Another Child, Forgets About {G*****}

Life with Michael Capuano was turbulent, at best. He lacked any real, marketable job skills, any ambition to gain any relevant skills, and had a tendency toward domestic violence. Desiree and Michael would often get into fights which would escalate to the point of physical violence. The police were often called to their home to intercede.

Having no prospects for significant employment, Desiree and Michael decided to take a "very expensive trip to Europe", before the new baby arrived. When they returned from Europe, Michael lost his job, the couple had no money, and mounting debt.

Desiree's second child, {SC*****}, was born in middle of 2003. At the time of his birth, Desiree had a tubal ligation.

After {SC*****}'s birth, Desiree's and Michael's financial situation worsened. They were both working as telemarketers, and barely scraping by. Their debt consistently exceeded their income and they often did not have enough money for food or gas. Though, of course, they always had enough money to maintain their drug habits.

In 2005, Desiree began attending St. Petersburg Community College, studying Oracle database administration. She received an Associates Degree in 2007. According to Desiree, she continued to work full-time while also attending school full-time (though this has not been confirmed).

This period, from 2003 through 2007, also found Michael being charged and convicted, on numerous occasions, with passing bad checks. And, both Desiree and Michael were repeatedly charged and convicted of driving without insurance. Obviously, those repeat offenses contributed to their financial complications, as a result of the hefty fines.

In 2006, Patrick and {G*****} had moved from Los Angeles to Phoenix. While they were in Phoenix, they were in contact with Teresa who would occasionally visit with {G*****}. On two occasions, during the 19 months Patrick and {G*****} were in Phoenix, Desiree spoke with {G*****} on the telephone. The first time, in 2006, Teresa had tricked {G*****} into speaking with her, by telling {G*****} someone wanted to say "Hi", and passing him the phone. {G*****} was very disturbed by that encounter because he had never spoken with Desiree before and couldn't understand why his own mother "didn't want to come and see him". On the second occasion, in 2007, Patrick had arranged the call ahead of time and prepared {G*****} for it. That time, {G*****} and Desiree spoke for close to an hour. There was no further contact from Desiree after that point. Desiree had Patrick's contact information, but neither Desiree nor Teresa had provided Desiree's contact information to Patrick or {G*****}.

Desiree Returns to Phoenix

In February 2008, Desiree, Michael and {SC*****} relocated from Tampa to Phoenix. Over the next few years Desiree's life would continue to be very unstable as she frequently relocated and moved from one man to another - dragging {SC*****} along.

In February 2008, Desiree secured employment with Apollo Education Group - the parent company of the University of Phoenix. Her initial job title was Systems Analyst, which doesn't mean much because that title means very different things at every company. Essentially, based on the position requirements, though, she provided end user support for Apollo's internal software systems. Desiree's starting salary was around $50,000/year, which was substantially higher than anything she had made to that point.

Apollo Group doesn't perform drug testing and doesn't discourage it's employees from using illegal drugs, so this position worked out well for Desiree. She continued her illegal drug use while working there.

Desiree Visits Patrick in Custody - Demands He Tell Her Where {G*****} Is

In February 2009, Desiree learned that Patrick was incarcerated in a federal detention facility in Florence, AZ. She arranged to visit him there. At the visit, which she attended with Michael, she was belligerent and demanded Patrick tell her where {G*****} was. Due to her hostility and her seeming to be under the influence of crystal meth (or some other stimulant), as well as the fact that {G*****} had never had any direct contact with her before - she was, essentially, a complete stranger to {G*****} - Patrick refused to disclose {G*****}'s whereabouts. He told Desiree it would not be right for her to appear, suddenly, in {G*****}'s life and take him away from all the people he thought of as family. He advised Desiree to take the time to build a relationship with their son first. But she refused to listen.

After that single visit, Desiree made no further attempt to determine {G*****}'s whereabouts, or to establish contact with him or with Patrick. She would later admit, in a letter to Patrick, that she eventually realized it would have been very bad to take {G*****} away from his surrogate family at that point. Of course, she eventually ended up doing exactly that anyway.

By 2010, Michael and Desiree had been grown apart. Since Desiree was now making substantially more money than Michael, she had lost all respect for him and was often ashamed of him. And, Michael had grown tired of Desiree's controlling behavior. In December 2010, Desiree filed for divorce from Michael. The divorce was finalized in March 2011, with Desiree receiving physical custody of their son, {SC*****}. Michael had little interest in having custody of their son, and was not able to adequately provide for the child.

In April 2010, while still with Michael, Desiree began dating and sleeping with Kristopher Lauchner. Very shortly thereafter she and {SC*****} moved in with Kristopher, who was living in a condo in Scottsdale, AZ (a suburb of Phoenix), owned by his father, Dennis Lauchner. Kristopher had a very long, dangerous criminal history. He had spent 7 years in prison for an array of charges including stealing cars, crystal meth, shoplifting, and assaults.

Patrick Re-Establishes Contact

In February 2011, Desiree received a letter from Patrick, inquiring whether she would be interested in hearing about how their son, {G*****}, was doing. At the time, Patrick was still in custody and {G*****} had been taken care of by a friend, Liz, who had been part of {G*****}'s life since shortly after Desiree had left in 2002. {G*****} had been living with Liz since Patrick's detention in July 2007. {G*****} considered Liz the maternal figure in his life, and thought of her family as his family.

Desiree responded to Patrick's letter, saying she would love to hear about {G*****}. She apologized for her behavior when she visited him at the detention facility in 2009. She acknowledged that it would not have been good for {G*****} if she had uprooted him from the only life he had ever known.

Over the next couple of months, Desiree and Patrick exchanged correspondence. Patrick had forwarded her contact information to {G*****}, and told {G*****} that it would be entirely up to him whether he would contact Desiree or not. Patrick would not force or pressure {G*****} into that. In her correspondence, Desiree seemed she had matured and was sincere about her desire to not do anything harmful to {G*****}.

In March 2011, {G*****} told Patrick he was considering calling Desiree. He was curious about who his biological mother might be. In April, {G*****} finally called Desiree and they spoke for over an hour. She presented herself as very loving and caring. She effectively set {G*****} at ease. They spoke again, on a number of occasions, over the next month.

Desiree made plans to go to LA to meet {G*****} in May. In May, she drove to LA, with Kristopher and {SC*****}. They met {G*****}. They spent the weekend in LA.

Desiree and {G*****} continued to maintain contact over the next month, then Desiree made another weekend trip to LA to visit him again. Following that trip, Desiree told Liz that she was going to take {G*****} to San Diego for a week, in July. Desiree did not inform Patrick of her intention to take {G*****} out of town for the week. However, Liz promptly notified Patrick of Desiree's stated plan.

On June 20, 2011, Patrick received a letter from Desiree stating her intention to take {G*****} to live with her in Phoenix. She did not mention the San Diego trip in the letter. Patrick began to suspect Desiree was intending to take {G*****} by force, and would use the San Diego trip as an excuse to get {G*****} away from his home long enough to abscond with him.

The day before Desiree was intending to go to Los Angeles to pick up {G*****} for the San Diego trip, Patrick called Desiree and told her he could not agree to allow her to take {G*****} to San Diego. Desiree became very hostile and accused Patrick of many things, including trying to "keep her son from her", and "turning her son against her". Patrick realized, because he was in custody, there was little he could do to stop Desiree.

After Desiree spoke with Patrick, she immediately called {G*****} and Liz. She was very verbally abusive with {G*****}, accusing him of "ruining" {SC*****}'s birthday. {G*****} had never encountered such behavior and hostility before and was very shaken by it. Desiree was screaming at him over the phone and accusing him of things he could not have possibly been responsible for. Both Liz and {G*****} became very concerned that Desiree might try to do something extreme. Liz thought it would be best for them to stay with her sister in Pasadena for a while.

After that there was no more contact from Desiree. Or at least it seemed.

Desiree Abducts {G*****}, Tries to Get Custody

On August 8, 2011, after only two short visits with {G*****}, and subjecting the child to an emotionally traumatic experience, Desiree and Kristopher showed up at Liz's home, unannounced and demanded that Liz "hand over" {G*****} immediately.

{G*****} was terrified. Once again, he was faced with an entirely unfamiliar situation which he seemed to have no influence over. A woman he had only ever seen twice in his life, a person who, for all intents and purposes, was a stranger to him, was demanding that the woman who had cared for him; who had provided for him; he had seen him through sicknesses; attended his school functions; welcomed him into her life, her family; treated him as if he was her own child; the only woman he had ever known as a mother; immediately hand him over to her so she could take him away from everything that he knew, away from all the people he loved and considered his family.

Liz tried desperately to reason with Desiree. To make her see how terrible of a thing it was she was doing. Desiree was hysterical. She was screaming, throwing her arms about, threatening to call the police if {G*****} did not come with her this minute!

Liz knew she had no legal authority in the matter. She knew Desiree was the biological mother. But what kind of mother leaves their child for 9 years then shows up out of the blue and takes him away from his entire life? Liz resisted Desiree's aggressions as much as she could.

Kristopher, having an extensive criminal background, and drugs in his possession, thought it best to remain in the car, in case the police did arrive.

Desiree, seeing that Liz was not going to simply turn her back on {G*****}, called the police. When the police arrived, Desiree showed them the temporary custody order from 2002. The police tried to make Desiree realize how harmful what she was trying to do was to {G*****}. But Desiree remained hysterical, insisting that she's {G*****}'s mother! This continued for some time, but eventually, the police had to concede that because Desiree was {G*****}'s biological mother and Liz didn't have anything from the family court showing that she had any right to custody, they were going to have to allow Desiree to take {G*****}.

"Tell my dad I'm sorry, but I did everything I could."

{G*****} was in shock! His whole, as he knew it up to that point, was being wiped out in an instant, by this woman who had once left him behind so she could go back to her ex-boyfriend. This woman who had never cared enough to call, or to wish him a happy birthday. This woman who had never been there when he needed help or guidance or just someone to listen to him.

As he said goodbye to Liz, {G*****} added "Tell my dad I'm sorry, but I did everything I could."

Within minutes of loading {G*****} and his belongings into the car, Desiree's demeanor changed entirely. Gone was the hysterical, screaming woman of moments ago. Gone were the tears. Almost in the blink of an eye, she had converted herself to the soft spoken, sweet lady who had come to visit him a month ago. {G*****} had never encountered a person transform so quickly from on thing to another. He did not know what to expect from Desiree, or what would turn her back into the raving monster he had observed only minutes before. He was afraid - afraid he'd never see his friends and family again; afraid of what these people might do to him; afraid he would never see his father again.

The day after Desiree returned to Phoenix, with {G*****}, she filed for emergency custody in the Maricopa County Superior Court. In her declaration, she told the court Patrick had taken their child from her 9 years ago and hid him from her all this time; She declared that she had only recently found her child and she was afraid Patrick would take him again; she told the court Patrick was currently in prison and upon his release he was going to be deported. The court granted her request.

After Desiree took {G*****} to Phoenix, Patrick was able to speak to him on the telephone a few times, from the detention facility. Unbeknownst to {G*****} and Patrick, Desiree was listening to and recording their telephone calls. She subsequently told {G*****} she had been listening to their calls and she would continue to do so until he stopped trying to "scheme" with his father.

While {G*****} was being held in Arizona, by Desiree, she would frequently try to discourage him from his Jewish beliefs. She would openly criticize and mock people who believe in any religion. Kristopher also, being openly white supremacist and anti-Semitic, would try to convince {G*****} he was not really Jewish and that Jews are bad people. Together, Desiree and Kristopher would tell {G*****} that Patrick had been lying to him all his life and that neither he nor Patrick were Jewish. Kristopher proudly displayed Nazi propaganda in their home - regardless of how that might affect {G*****}.

Patrick's Release From Custody - The Fight for {G*****} Begins

On August 31, 2011 - three weeks after Desiree took {G*****}, by force, to Arizona - Patrick was released from ICE custody and returned to Los Angeles.

Throughout the entire 4 years Patrick spent in custody, fighting the endless stream of unfounded allegations by ICE and the Phoenix police department, not a week passed that he did not speak with {G*****} on the phone. Patrick wrote and sent, literally, hundreds of letters to {G*****}. {G*****} longed for the day his father would be released and they could eat pizza and watch movies together again. {G*****} would often talk with Liz about all the things they were going to do when his father came home. But mostly, {G*****} waited, anxiously, for that one day when his father would come home and he, {G*****}, could welcome him back.

But that was not to be. Knowing Patrick would soon be released, Desiree went to Los Angeles and took, by force and deceit, the only thing that had gotten Patrick through that 4 year ordeal. Without any consideration for how her actions might affect {G*****}, or all the people that loved him. When Patrick was released from custody and was finally able to return home, {G*****} sat, alone in his new bedroom in Desiree's home, not even aware his father was on his way home.

And Desiree, went about her daily life, as though it was all just another day. She posted comments on Facebook, thanking the universe for bringing her son home and for making everything as it should be. She proclaimed, publicly, how happy she was now that her life was complete. Never once concerning herself with whether {G*****} wanted to be there; whether {G*****} was happy; or whether {G*****} was simply terrified and unable to comprehend how his whole life could have been wiped out so quickly and with such little concern, by someone who is supposed to always look out for and protect him - his own mother.

In September 2011, Patrick and Desiree attended a child custody hearing in the Arizona court. Patrick denied Desiree's allegations regarding him taking and hiding their son, but at that time was unable to provide evidence that the allegation was false.

Following the hearing in Arizona, Patrick called {G*****} and request he, {G*****}, and Desiree all speak, together, on a conference call. With the 3 of them present on the call, Patrick told Desiree that what she's doing is not right. That {G*****} should be allowed to choose, for himself, who he will live with. Since {G*****} was participating in the call, Desiree could not disagree without proving to {G*****} that she truly had no interest in what he wanted. She agreed that that was fair and that she would abide by whatever decision {G*****} made. {G*****}, without hesitation, said he wanted to return to his father and, perhaps, visit with Desiree during his school breaks. Desiree agreed to go along with that because, as she said, it's what {G*****} wants and she only wants {G*****} to be happy. She said she would call her attorney tomorrow and have him make the arrangements with the court. Desiree did call her attorney the next day - but she told him to file a request in the family court prohibiting Patrick from having any contact, even by telephone, with {G*****}. Desiree had no intention, at any time, of granting {G*****}'s wish to return to Patrick's care.

Under the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act (UCCJEA), California was {G*****}'s "home state" because {G*****} had been residing in California, with Liz, since July 2007. Also, the child custody proceeding which Patrick filed in 2001 had never actually been disposed of. For both of those reasons, the Arizona court did not have authority to consider Desiree's petition for custody. Patrick set out to have the courts determine appropriate jurisdiction.

First, Patrick attempted to have the original, 2001, case put back on the calendar in the Torrance Courthouse. The court, realizing the matter had been pending for more than 5 years, dismissed the matter for failure to prosecute.

Patrick filed a new petition for custody, asserting that under the UCCJEA, California was {G*****}'s home state. He requested the California and Arizona courts confer to determine appropriate jurisdiction and, upon doing so, that Desiree be ordered to return {G*****} to his care. In his supporting declaration, Patrick contested Desiree's allegations about him hiding {G*****} for 9 years, and demonstrated that it was Desiree who had left and chose to have no contact with {G*****} during that time.

Patrick didn't re-file for divorce at that time because he hadn't been back in California for the required 6 months yet, so the California court would not have had jurisdiction.

Desiree Arrested for Marijuana Possession on {G*****}'s Birthday

On September 27, 2011, while Desiree was still holding {G*****} at her home in Scottsdale, the police attended her home to question Kristopher about his involvement in a money counterfeiting scheme.

While questioning Kristopher, the police briefly searched Kristopher's and Desiree's bedroom, looking for evidence of the counterfeit currency. They found, in the night table next to the bed, some marijuana, pipes, and a bong. Desiree returned home while the police were still there questioning Kristopher. Desiree accepted full responsibility for the marijuana and paraphernalia, because given Kristopher's long criminal history he would surely have been jailed if the police believed he was in any way involved. Desiree was taken to the Scottsdale Police station and booked. This, obviously, interfered with the plans they had for {G*****}'s birthday.

While Desiree was being processed at the police station, Kristopher picked up {G*****} and {SC*****} from school. He drove around, aimlessly, with them until Desiree was able to be picked up from the police station.

Desiree deliberately withheld that fact of her arrest, as well as hers and Kristopher's ongoing drug use from Patrick and from the family court.

A consequence of Desiree's arrest occurring within the housing complex her and Kristopher were living in was that she would be evicted if she did not move out. Both hers and Kristopher's credit was poor and neither had rental references. That would make it difficult for them to be accepted at any decent rental property. Fortune smiled on them, though, as one of Kristopher's cousins owned a house, in Peoria, AZ (another suburb of Phoenix) which he had recently put up for rent. The couple agreed to rent that property from Kristopher's cousin. They were to move at the beginning of November. The children would, once again, have to start all over at a new school.

Kristopher Arrested While Taking Care of {G*****}, Desiree Caught with Marijuana Again

On November 1, 2011, while Desiree was still holding {G*****} in Arizona, Kristopher took both {G*****} and {SC*****} to a Walmart to pass some counterfeit money and to launder some counterfeit money he had passed on the previous day.

Kristopher left the children in the car while he went into the store. He used numerous counterfeit bills to purchase some items. He then returned to the store with some items he had purchased the previous day, also using counterfeit bills, to return them for refunds. This was a technique he was using to exchange the counterfeit bills for real currency.

Shortly after leaving the Walmart, Kristopher was stopped and arrested by the Scottsdale police. The children were still in the vehicle while Kristopher taken into custody. Desiree was called to the scene, to pick up the children. Upon her arrival the police searched her purse and found marijuana and a pipe, which they seized. Desiree falsely stated she had a medical marijuana "permit", but in fact, at this point she had not even applied for a medical marijuana card yet. She was not charged with possession at that time.

Desiree deliberately withheld the information of this event from Patrick and from the family court.

On November 4, 2011 Desiree applied for an Arizona Medical Marijuana card. The application was approved and the card was issued on November 7, 2011. The medical condition Desiree claimed was chronic and debilitating pain caused by fibromyalgia. Of course, the claim was false - Desiree did not have fibromyalgia, and did not suffer from chronic and debilitating pain.

Desiree Ordered to Return {G*****} to Patrick's Care

On November 8, 2011, a hearing was held in the California court and it was determined that California did, in fact, have jurisdiction of the matter. The court expressed it disbelief of Desiree's allegations, but was reluctant to move {G*****} in the middle of a school year. Fortunately, Desiree had relocated to a new address just one week before the hearing, which meant {G*****} had just started a new school. Upon hearing this, the court ordered Desiree to return {G*****} to Patrick's care "without delay".

In defiance of the California court's order to return {G*****} to Patrick's care, Desiree and Kristopher proceeded to contact family law attorneys in Los Angeles, trying to find a way to not have to return {G*****}. They attempted to stall Patrick as long as possible. Desiree claimed she could not return their son until the weekend because she had to work; she claimed her car was having problems and required repairs; she claimed she could not afford the cost of gas to travel to a meeting point half way between Phoenix and Los Angeles, as the court had directed. Patrick showed no empathy for Desiree's supposed predicament. Patrick suspected Desiree was just trying to stall so she could try to find some way out of complying with the order. Ultimately, Desiree was unable to find an attorney who said what she wanted to hear. She brought {G*****} to the airport the next day so he could return to Los Angeles.

On November 10, 2011 - 3 months after Desiree selfishly and heartlessly ripped {G*****} from his life, and threw his world into disarray - {G*****} returned home and to his father.

Custody and Visitation of {G*****} is Settled

On December 6, 2011, Desiree and Patrick attended family court mediation. By that point, Desiree knew there was no way the family court would grant her any kind of custody - not after what she'd pulled back in August. She knew she would be lucky just to get visitation during school breaks.

Desiree now claimed to just want what was best for {G*****}. She told the mediator that she believed, as she always had, that what's best for {G*****} is for him to remain with his father, and for her to have visitation during school breaks. To the casual observer, who wasn't familiar with Desiree's history, it would seem Desiree was being very reasonable. And that is exactly how the mediator saw it.

Patrick was appalled. He could not believe how easily Desiree could completely disregard everything she had done over the past 4 months - as though none of it ever happened. More so, he could not believe the mediator, having that information in the file in front of her, could also disregard Desiree's atrocities.

Patrick told the mediator he would only relay what {G*****} had said he wants, which was to stay with Patrick and to visit Desiree during his school breaks. It seemed both Desiree and Patrick were in agreement.

With both parents in agreement about {G*****}'s custody and visitation, the court entered the order as such.

In early December 2011, Kristopher was caught and arrested for shoplifting in Peoria, near their new home. He subsequently plead guilty and was sentenced to probation.

On December 29, 2011, after repeatedly changing {G*****}'s travel plans to spend part of his winter break visiting Desiree, she spent the entire day at work, then drove overnight from Phoenix to Los Angeles to pick up {G*****} for his visit. She arrived in LA around 7am on December 30. She hadn't slept since early morning, December 29. Her behavior was very aggressive and her mood seemed to fluctuate between friendly and hostile very rapidly. Patrick had seen that behavior before. It was very typical of people who had been on a meth binge. Patrick was concerned about her driving all the way back to Phoenix (a 6 to 7 hour drive), with {G*****}, in that condition. He suggested she get some rest before driving back. But Desiree became defensive and insisted she was fine. After that encounter, Patrick was certain Desiree was using meth.

Desiree Refuses to Contribute to {G*****}'s Financial Needs

Since he was just recently released from a 4 year period of incarceration, and not having a vehicle or even identification, Patrick was experiencing substantial difficulty finding employment. He and {G*****} were living with their friend, Liz, who was supporting both of them. He repeatedly requested Desiree contribute to {G*****}'s financial support - at least for some of the basic necessities like food and clothing. Desiree refused. Desiree believed by making Patrick's situation more difficult he would eventually voluntarily give up custody of {G*****} to her.

Desiree did not concern herself with the fact that by refusing to contribute to {G*****}'s financial needs she was also substantially harming {G*****} - perhaps much more so than she was harming Patrick and Liz.

Desiree also refused to provide Patrick the information about her medical insurance which {G*****} was covered under. She was more concerned with making things difficult for Patrick than with the well-being and safety of {G*****}.

On January 3, 2012, Patrick filed a request in the family court, seeking child support from Desiree. Such an order would never be issued, and Desiree would never accept financial responsibility for {G*****}. Over the next year, the family court would just keep postponing the issue of child support until it became moot.

Desiree subsequently filed a response to Patrick's request for child support, asking the court to impute Patrick's income on his "ability" to earn $176,800 per year - even though he currently had no income at all and had been unable to obtain employment. Although Desiree tried very hard to convince people she wanted what's best for {G*****}, she didn't want to have to accept financial responsibility for him. Other than the 3 months she held {G*****} in Phoenix, Desiree had never contributed to {G*****}'s needs. In fact, for the entire 4 years Patrick was detained, it was Liz alone, on her part-time income, who supported {G*****}.

Desiree's and Kristopher's Drug Use and Criminal Activities Are Discovered

In January 2012, Patrick searched Desiree's name on the Internet and stumbled across a reference to it on the Scottsdale Police website. A PDF containing a list of arrests in the month of September 2011, included an arrest record under Desiree's name. Patrick immediately contacted the Scottsdale Police Department to request a copy of the incident report.

A check of the Maricopa County Superior Court website also showed a criminal case filed against Desiree for possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

Patrick Discovers Kristopher's Criminal History

Patrick became concerned that Desiree was attempting to conceal information about her living situation which he believed would be potentially harmful to {G*****} during his visits with Desiree. Patrick began researching Kristopher, to try to determine whether he might also have been involved in activities which would put {G*****} in danger during his visits. Patrick was shocked to find Kristopher had a very, very long criminal history which included: attempted murder; aggravated assault; assault with a deadly weapon; possession of dangerous drugs; automobile theft; fleeing the police; identity theft; burglary; and gand larceny. Patrick discovered Kristopher's criminal history spanned more than 15 years, and multiple states (namely, Arizona and Nevada).

During that 15 year period, Kristopher had spent more than half that time in prison - not as one single, 7 year stretch, but on at least 4 separate periods of imprisonment stemming from at least 6 unrelated convictions/sentencings, in 2 different states. Patrick rightly decided that was not someone he wanted around {G*****} during his visits with Desiree.

Patrick promptly called Desiree to ask her about these matters. Desiree became vary hostile when Patrick brought up the arrest and questioned her drug use. She insisted the case was going to be "dismissed" because the police searched her home illegally, and because she had a medical marijuana card. However, the search of her home was entirely legal because Kristopher had invited the police into the home, and authorized them to search his and Desiree's bedroom. The medical marijuana card was obtained 6 weeks after the arrest.

With respect to Kristopher's criminal history and use of crystal meth, Desiree was livid that Patrick would question the appropriateness of Kristopher being around {G*****}. She adamantly defended Kristopher, insisting that he was a different person now; that all that stuff was in the past; and that he had "paid his debt to society". Patrick was not persuaded by Desiree's assertions. He was convinced Desiree and Kristopher were still using crystal meth and actively engaging in criminal activities.

Because Desiree's refusal to be open with Patrick about her drug use, and Kristopher's involvement in criminal activities, Patrick became very concerned about {G*****}'s safety during his visits. He discussed his concerned with {G*****}. {G*****} told him he wasn't really interested in visiting Desiree anyway, so he didn't have a problem with Patrick requesting the court suspend the visits until the issues can be further investigated.

Patrick Requests Mandatory Drug Testing During {G*****}'s Visits with Desiree

Nevertheless, it was not Patrick's intent to prevent Desiree from having a relationship with {G*****} - as long as it didn't put {G*****} in danger. On February 3, 2012, Patrick filed a petition in the family court, requesting Desiree be required to pass a drug test prior to having unsupervised visits with {G*****} in her home; that she be prohibited from possessing or using any illegal drugs during {G*****}'s visits; and that Kristopher not be present during {G*****}'s visits. A hearing was scheduled for August 15 - six months down the road!

Due to Patrick's concerns for {G*****}'s safety during his visits with Desiree, and the hearing regarding her drug use and Kristopher's illegal activities being six months away, on February 14, 2012, Patrick requested an emergency, ex parte, order - again, only that Desiree be required to submit to drug testing during {G*****}'s visits, and that Kristopher not be permitted within 100 yards of {G*****} during the visits. Patrick did not request the court suspend Desiree's visitation. Given the extensive evidence Patrick provided the court, including Desiree's own admissions of her current and ongoing drug use, and Kristopher's violent history, the court ordered there be no visitation until the next hearing, and scheduled a hearing for March 7. That resulted in Desiree loosing one long weekend visitation (for President's Day).

On March 7, 2011, Patrick and Desiree appeared in the family court regarding the matters of Desiree's drug use and Kristopher's criminal history. Prior to the hearing, Desiree had submitted a responsive declaration, denying Patrick's allegations.

The court, while it acknowledged Desiree's drug use and Kristopher's dangerous, violent past, denied Patrick's requests, leaving the previously ordered visitation terms in place. {G*****} would continue to spend time at Desiree's home while she and Kristopher smoked meth and marijuana in the other room; Kristopher would continue to take {G*****} with him when he went out to commit felonies.

Desiree Accepts Deferred Prosecution, Admits to Being a Drug Addict

In March 2012, Desiree chose to accept participation in the TASC drug diversion program in order to defer the prosecution of her marijuana possession charge. If she completed the 6 month program successfully, within 2 years, then she could request to have the charge dismissed.

Two requirements of participating in TASC in exchange for deferred prosecution, though, are admitting guilt of the charge(s); and admitting that you have a drug problem and need help. Desiree has never been one to put much thought into the consequences of her actions and choices, so she saw this as preferable to having a minor marijuana possession conviction. Unfortunately, for her, though, many people would consider an admission of having a drug addiction much worse than being found guilty of possessing a small quantity of a drug that many people don't consider very serious.

The significance of Desiree's admission of having a drug problem is exacerbated by the fact that she continues to use that drug, and even boasts that fact with a sense of pride.

Desiree would often brag to Patrick, both while participating in TASC, as well as after completing it, that she didn't even have to stop using marijuana while she was in the program - because she had obtained a medical marijuana card.

Desiree did complete the TASC program and her possession of marijuana charge was dismissed in September 2012. But, regardless of the fact that she was not convicted of the possession charge, the truly important point is that she admitted, officially (by accepting TASC), to being guilty of the offense, and to being a drug addict.

Desiree Attempts to Turn Patrick's Friends and Associates Against Him

In the Spring of 2012, Desiree attempted to track down as many friends, and both personal and professional associates of Patrick's she could. She contacted those people she found associated with Patrick on his LinkedIn profile; people associated with the Temple Patrick attended and volunteered at; people associated with Patrick's past employers; and people she believed were Patrick's biological family.

For each person Desiree was able to contact, she told them, through tears and with great emotion, the story of how Patrick had taken their child away when he was a baby, then disappeared with their child for 9 years; she told them how Patrick had been so abusive toward her when they were together; she told them Patrick was an illegal alien, a fugitive, and he was wanted by the Department of Homeland Security. Desiree also told them that Patrick had been telling lies about her in the family court, and that was how he was able to get custody of their son back.

In most cases, Desiree succeeded if not in turning those people against Patrick, at least in ensuring those people would distance themselves from Patrick and sever all associations with him.

This made it increasingly more difficult for Patrick to find employment because he now had no references he could provide.

While a lot of people would later express disapproval of this website, it is not so different from Desiree's own actions against Patrick in 2012. Except, this website is only publishing the truth about Desiree - not lies, as Desiree had done. Also interesting is that Desiree would later insist this website is defamatory, yet defamation is exactly what she did by spreading false stories about Patrick with the express intention of damaging his reputation.

Desiree Continues to Refuse to Assist With {G*****}'s Financial Needs

Over the next few months, Desiree made every effort to exploit Patrick's financial hardship, in an ongoing effort to pressure him to give up custody of {G*****}. In one particular email she sent to Patrick, on June 29, 2012, Desiree went as far as to plainly state:

"If it's such a problem for you and Liz to take care of [{G*****}], send him to me I will take care of everything. You will never have to pay another cent."

She repeatedly refused to provide any assistance with {G*****}'s basic necessities, school supplies, or medical care. On a few occasions, Desiree even refused to contribute to necessities then, after Patrick had found another way to obtain them, Desiree also provided the same items. She would later attempt to use that as proof that she had, in fact, been providing for {G*****}'s needs.

On another occasion, in April 2012, {G*****}'s shoes were very worn out, and the sole had started coming apart. Patrick asked Desiree if she would contribute to the cost of a pair of shoes for {G*****}. He sent her a picture of the worn out shoe. Desiree refused! She said that if he took {G*****} to the store to pick out the pair he wanted then she would purchase them and send them to {G*****}. Patrick found that proposal to be ridiculous because the cost of a pair of children's shoes would only be $20 - $30, and what Desiree was proposing would add at least 10 days to {G*****} actually receiving the new shoes. The next day, fed up with dealing with Desiree's games and power trips, Liz bought {G*****} new shoes. Desiree never contributed to the cost, nor even thanked Liz for providing for {G*****}'s needs.

At that point, Desiree had been working, full-time, at Apollo Group for more than 4 years, and her current salary was $63,000 a year.

Because of Desiree's adamant refusal to contribute to {G*****}'s financial needs, Patrick returned to the family court with a second request for an order for child support. A hearing is set for September 7, 2012, but at that hearing the court declined to enter an order regarding child support. The hearing was merely postponed until January 11, 2013.

At the September 7 hearing, Patrick also requested {G*****} be permitted to address the court, to state on the record, how he really feels about visiting with Desiree and the things that occur in her home while he's in her care. In response, the court set a hearing for March 20, 2013, wherein {G*****} would speak with a court counselor.

Kristopher Arrested for Stealing Assault Rifle and Possession of Meth

On September 25, 2012, Kristopher stole an AR-15 assault rifle from a Cabela's sporting goods store in Glendale, AZ. Due to his prior felonies, Kristopher was a prohibited possessor. Immediately after removing the assault rifle from the store, Kristopher brought it back to his and Desiree's home and hid it in the attic.

Later that day, when Desiree returned home from work, Kristopher told her about the rifle and that it was hidden in the attic. Although Desiree later told the police that she had told Kristopher to get rid of it, in reality she had no objections to Kristopher keeping the gun in the home - even though both her and Kristopher were prohibited from possessing firearms and by having the gun in the house they were both committing a felony.

On October 2, 2012 - the day after Desiree's 32nd birthday, the Glendale Police arrested Kristopher, outside the same Cabela's. They had been surveilling Kristopher for the past couple of days after receiving a report from the Cabela's regarding the theft of the AR-15 on September 25. When they searched Kristopher, incident to his arrest, they found a used meth pipe containing residue. Due to Kristopher's violent criminal history and the fact that the investigation involved assault rifles, Kristopher was arrested at gunpoint, in public, outside the store.

Police Execute Search Warrant on Desiree's Home

Concurrent with Kristopher's arrest, other officers executed a search warrant on Kristopher's and Desiree's home, in an attempt to locate and secure the stolen rifle. In the process of searching the home, the police also found other weapons Kristopher was prohibited from possessing, as well as crystal meth, meth pipes, needles, and spent cartridges (bullet casings).

Desiree's other son, {SC*****}, was home at the time of the search.

Near the time the search was concluding, Desiree returned to the house. She feigned shock and surprise over the search. The officer in charge interviewed Desiree regarding her knowledge of the stolen rifle and she admitted that she knew Kristopher had stolen it and was hiding it in the house. Desiree claimed to have no knowledge of Kristopher's meth use, or what he does when he's in the garage. She told the police she never goes into the garage - that that's Kristopher's "space", however, pictures posted on this website clearly show Desiree spending time in the garage with Kristopher.

The detective that interviewed Desiree was surprised to later learn Desiree possessed a medical marijuana card because he described her as being very active and physical capable during the interview.

Although it was clear Desiree knew of the stolen rifle being stored in the home, and that she was a prohibited possessor (under federal law) by virtue of being a current drug user, she was not arrested or charged.

The next day, the story of Kristopher's arrest and the execution of the search warrant on Desiree's home was reported on the local television news. Included in the segment were shots of the front of her home, where the search warrant was executed. Her name was not mentioned in the segment or any of the media reports. Desiree had, once again, gotten away with serious offenses by shifting the blame to those close to her, and by portraying herself as the unwitting victim of an abusive intimate partner.

Patrick Learns of Kristopher's Arrest and the Search Warrant

The day after Kristopher's arrest for shoplifting the AR-15, Patrick happened across the local news coverage. He immediately emailed Desiree. He could not pass up the opportunity to rub her face in it. After the past year of defending Kristopher; of insisting he was a changed person, a better person; he had paid his debt to society, and was not the man he was 10 years ago; he was a good, positive role model for her children.

Desiree responded by simply claiming that she was done with Kristopher and he is no longer part of her life. Yet, she continued to live in his family's house. She told Patrick he can now "discount" all the claims he had made against Kristopher in the family court because he is no longer relevant - as though her incredibly poor judgment in defending an incredibly bad and dangerous person over the past year was now, somehow, no longer relevant; as though knowingly leaving her children in the care of someone who was high on meth is erased simply because the person has been incarcerated.

Patrick could not fathom how Desiree could completely disregard the past year of supporting and defending Kristopher; of knowingly allowing him to take her children with him while he's committing crimes; leaving him in charge of her children while high on meth. As though his arrest and current pretrial incarceration somehow erased all of her extremely bad judgment and parental neglect. As though she was no longer guilty of putting her meth using, violent criminal boyfriend before the well-being of her children.

And, even at this point, when it was now impossible for Desiree to deny Kristopher was a very bad, and very dangerous person; a person who had always been bad, and always would be bad; all Desiree could do was to blame the problems in her life on Kristopher, and on Michael before that, and on Patrick before that. Never would she accept any responsibility for the perpetual mess her life is.

Patrick Learns of the Nazi Propaganda in Desiree's Home

After discovering Kristopher's arrest, Patrick spoke with the detective in charge of the investigation. From that conversation, Patrick also learned that Kristopher and Desiree prominently displayed various artefacts of Nazi propaganda in the common areas of their home. One item, in particular, was a dagger bearing the Nazi swastika, which they mounted on the wall in the living room.

Patrick later asked {G*****} about the Nazi propaganda in Desiree's home and {G*****} corroborated what the detective had said. According to {G*****}, Kristopher had been very proud of that dagger and had made a point of showing it to {G*****} and to others who came to Desiree's home. Patrick became increasingly concerned about {G*****} being in Desiree's care, knowing both her and Kristopher were so openly anti-Semitic. But, he recalled the court's refusal to take any action in response to his prior concerns.

Patrick Requests Suspension of Desiree's Visitation, and Permission to Relocate to Vancouver With {G*****}

In light of Kristopher's recent arrest, which proved without question, that Kristopher was still: a very dangerous person; using crystal meth; and actively engaging in ongoing criminal activities; and Desiree's long history of defending Kristopher's actions, and attempting to conceal the ongoing drug use and criminal activities, Patrick submitted a request to the family court to suspend Desiree's visitation until the March 20, 2013 hearing. Patrick believed he had very legitimate concerns for {G*****}'s safety while in Desiree's care.

An ex parte hearing was held that day, November 28, 2012, with both Patrick and Desiree in attendance.

Desiree testified, at the hearing, that Kristopher was incarcerated and that her relationship with him was over. She also testified, falsely, that Kristopher was being held without bond and for that reason he would not be able to be released and move back into their home. In fact, Kristopher did bond out of jail a few months later, and he did move back into their home.

The court denied Patrick's request, stating it can address those concerns at the hearing in March. Regardless of all of the proof submitted of all of the dangerous conduct going on in Desiree's home; regardless of the proof submitted that crystal meth was being used in her home; regardless of the proof submitted that Desiree and Kristopher - both prohibited possessors - were illegally keeping firearms in their home; the California family court Commissioner, Stephen Lowry, ordered that {G*****} continue to have extended, unsupervised visitation in Desiree's home.

At the same time Patrick submitted that request, he also submitted a request for permission to relocate to Vancouver, Canada, with {G*****}. Because he had been having difficulty obtaining gainful employment in Los Angeles, Patrick had also started looking at positions in Vancouver and Toronto, because the software development markets there were doing well at the time. He had recently received multiple offers from companies in Vancouver. Though, he was not permitted to relocate {G*****} outside California without the court's approval.

The court also denied this request, telling Patrick that if he wanted to move to Vancouver he could send {G*****} to live with Desiree and he could move to Vancouver on his own. That was not an option Patrick would consider - he would not abandon his child under any circumstances. He also knew that if Desiree were ever to obtain legal custody of {G*****} she would do everything in her power to prevent Patrick from maintaining a relationship with him.

And finally, on November 28, Patrick also filed a petition for dissolution of his marriage with Desiree. Although she had been claiming for the past year she was going to file for an annulment in Arizona, she had never followed through on that. The petition for dissolution was added to the existing case, but not heard at this time. A trial date would be set at some future time.

Desiree Schemes to Get Patrick Deported

In December 2012, {G*****} went to Phoenix for his winter break visitation with Desiree. Immediately upon his arrival, Desiree contacted ICE and knowingly filed a false report with them, against Patrick. She claimed Patrick was a fugitive, an illegal alien, that he had previously been deported, and re-entered the US illegally.

Desiree's motivation for filing that false report was because she knew, given her history of drug use, emotional and psychological instability, her repeated involvement with men like Kristopher and Michael, and the ever increasing amount of evidence Patrick was finding against her, that there was no way the family court would ever grant her custody of {G*****}. And now, with Patrick's most recent request to suspend visitation, Desiree realized that unless she actually quit using drugs, and straightened out her life, she would probably lose visitation. Really, though, it wasn't the thought of losing visitation with {G*****} that bothered her, so much as the thought of Patrick "beating her".

As the end of {G*****}'s visit approached and ICE had not done anything in response to her report, she called them again, this time, falsely claiming that Patrick was also currently engaging in such crimes as identity theft, and that Patrick was planning to relocate from his current address in the very near future - such that if they didn't move quickly they would lose him. She believed, if they were going to do anything, they had to do it before {G*****} returned home from his winter break.

Patrick Arrested by ICE

On January 2, 2013, ICE agents went to Patrick's home in Carson and took him into custody under the name "Richard Riess". The ICE agents interrogated Patrick for the next few hours. They asked him which country he is a citizen of - he responded he was born in the US and told them he will not answer any further questions. They asked him where, in the US, he was born. He declined to answer. One of the agents asked him if he was born in Florida. At that point, Patrick knew the agents already knew and had confirmed he was born in Florida, that he had been living under the assumed identity of "Richard Riess", and that his legal name was Patrick Fox. He knew that he may potentially incriminate himself if he answered any questions. He remained silent. One of the agents asked Patrick what his birth name was. Patrick declined to answer. The agent asked him if it was "Patrick Fox". Patrick remained silent.

Eventually, the ICE agents conferred with the Homeland Security attorney. They found there was no criminal offense they could charge Patrick with. They could not charge him with illegal re-entry because there was a US birth record matching the information they had on him - information they discovered on their own, not that he had provided. However, since there was actually a previous order of removal from the Immigration Court, they did have the legal authority to detain and attempt to physically remove him from the US. That is what they decided to do.

Patrick would spend the next 6 weeks in an ICE detention facility. During that time he spoke with the Canadian consulate. He made it clear to them that he was not making any claim of being a Canadian citizen, but that if they would accept him he would gladly go to Canada. The Canadian consulate told Patrick they believed he was the person ICE alleged he was (that is, Richard Riess). Patrick was fine with that.

Desiree Requests Sole Custody of {G*****}, Refuses All Contact Between Patrick and {G*****}

Meanwhile, immediately after Patrick's detention by ICE, Desiree filed an emergency petition in the family court, seeking sole legal and physical custody of {G*****}, based on Patrick being incarcerated and facing deportation. But that would not be enough to satisfy Desiree! She also requested an order prohibiting all communication and contact between Patrick and {G*****}. The court granted Desiree's requests and set a hearing date for February 6, 2013.

While Patrick was being detained by ICE, Desiree refused to accept his calls to {G*****} or to provide {G*****} the letters Patrick wrote him. Patrick had no idea what the status of {G*****} was, nor did {G*****} have any idea of Patrick's status. Desiree told {G*****} that Patrick would be deported and that she alone was going to have full custody of him from now on.

At the February 6 hearing, Patrick informed the court that Desiree was not allowing him to call {G*****}, or giving {G*****} his letters. Desiree denied both allegations. The court admonished her not to interfere with Patrick's and {G*****}'s communication. Patrick told the court he believed he would be released from ICE custody soon. The court stated, upon Patrick's release he may appear with an ex parte request and the court will order {G*****} be returned to his custody.

Patrick Deported to Canada

On February 15, 2013, Patrick was physically deported to Canada. Upon arrival at Vancouver International Airport he was questioned by CBSA. He explained his circumstances to them and clearly informed them he made no claim of Canadian citizenship. in response to their inquiry of his citizenship, he stated "US". Nevertheless, the CBSA agents welcomed him to Canada and sent him on his way.

When Desiree heard Patrick had been released from ICE custody, not realizing he had been deported, she believed the court was going to order her to return {G*****} to his care. She sent Patrick an email, suddenly feigning a desire to cooperate, to work in {G*****} best interests. She almost seemed to be completely oblivious to the fact she had filed false reports to get him arrested and held in custody for 6 weeks. Desiree had the nerve to now be claiming all she wants is for {G*****} to have both parents - even though, only 5 weeks prior she had attempted to get a court order prohibiting Patrick from having any contact with {G*****} at all. But, she promptly followed that email with another one, this time clearly threatening Patrick:

Immigration and homeland security are not my only avenues and if pushed I will pursue them - I agree that I will probably not "win" in family court, but I have no intention of "beating" you there.

Being in a foreign country, with no money, and not knowing anyone, Patrick made his way to downtown Vancouver where he found a homeless shelter he could check into. He would spend the next few weeks attending employment interviews in an effort to get back on his feet so that he could start working on getting back together with {G*****}.

The March 20 hearing was quickly approaching, though, and Patrick thought it critical that he attend in person. He borrowed $300 from his rabbi, to cover the cost of getting back to Los Angeles for the hearing. He took a Greyhound all the way back to LA. He didn't encounter any complications at the border.

Although he was broke and had nowhere to go, Patrick was happy to be back in his hometown of Los Angeles.

The Family Court Calls ICE, Patrick Gets Deported Again

The morning of the hearing, March 20, 2013, Patrick arrived at the courthouse. Before entering the courtroom he checked the docket outside and was surprised to find his case not listed. He checked with the Sheriff inside the courtroom. Eventually, he was told it was a mistake but it's been fixed.

After some time, the Sheriff received a call, glanced around the courtroom and his eyes fell on Patrick. He hung up the phone, stood, and approached Patrick. He asked Patrick if they could step outside.

Outside the courtroom, the same two ICE agents who had arrested him on January 2, 2013, were waiting. Patrick asked the Sheriff to let the judge know what had happened. The Sheriff replied "Don't worry, he knows."

Patrick was again, taken to the ICE office in downtown LA. This time he wasn't questioned. Presumably, the agents already knew they wouldn't get anything from him.

Patrick asked one of the agents "So, why do you guys even bother with me? You know that you can't charge me with illegal re-entry. You'll never get a conviction. You've obviously already verified I was born in Florida. I never told you my birth name, but you already know it. So what's the point of detaining and deporting me if you know I can legally come right back tomorrow?"

The agent responded "You're easy. We know you're not going to run or fight." It's all about the numbers, I suppose.

Once again, the agents checked with the DHS attorney who told them to just send Patrick back to Canada, if they'll accept him again.

Once again, Patrick waiting in ICE custody for 6 weeks, then boarded a plane to Vancouver. Once again, upon his arrival in Vancouver, CBSA questioned him about his citizenship, he clearly stated he is not a Canadian citizen. And once again, CBSA welcomed him back to Canada and wished him a nice day. What an incredibly friendly country Canada is!

Kristopher Bails Out of Jail, Moves Back in With Desiree

In March 2013, Kristopher bailed out of jail and moved back in with Desiree. They would continue living together for the next 3 months, until July 2013. At that point, Desiree moved to South Phoenix.

Desiree had lived at the house in Peoria for about a year and a half. As a result, her children would again have to transfer schools and make all new friends.

Patrick Gets Back on His Feet - The Fight Continues

Patrick arrived in Vancouver again on May 3, 2013. Again, he didn't know anyone, only had, literally, a few dollars in his pocket, and had no place to stay. He was able to get into another homeless shelter.

Patrick realized, as long as there was a removal order from the immigration court, ICE was going to continue to detain and deport him. At the same time, the Canadian government seemed more than willing to allow him to remain in Canada. He decided it was best, at least for the time being, to stay in Vancouver and rebuild himself, financially, so that he could return to family court and {G*****} could come back.

For the next month and a half, Patrick pursued software development positions in Vancouver, while also working day labor to make pocket money. Just as he was about to give up, he obtained a one year, temporary position with a large video game company. The one year commitment was perfect - that would give him enough time to resolve the legal issues with ICE and the immigration court, and to rebuild some capital.

Since his arrival in Vancouver, communication with {G*****} was difficult. Patrick was only able to contact him on Desiree's landline telephone, she rarely forwarded Patrick's messages, and she would sometimes leave for days or an entire week at a time without informing Patrick.

Patrick Vows to Devote His Life to Destroying Desiree

On July 21, 2013, Patrick sent Desiree an email, informing her of his new position, and offering her a last chance to resolve their issues amicably. Patrick told her that if she returns {G*****} before the start of the school year (the first week of September), he would put everything behind them and move on. But, if she didn't then he would devote the rest of his life to doing everything he could to destroy her, to completely ruin her life - within the confines of the relevant laws. Desiree responded simply "You do what you feel you need to".

Patrick continued to put as much money aside for legal fees as he could. He lived as frugally as reasonable. In August, 2013, Patrick retained an attorney to represent him in the family court. He believed this was necessary because he would not be able to appear in person.

In July 2013, the Canadian government informed Patrick that he may not continue to use the name Richard Riess because they had determined it was not his legal name. Unless he legally changed his name to "Richard Riess", he would have to revert to using his legal name, as it appeared on his birth certificate. Patrick ignored the notice and continued to using the name he had been known as for the past 20 years.

In September 2013, Patrick sent {G*****} a mobile phone to facilitate communication between them, because Desiree would often not forward Patrick's messages, and would sometimes take {G*****} out of town for days at a time without informing Patrick. The family court had previously admonished Desiree not to interfere with communication between Patrick and {G*****}.

Over the next few months, Patrick would repeatedly request Desiree inform {G*****}'s school to release {G*****}'s information to him so that he may keep apprised of {G*****}'s progress. Desiree ignored most of the requests, and otherwise refused to do so. It would not be until Patrick brought this up in court that Desiree would finally allow Patrick to have access to {G*****}'s school records.

Patrick Begins Providing Financial Support for {G*****}, Desiree Tries to Discourage It

Once Patrick secured an apartment and acquired the basic necessities, he began sending money to {G*****}, to provide for basic and ongoing financial needs. Desiree refused to accept any money from Patrick, for {G*****}'s needs, and many of the payments Patrick sent either got returned or {G*****} claimed he never received them. Patrick suspected Desiree was deliberately intercepting {G*****}'s mail and keeping the money for herself.

In order to prevent the ongoing problems with sending {G*****} money, Patrick obtained a credit card, on his account, in {G*****}'s name and forwarded it to {G*****}. He informed both {G*****} and Desiree that that credit card was for all support related expenses, including medical expenses, school supplies, clothing, or anything else which might come up. Patrick refused to allow {G*****} to suffer as a result of the conflicts between himself and Desiree.

Prior to {G*****} receiving the credit card, Desiree had often used lack of financial resources as an excuse for why she was negligent in providing {G*****} with proper medical care. However, {G*****} was covered under Desiree's medical insurance through her employment with Apollo Group. And, now that {G*****} had immediate access to funds, through the credit card, there was absolutely no reason for Desiree to not ensure he received proper medical care. But still, Desiree refused to take {G*****} to the doctor for regular checkups or other non-critical care. She also refused to bring {G*****} to the dentist - not even for routine cleanings or checkups. Desiree even refused to get {G*****} a regular, primary care physician - instead, taking him to whatever walk-in clinic happened to be the most convenient for her at the given moment.

Desiree Refuses to Allow {G*****} to Visit Patrick

Patrick formally requested, of Desiree, that {G*****} be permitted to visit him during his upcoming Fall Break. Desiree refused. She told Patrick if he didn't like it he could "file a motion with the court", and that if court approved it she would agree.

Patrick repeatedly asked Desiree to get {G*****} a passport so that it would be available when the court ordered her to allow {G*****} to visit. Desiree refused.

Finally, on October 8, 2013, Patrick submitted a request to the family court for {G*****} to be able to address the court himself, and if the court would not allow {G*****} to choose, for himself, with whom he will live, then for custody to be returned to Patrick. Patrick also requested the court order visitation prior to that hearing date. An interim hearing was set for October 31, 2013.

Back in 2011/2012, when Patrick had been unable to secure a position in Los Angeles and money was very tight, he had promised {G*****} he would get him an iPhone when they got back on their feet (financially). So, in October 2013, Patrick kept his promise and sent {G*****} his own, new iPhone. Desiree was agitated about that because her other son, {SC*****}, did not have his own mobile phone and she didn't think it was right for one of her children to have more than the other. Patrick, however, didn't believe it was right for {G*****} to have to "go without" just because Desiree's other child's father refused to be financially responsible.

At the hearing, on October 31, 2013, the court granted Patrick's request for visitation and ordered Desiree to apply for and obtain {G*****}'s passport by November 6, 2013. The court informed Desiree she would need a certified copy of the current custody order, to obtain {G*****}'s passport, and informed her she could obtain that from the clerk's office while she was at the court. Desiree stated she already had a certified copy of the order. The court, rather than allowing {G*****} to speak for himself, ordered that he will speak with a counselor, who will then advise the court on his behalf. The hearing date was set for March 7, 2014.

In very typical fashion for Desiree, in her declaration to the court, she claimed she did not oppose {G*****} visiting with Patrick. However, she had very clearly and very consistently refused all visitation prior to the matter being brought before the court. It almost seemed as though Desiree believed no one would have any recollection of anything she said or did prior to her most recent statement.

{G*****} Tells Patrick He Would Like to Stay in Arizona

After the hearing, on October 31, Patrick spoke with {G*****} to let him know the outcome. Much to Patrick's surprise, {G*****} told him he has thought about it and he's decided he would like to remain in Arizona, and visit Patrick during his school breaks.

Patrick believed that would be a bad idea, particularly because he knew {G*****} was not getting proper parental guidance and support while he was with Desiree, but also because he was concerned {G*****} would eventually begin to accept Desiree's way of life and behavior as being "normal". He expressed those concerns to {G*****}, and asked him if he's absolutely certain that's what he wanted. He also explained to {G*****} that once that decision is presented to the court it is not something that would be easy to change. {G*****} told him that he was certain. Patrick said, then, that he would support that decision. He told {G*****} he'd contact his attorney and let him know.

Patrick did, immediately contact his attorney, and informed him of {G*****}'s decision. He told his attorney that even though he believes it's a bad idea, he will not force {G*****} to live with him against his will. Patrick's attorney advised him to wait until after {G*****}'s Winter Break visit, before they bring it up to the court - in case {G*****} changed his mind during the visit. It had been, after all, almost a year since {G*****} and seen his father. Patrick agreed.

Patrick also emailed Desiree to inform her of {G*****}'s desire and his intention to honor and respect it.

Later that night, around 1AM, Patrick received an email from {G*****}, asking if it would be alright to wait until after the Winter Break visit before anything was filed with the court regarding {G*****}'s decision to stay in Arizona. Patrick wrote back, agreeing that that is a good idea.

Interestingly, throughout these discussions, {G*****} consistently phrased his desire as "staying in Arizona", not as "staying with Desiree".

{G*****} would later tell Patrick that after they spoke, he realized he had made a mistake. His decision to stay in Arizona was based on his friends being there, and not because he wanted to stay with Desiree. After giving it further consideration he had concluded that that was not a good reason to stay in Desiree's care. {G*****} would never again say he wanted to stay in Arizona or with Desiree.

Desiree Attempts to Prevent {G*****}'s Court Ordered Visitation

Following the hearing, Patrick expressed his belief, to his attorney, that Desiree had no intention of obtaining {G*****}'s passport in time for {G*****} to travel to Canada for his winter break. Patrick was confident Desiree would deliberately take steps to delay getting {G*****}'s passport. His attorney told him that Desiree would not do that because it could get her into a lot of trouble.

On November 1, Desiree sent Patrick an email stating she was busy with work and would probably not have an opportunity to submit {G*****}'s passport application until November 7 - the day after which the court had ordered her to have it completed by. Patrick was, once again, shocked at how Desiree could completely disregard the orders of the court. He reminded her that she'd had more than 10 months to get {G*****}'s passport and she'd adamantly refused.

On November 26, Desiree sent Patrick an email with a letter from the passport office attached. The letter stated they required a certified copy of the custody order granting Desiree sole legal custody. As it turned out, Desiree didn't actually have a certified copy of the order. She then attempted to claim the copy she had was certified but because, at some point, the staples had been removed and then the pages had been re-stapled that caused it to no longer be "certified". She then had the gall to suggest that it was just as much Patrick's fault as it was hers, and that someone in LA would need to go to the court, in person, and obtain a certified copy in order for her to be able to forward it to the passport office in time for {G*****} to obtain his passport before the scheduled visit. She suggested Patrick have his attorney take care of that.

Once again, Patrick was shocked at Desiree's audacity! There was no question that this was entirely her own fault - she was the one that refused to apply for {G*****}'s passport for the past 10 months; she was the one that lied in court and claimed she already had the required documents. But now, she was claiming Patrick was somehow responsible, and that he should pay his attorney $300 an hour to go to the courthouse to obtain the documents that she should have obtained herself, when she was in the courthouse a month ago. She did state that she would pay Patrick's attorney for his time, but history has shown that such promises from Desiree must be taken with a grain of salt.

And, as if all of that is not enough, Desiree actually contacted Patrick's attorney directly and requested he assist her by going to the courthouse and obtaining a certified copy of the custody order. Of course, this would be at Patrick's expense. Patrick directed his attorney to absolutely not assist Desiree in any way. He explained to his attorney that this was just another in a long history of Desiree creating these types of problems then expecting others to bail her out. Patrick also reminded his attorney that this is exactly the type of thing Patrick told his attorney Desiree was going to try to pull. Patrick wanted the court to be able to see the ongoing complications he had to deal with with Desiree.

Regardless of Patrick's instructions, his attorney went to the courthouse on November 27, obtained the certified copy of the custody order and expedited it to the passport office. Once again, Desiree was bailed out of her own problems and the court would never hear about it.

On December 6, Desiree sent Patrick an email refusing to pay the cost for his attorney to obtain the certified copy of the custody order. Yet one more occurrence in a long history of refusing to honor her agreements.

In spite of Desiree's efforts to delay the receipt of {G*****}'s passport, the passport was received only days before {G*****} was scheduled to fly to Vancouver. He was able to make the visit as scheduled.

{G*****}'s First Visit with Patrick After an Entire Year Apart

By the time {G*****} arrived in Vancouver for his first visit with Patrick, it had been a full year since they had seen each other. Not since {G*****} had left Los Angels in December 2013, to spend his Winter Break with Desiree. Since that time, Desiree had requested from the family court, an order prohibiting all contact between {G*****} and Patrick, and refused to allow {G*****} to visit with Patrick during any of his school breaks. Desiree had proven that only under an explicit order from the family court, would she allow {G*****} to visit his father.

We should take a moment, at this point, to consider when Patrick sought to limit or restrict Desiree's visitation with {G*****} it was based, both times, on her proven ongoing use of drugs and criminal activity in her home. In addition, Patrick sought first to only require Desiree to be able to pass a drug test while {G*****} would be under her care - it was not until Kristopher's arrest and the execution of the search warrant on Desiree's home that Patrick sought to have visitation suspended. Desiree, on the other hand, offered no legitimate basis for why she believed Patrick's visitation with {G*****} should be revoked.

During the two weeks of {G*****}'s visit, Patrick brought him to the bank to open his own account, into which Patrick could make weekly deposits. Patrick agreed, in addition to any support related expenses which {G*****} could put on the credit card, that he would deposit $100 each week into {G*****}'s account - the only conditions were that {G*****} must maintain above average grades in school; that he would be responsible for paying his mobile phone bill on time; and that Patrick would not buy him any more video games or other such gifts ({G*****} would have to manage his own money to acquire such things). The money in {G*****}'s account would be his own, for him to use as he wished. One of the goals of this weekly allowance was to help {G*****} to get used to managing his finances, and being more independent.

Patrick had taken the entire duration of {G*****}'s visit off from work so that he could spend as much time as possible with {G*****}, and show him around Vancouver. During {G*****}'s visit, he and Patrick went to Grouse Mountain and {G*****} got to try snowboarding for the first time - something you can't really do in Los Angeles or Phoenix. Patrick took him to many local restaurants; they went to Stanley Park. But most of all, Patrick was able to take {G*****} to the shooting range - something they used to do frequently and enjoyed very much - something {G*****} was never able to do while with Desiree because it didn't interest her, and because she's prohibited from controlling a firearm (due to her drug dependency).

Desiree Confiscate's {G*****}'s Gifts Unless Patrick Agrees to Provide the Same for Her Other Son

When Desiree later learned of the bank and the weekly payments, she opposed them. She claimed it "undermined her ability to parent" - though she refused to explain how. It would seem Desiree's approach to parenting is to keep her children as dependent on her as possible, for as many things as possible. Desiree does not allow her children to have their own bank accounts, or their own money. In that way, they must go to her for absolutely everything they want or need. Patrick disagreed with that approach - he believed it is a parent's duty to teach their children to be independent and responsible.

When {G*****} arrived for his visit with Patrick, he brought only shabby, worn out clothing, all of low quality. During the visit, Patrick brought {G*****} shopping for new clothes, and other items for his room in Desiree's home. Upon {G*****}'s return to Desiree, at the end of his visit, Desiree would complain of many of the items and refuse to allow {G*****} to keep them unless Patrick either provided the same items for her other son, or allowed {G*****} to give half of the items to her other son. When Patrick refused to support Desiree's other son, Desiree confiscated many of the items he had provided {G*****}. She never returned them to Patrick or to {G*****}.

From that point, Desiree refused to allow Patrick to provide anything for {G*****} while he was in Desiree's home. Any items Patrick had shipped to {G*****} would be returned.

Patrick Creates This Website

In February 2014, Patrick registered the Internet domain name, and created this website. Initially, the website was only a few pages, and contained very little content. It's main purpose was to publish the offensive things Desiree had done, and how she was so frequently able to get away with such things by simply crying, lying, and exploiting people's compassion.

Over the next couple of years, Patrick would invest countless hours into improving the website and adding content to it.

Desiree would consistently claim the website had had no negative effect on her, or her life. She would insist that she received nothing but support from those around her. That is, of course, until a year and a half later when she attempted to relocate to another city with {G*****}, without informing Patrick; until she moved in with James Pendleton and attempted to hide that fact from Patrick and from the family court; and, until Patrick published James' name and picture on this website. As soon as that happened, Desiree would begin claiming this website caused her to lose her job; was ruining her life; and, was causing her to live in a constant state of fear.

{G*****} Tells the Court He Wants to Go Back to Patrick

On March 7, 2013, {G*****} spoke with a counselor of the family court about what he wanted, who he wanted to live with, and why.

{G*****} told the counselor he wanted to return to Patrick's care. He explained that he felt more comfortable with Patrick; that Patrick took the time to teach him things and to provide guidance; that Patrick provided a better example of how to live - because he didn't use drugs, he was more financially responsible; that Patrick treated him with more respect; that Patrick was always honest with him. He also told the counselor that he didn't want to stay with Desiree because of her drug use; that she sometimes punished him for no reason; she often took her problems out on him even though he had nothing to do it; she relocated very frequently; she always in different relationships with different men; she never took the time to teach him things; and, there were always problems in Desiree's life.

The counselor relayed that information to the court, but also testified that she didn't believe {G*****} was mature enough to make the decision for himself. She said she believed {G*****} wanted to go back to Patrick because when he visits Patrick they just have a good time and he doesn't have to deal with day to day life. The counselor completely discounted the fact that {G*****} had lived with Patrick his whole life until December 2012.

Based on the counselor's testimony, the court refused to change the current custody order "at that time". It set another hearing for July 21, 2014. No indication was given what would be addressed at that next hearing.

Patrick concluded, at that point, that the court had no interest in {G*****}'s well-being or his desires with respect to custody and visitation. The court was merely going through the motions, holding hearings simply because it had to as a matter of law. Patrick did not believe the court had any intention of making any kind of decision in the matter as long as there were any discrepancies between what he and Desiree were claiming. Regardless of all the evidence Patrick had provided, and the fact that Desiree had not provided any evidence.

Prior to the hearing, Desiree had not known, and did not expect that {G*****} was going to say he wanted to go back to Patrick. She had actually deluded herself into believing {G*****} was happy with her, had bonded with her, and actually wanted to stay with her. Clearly, she had never once asked {G*****} about what he wanted. But then, why would she? Wouldn't it be characteristic of a narcissistic sociopath to take someone by force, against their will, hold them captive, all the while telling themselves that the captive person is there because he loves her and wants to be there?

On the drive back to Phoenix, from Los Angels, Desiree tried very hard to make {G*****} feel bad about saying he didn't want to live with her. Then, the next day, Desiree went right back to telling herself, and everyone else, that {G*****} loved her and chose to stay with her. She completely blocked the previous day out of her mind as though it had never happened. She would never acknowledge, after that point, that {G*****} openly told the court he did not want to be with her.

Patrick Reverts to Using His Legal Name

In March 2014, Patrick received a notice from the Canadian government that they have determined his legal name was, in fact, "Patrick Fox", and that he may no longer use the name "Richard Riess" for any legal, or otherwise official, purposes. Patrick was instructed to surrender any government issued identification bearing the name "Richard Riess", or any variant thereof. Patrick could, of course, legally change his name to "Richard Riess" if he wished to continue to use that name, but he chose not to.

From that point, Patrick discontinued using the name Richard Riess and reverted to only using his legal name as it appeared on his birth certificate. That name being "Patrick Fox".

[Comment from the Editor: Although Patrick no longer used the name "Richard", Desiree refused to accept that his name was actually "Patrick" and continued to call him "Richard" because she, somehow, thought that would be insulting to him.]

Desiree Meets James Pendleton

In the Spring of 2014, Desiree met James Pendleton. Almost immediately upon meeting, they began an intimate relationship. Desiree immediately began spending weekends at James' house in Sahuarita, AZ.

Desiree would drag her children along on those weekend trysts - typically spending all her time and focus on James, ignoring the children. Often, Desiree and James would spend the entire weekend in James' bedroom, emerging only sporadically to obtain something from the kitchen. Much of the time was spent getting high and having sex. Meanwhile, {G*****} and Desiree's other child, {SC*****}, were left alone, in a strange home, with little to do. The children would be left to figure out what to eat from whatever James happened to have in the cupboards.

This pattern of behavior was, unfortunately, the norm for the children in Desiree's home.

In May 2014, both Desiree and James were working at Apollo Group.

Desiree Files a Harassment Complaint Against Patrick

On April 18, 2014, at James' urging, Desiree, contacted the Phoenix Police Department and filed a criminal complaint against Patrick, alleging harassment. In her complaint, she alleged Patrick had created a fake LinkedIn profile in her name and used that to obtain contact information for many of her professional associates. She further claimed Patrick had somehow sent a mass email to over 200 people using her own LinkedIn account.

On July 29, 2014, Patrick spoke with the investigating detective, Shayne Tuchfarber. After speaking with Patrick it was decided no further action would be taken in the matter.

Desiree did not provide any evidence to support her allegations Patrick had any involvement in the alleged "mass emails", the alleged fake LinkedIn account, or any contact with any of her associates. Nor were the police able to substantiate any of Desiree's allegations.

It has been concluded that Desiree's report to the Phoenix police was most likely retaliation against Patrick for {G*****} telling the court that he did not want to live with Desiree.

Patrick Relinquishes All Parental Rights

After the family court's most recent decision to completely ignore what {G*****} wanted, and to order that he remain in the sole custody of an admitted drug addict who habitually rushes into relationships with dangerous, violent men; who never remains at one address for more than 2 years, forcing her children to constantly change schools and make new friends; who has a proven history of emotional and psychological instability; Patrick realized he could not rely on the court to look out for {G*****}'s best interests.

Over the next month, Patrick noticed {G*****} increasingly making excuses for Desiree's behavior and for her prior actions. He also noticed {G*****} increasingly blaming others for things he was responsible for - not completing homework assignments; a decline in his school grades. This was not how Patrick had tried to raise {G*****}. He knew this was the result of being in Desiree's care for too long - those are, after all, common traits of Desiree.

Patrick realized he would need to create a situation whereby {G*****} and the court could see for themselves, first hand, the person Desiree really was, and what her true intentions were. He knew, as long as there were court orders requiring Desiree to be cooperative and to comply with visitation, that she would do so, and that she would act as though she was doing it because she believed it was the right thing to do - not because she was required to under court order.

Patrick decided, at the next hearing, in July, he would voluntarily give up all rights to custody of {G*****}. In that way there would be no court orders compelling Desiree's behavior. She would completely free to do as she saw fit. Of course, there would still be some legal requirements - for example, she would not be permitted to take {G*****} and disappear with him; she would still be required to keep Patrick informed of {G*****}'s whereabouts and his living conditions. But she would not be required to allow {G*****} any visitation with Patrick; she would not be required to allow {G*****} to keep the phone Patrick provided him.

Prior to the July hearing, Patrick discussed his intention with {G*****}. He explained to {G*****} his reasoning and what he hoped to accomplish from it. {G*****} was not thrilled by the plan, but he understood why it was necessary. {G*****} had seen how the court had so easily and so frequently ignored Desiree's bad acts; he had seen how the court completely disregarded what he stated he wanted. But more importantly, he realized Patrick was right when he pointed out how {G*****} had begun blaming others for his wrongs and how he had started defending Desiree's misconduct.

At the next hearing, in July, Patrick told the court he wished to forfeit all rights to custody. He wished for Desiree to have sole legal and physical custody of {G*****}, and for her to have full authority in all matters pertaining to {G*****}, including visitation. Patrick was not the slightest bit surprised when the court simply accepted that, without question.

Patrick knew, in the absence of court orders it was only a matter of time until Desiree would begin refusing visitation; take away the phone he provided {G*****}; go back to recording his calls with {G*****}; and, eventually, try to remove Patrick from {G*****}'s life, altogether. He had discussed, with {G*****}, what he believed Desiree would do. And, in retrospect, now, we see that Patrick was almost completely accurate in his predictions - though, admittedly, she took a bit longer then he originally expected.

Over the next year and a half, {G*****} would come to learn how well Patrick really did know people like Desiree. But then, Desiree is almost identical to Patrick's own mother. So far, Desiree had not done anything that Patrick's own mother hadn't already done when Patrick was growing up. Desiree, really, is nothing more than a watered down version of Patrick's mother.

Desiree Files for Annulment of Marriage to Patrick

By August 2014, Desiree and James had been in an intimate relationship for a few months and were contemplating marriage. James began pressuring Desiree to move forward with terminating her marriage to Patrick.

On August 29, 2014, Desiree filed for an annulment of her marriage to Patrick, in the Maricopa County Superior Court. However, that court lacked jurisdiction to consider such a petition because there was already a petition for dissolution of marriage pending before the Superior Court of Los Angeles.

Nevertheless, Desiree simply withheld the fact of the pending dissolution petition from the Maricopa court. She did know, however, that even if the Maricopa court granted the annulment, it would not valid due to the lack of jurisdiction. But as long as James believed her marriage to Patrick had been terminated then that would be sufficient for her purposes.

Desiree Continues to Allow Visitation

Although Desiree now had complete authority over all matters pertaining to {G*****}, including visitation and contact between Patrick and {G*****}, she mistakenly believed she was still legally required to allow "reasonable" visitation, and to not interfere with their communication. For that reason, Desiree did continue to allow visitation and contact for the next while.

In response to Patrick's repeated requests in September 2014, Desiree permitted {G*****} to visit with him during {G*****}'s Fall Break. It was evident from Desiree's email, however, that she was only doing so because she believed she was still legally required to. Specifically, Desiree phrased her response as "Under the terms of reasonable visitation...", which shows that she believed she was required to permit "reasonable visitation".

Another significant factor for why Desiree had allowed {G*****} to visit with Patrick over his Fall Break was because James had wanted to spend some time alone with Desiree. The only way Desiree would be able to do that was to send her children away for a week.

Desiree also permitted {G*****} to visit Patrick during his Winter Break of 2014. Though, again her motivation in that instance was to be able to have time alone with James.

Desiree Begins to Refuse Visitation

After returning to Desiree's home, following his Winter Break visit with Patrick, {G*****} told Desiree he wanted to spend his upcoming 2015 Spring Break with Patrick as well.

Desiree refused to allow the visit. She insisted {G*****} would spend his Spring Break with her. However, Desiree didn't have what she thought the court would consider a legitimate reason to refuse the visit, so she quickly made plans for them to travel to Alabama and Florida to visit her extended family.

{G*****} had no interest in meeting any of Desiree's extended family because they had never been present throughout his life and were mere strangers to him. Also, since he had not bonded with Desiree and was not interested in Desiree being part of his life, he, likewise, felt no bond with her family.

Having already used that Alabama trip as the basis for refusing to allow {G*****} to visit with Patrick, she now had to bring him along. {G*****} did his best, during the trip, to appear interested, but there is only so much a 14 year old can do. At every opportunity, Desiree did what she could to make sure {G*****} knew he was ruining the trip for her and for {SC*****}.

Desiree Obtains Annulment of Marriage with Patrick

On May 20, 2015, the Maricopa County Superior Court held a resolution management conference regarding Desiree's petition for annulment of her marriage to Patrick. Patrick never bothered responding to the petition, nor did he bother appearing for the hearing.

Since the court lacked appropriate jurisdiction to consider the petition, Patrick intended to allow the Maricopa court to grant a default judgment in Desiree's favor, then at some point in the future, file a motion to vacate based on lack of jurisdiction. If Desiree were to remarry, such subsequent marriage would be void due to the annulment of her current marriage to Patrick being invalid.

It is anticipated Desiree will insist that the annulment is valid, and that her marriage to Patrick has been properly dissolved. She will insist that the California court dismissed the petition for dissolution, but she will be unable to produce an order dismissing that petition. She will claim the judge in California said it was never filed, but a conformed copy, proving that it was filed, is available on this website (Petition for Dissolution of Marriage).

Desiree Sends Her Children Away So She Can Move In With James

In April 2015, Desiree and James decided to move in together. The plan was that Desiree would move into James' house in Sahuarita.

Both {G*****} and {SC*****} were upset about having to move again. They had just moved to their current home exactly a year earlier. They had made friends. They had gotten settled. But there is no way that Desiree would allow the well-being of her children to get in the way of what she wanted, or of her frequently changing intimate relationships. The decision was made, and it was final.

Desiree knew, during the move her children would be in the way. She knew the children didn't want to move again. And having the children present while actually executing the move would be a constant reminder of how selfish, and how negligent of a parent she really was. She decided she had to get rid of them until after the move was completed. She was confident once they returned to their new home they would grow to love it.

On April 20, 2015, Desiree sent Patrick an email, informing him that {G*****} may visit with him from May 24 through July 12. Patrick found it very suspicious that Desiree was initiating visitation plans. He had been certain by this point she would be steadfastly refusing all visitation. He suspected there must be ulterior motives.

Shortly before {G*****}'s arrival for his Summer Break visit, Patrick learned that Desiree was preparing to relocate to another city, to move in with her current boyfriend. Suddenly, it made sense to him why Desiree was willing to allow that visit - she needed a babysitter while she moved. She wanted the kids out of the way, and she wanted a couple of months alone with her boyfriend.

Before {G*****} left for his Summer Break visit, Desiree noticed a staph infection on his ear and neck. Though she refused to get medical treatment for it. After arriving in Vancouver, Patrick eventually noticed the infection and immediately brought {G*****} to the doctor. {G*****} was provided medication, but it failed to resolve the issue before his return to Desiree's care.

During the entire 6 weeks of {G*****}'s visit, Desiree did not attempt to contact him once. At the same time, {G*****} had no interest in contacting Desiree and, as such, he didn't bother.

Desiree Files Another False Police Report, Claims She Doesn't Know {G*****}'s Whereabouts

On June 30, 2015, while {G*****} was visiting Patrick, Desiree had been in regular contact with Patrick via email. Up to that point, Desiree had not made any attempts to contact {G*****}, to say hello; to ask how things were going; or to check that he was okay. Desiree was having too much fun with her boyfriend to be bothered with her children.

Then, for no apparent reason, Desiree called the Burnaby RCMP claiming she had no idea where Patrick and {G*****} were; that she hadn't heard from {G*****} since he'd left her care on May 24; that Patrick had told her he would "return" {G*****} "when he feels like it".

In response, the RCMP dispatched two officers to Patrick's residence where they found {G*****} to be fine and safe. They also called Patrick, who was at work at the moment, and confirmed that everything was in order. The report was closed as being "unsubstantiated".

This would be the start of a long series of false reports and false allegations filed by Desiree, against Patrick. Each time, when she fails to get the desired response, her claims will become increasingly egregious.

Desiree Attempts to Conceal Hers and {G*****}'s Whereabouts

Although Patrick was fully aware of the fact Desiree had moved from Phoenix to Sahuarita, and that she had moved in with her current boyfriend, he waited to see if Desiree actually intended to inform him of {G*****}'s new living situation. Patrick had known for more than a year, that Desiree had been intimately involved with James, and that she had regularly been spending extended periods of time at James' home - both with and without {G*****} present.

Although Patrick had previously forfeited his parental rights, Desiree was still legally required to keep him informed of {G*****}'s whereabouts, including the address {G*****} would be residing at, and the particular circumstances of their living environment.

In child custody matters, any substantial changes to the child's situation may be grounds to request a change to the current custody arrangement. Desiree was aware of this fact, and she knew that by moving to another city, and moving in with yet another boyfriend, could potentially result in them returning to the family court. For that reason, Desiree deliberately attempted to conceal her new living arrangement from Patrick.

On July 6, 2015, Desiree sent Patrick an email, with her what she attempted to pass off as her new address. The address provided was a post office box in Tucson - approximately 20 miles from her new home.

Patrick promptly notified her that unless she is able to show that she actually has a safe and stable home for {G*****} to return to, he is not legally required to return {G*****} to her care at the end of the visitation period. Desiree became very hostile. She began threatening to take legal action if {G*****} was not "returned" on July 12, as previously agreed. She insisted Patrick had no legal authority to refuse to "return" {G*****}. Yet, she remained adamant about refusing to apprise Patrick of {G*****}'s new home address. That, obviously, made Patrick much more suspicious of Desiree's situation and intentions. Patrick did not inform Desiree that he already knew her new address.

On July 12, against his better judgment, Patrick escorted {G*****} to the airport to to catch his flight back to Arizona. {G*****} was upset about having to return to Desiree's care, and had hoped he'd be able to stay with Patrick longer.

James Files a Harassment Report With the Sahuarita Police

Following {G*****}'s return to Arizona on July 12, 2015, Patrick posted some updates to this website, including information about Desiree's new home in Sahuarita, her relationship with James Pendleton, and commentary on the propriety of James having a top secret security clearance while being in a serious relationship with a known drug addict and petty criminal (Desiree).

Desiree continued to ignore the information being published on the website. She saw nothing wrong with anything she has done, and she believed she could simply say it's all lies and everyone would believe her. Desiree could not fathom, even with the evidence provided on this website, that anyone would ever fail to believe what she claims.

James, on the other hand, was somewhat more realistic. His mind had not yet been entirely consumed by a life of chronic drug abuse and psychological disorders. James' drug abuse had only recently begun and, while it had already begun to affect his judgment, he had not reached the point of being delusional.

On July 19, Patrick sent Desiree an email questioning how James could possibly have top secret security clearance when he's cohabiting with a known drug addict. Patrick implied that it would only be the right thing to do to report James' situation to the Department of Defense.

On July 20, James called the Sahuarita Police Department and filed a report of harassment against Patrick. In James' report, however, he never alleged that any actual harassment had occurred - either to himself or to Desiree. Officer Carlos Montoya, who took the report, asked James whether Patrick had ever threatened himself or Desiree. James replied "No". James did not allege that there had actually been any contact between Patrick and either himself or Desiree. Officer Montoya told James that Desiree would have to speak for herself.

While giving his statement, James emphasized, repeatedly, that Patrick had been "deported". Although that would have no relevance to James' allegations, he obviously considered it important.

Contrary to James' belief, harassment absolutely requires an element of contact between the parties. James' allegation of harassment, in this case, was based solely on public statements made by Patrick, about Desiree, on a publicly accessible website, intended to be received by the public in general.

Somehow, it would actually take James 6 months, numerous police reports, and multiple court appearances to finally realize publicly speaking about someone is not, and can never be, "harassment".

After filing that first report, James began nagging Desiree to call the Sahuarita Police to file her own harassment report against Patrick. Desiree seemed to have little interest in putting any effort into that pursuit. James was persistent, but still Desiree didn't care enough to call the police back.

Desiree Refuses to Get {G*****}'s Staph Infection Treated

By the time {G*****} returned to Arizona, from his Summer Break visit with Patrick, the staph infection on his neck had not completely cleared up, in spite of the medication. Patrick made sure Desiree was aware of it so she could bring him to his doctor for immediate treatment.

However, Desiree ignored the infection and refused to take {G*****} to the doctor. Over time, the infection spread and became worse.

It was not until about a month after {G*****}'s return that Desiree finally brought him to see a doctor. And then, only because the medication he had received while in Vancouver, medication which was failing to stop the infection, had run out. Desiree had also refused, over the past two and a half years, to get a regular, primary care physician for her children. Instead, she would take them to whatever walk-in clinic was the most convenient for her at the moment. This, of course, means the examining doctor has no medical history available when making a diagnosis.

Even though Desiree eventually obtained medication for the infection, she refused to properly sanitize {G*****}'s bedding and clothing to ensure the infection didn't return. In fact, the infection did return, repeatedly, because {G*****} kept sleeping on the same mattress and the same bedding. Patrick told {G*****} he could use the credit card to replace the mattress, bedding, and any other items that might contain the bacteria, but Desiree refused to allow that.

Due to Desiree's negligence and refusal to allow {G*****} to replace the infected items, it took almost 6 months for the staph infection to finally go away.

Desiree Files Criminal Harassment Report, Patrick Gets Arrested

It was obvious the Sahuarita Police weren't taking James' allegations of harassment seriously. Not to mention, there was nothing they could do about it, even if there was an act of harassment being committed, since both Patrick and this website were not located in the US.

So James decided they needed to step up their efforts. They would need to file a report with the police who actually had jurisdiction over Patrick and the website. James had Desiree call the RCMP in Burnaby, BC and file a charge of harassment against Patrick.

On July 20, 2015, with James overseeing, Desiree called the RCMP. She told them that Patrick had been harassing her and her "landlord"; that he had created and was maintaining a website full of false information about her and her "landlord" which put her and her children in danger; and, that Patrick had threatened to shoot her. She provided the RCMP a selection of emails she had received from Patrick. She also directed the RCMP to this website.

In the course of speaking with the RCMP, Desiree informed them she had no intention of allowing any more visits between {G*****} and Patrick.

Given Desiree's claims; the cherry-picked selection of emails, containing only Patrick's portions of the communications - not Desiree's; and the content of this website; the RCMP decided there was sufficient evidence to support a charge of criminal harassment. They went to Patrick's home and arrested him on charges of criminal harassment.

Patrick Interviewed by the RCMP

During the booking process, Patrick was, for the most part, cooperative. He was forthright with the officers though, and told them he would not answer any questions which might incriminate him. The entire encounter was very civil. The officers were very professional and very courteous.

During the interview, the officer had asked Patrick where he was born. Patrick responded, "According to the Canadian government I was born in Ontario." The officer asked what Patrick meant by that. Patrick explained that in the early 1990s he had assumed the name "Richard Riess", and the US government had later accused him of being an illegal alien and ordered him removed from the US, under the assumption he was actually that person. The Canadian government subsequently allowed the US government to deport him to Canada based solely on the US government's "determination that he was a Canadian citizen". Patrick emphasized that he had been very clear with the Canadian Consulate that he made no claims of Canadian citizenship. The Canadian Consulate chose to adopt the US government's position, and allowed Patrick to be deported to Canada. Patrick had been fine with that because he had grown weary of how the US had become over the past 10 years.

The officer showed Patrick a copy of a Canadian birth certificate Desiree had provided them, bearing the name "Ricky Riess", and asked him if it was his birth certificate. Patrick said it wasn't. The officer then showed Patrick a copy of a US birth certificate bearing the name "Patrick Fox", also received from Desiree, and asked if he had ever seen that before. Patrick said that was a copy of his birth certificate.

The officers asked Patrick various questions about this website, particularly about the use of the first person writing style. Patrick pointed out that the footer of each page included a statement that all such first person narratives are not actually written by Desiree. The officers also asked Patrick about the email he sent Desiree saying he would shoot her if there wasn't the risk of going to prison. Patrick pointed out that such a statement, being premised on an impossible condition, could not rise to the level of being a true threat because that impossible condition would never occur. Moreover, he showed the officer the next paragraph of the email which stated, in very clear and direct terms, that he would never physically harm Desiree. The supposedly threatening statement could not possibly be construed as such.

After some deliberation, the RCMP determined that Patrick had not actually committed any crime. However, due to the nature of the allegations, they were required to forward the report to the prosecutor for final determination. They told Patrick they would release him on his own recognizance and that he would have to appear for court in October. The condition of Patrick's release was that he was to not contact Desiree, other than to make travel arrangements for {G*****}'s visitation.

There was some concern, given Patrick's unclear status in Canada and his US citizenship, that he could easily leave Canada prior to the court date. The RCMP asked him if he'd be willing to let them hold onto his US passport or birth certificate until then. Patrick agreed. He told them he did not have a passport, but they could hold his birth certificate. The RCMP accompanied Patrick back to his apartment, so they could take his birth certificate. Back at Patrick's apartment, he provided the original of his birth certificate to the officer. The officer inspected it, presumably to determine whether it was authentic. Once satisfied it was, he gave it back to Patrick and said it wouldn't be necessary for them to hold on to it. The officer told Patrick it would be sufficient if Patrick could just provide them a photocopy. Patrick did so.

Desiree Confiscates {G*****}'s Phone, Only Allows Communication with Patrick in Her Presence

On July 20, while Patrick was being interviewed by the RCMP, Desiree took {G*****}'s phone away from him so that {G*****} and Patrick would no longer be able to communicate without Desiree's knowledge. By doing so, Desiree also cut {G*****} off from all of his friends in Phoenix and Los Angeles.

Desiree would subsequently provide multiple, conflicting rationalizations for why she took away {G*****}'s phone. Proving, yet again, that she will say whatever serves her interest at the moment without regard for anything she may have said previously.

From this point, Patrick and {G*****} were only able to communicate on the landline phone in James' home. And, by her own admission, Desiree would, once again, start recording and listening to their conversations. The family court had previously admonished her not to interfere with, or listen to, Patrick's and {G*****}'s communication, but Desiree had finally decided the family court no longer mattered.

On July 26, 2015, {G*****} called Patrick from the landline, with Desiree present. He used the speakerphone so that the 3 of them could all participate. {G*****} asked Patrick to take down this website. He told Patrick that Desiree had said as long as this website is up he will not get his phone back; he will only be able to speak with Patrick from the landline, and only in Desiree's presence; Desiree had been, and was going to continue, listening to and recording their telephone calls. {G*****} said he didn't care about the problems between Patrick and Desiree, and he didn't care about the website - he only wanted his phone back. He said he was no longer able to talk to his friends from Phoenix, and since they had just moved to Sahuarita, he didn't know anybody there.

Patrick knew Desiree had taken {G*****}'s phone away for 2 primary reasons: 1) so that she would be able to monitor their communication; and 2) she knew Patrick would not do something to harm {G*****} just to hurt her. Desiree believed she could use {G*****}'s phone as leverage to get Patrick to take this website down.

But Patrick didn't budge. He was not going to give in to such "terrorist" tactics - hurting innocent people to try to force another person to do what you want. Patrick explained to {G*****}, with Desiree right there, listening, that he could not withdraw - not after everything Desiree had done to them. He explained to {G*****} that before the creation of the website, he had contacted Desiree and given her the opportunity to do what's right - to return custody of {G*****} - and telling her, in no uncertain terms, that if she did not that he would devote the rest of his life to doing everything he could to ruin her. And that she responded telling him to do whatever he needs to do.

Patrick also knew that Desiree would never honor such an agreement. She would just continue using the phone as a means to get Patrick to do more and more things. Patrick explained that to {G*****}.

Desiree and James Get Restraining Orders Against Patrick

Desiree and James were certain that the website would be taken down by the Canadian authorities. Surely, if the website was sufficient to result in Patrick being arrested, then it must be illegal - or so they thought.

The charge of criminal harassment, however, was based solely on Desiree's allegation that Patrick had "threatened to shoot her" - not on the website or any content on the website.

Having failed, once again, to obtain legal authority to compel Patrick to take down this website, James proposed they obtain a restraining order from the local court. Again, Desiree had little interest in pursuing that avenue, but James pushed her to go along. This time James knew they would have to embellish their allegations somewhat if they hoped to get support from the court. He instructed Desiree to focus on the allegation of Patrick threatening to shoot her.

On July 23, 2015, James and Desiree went to the Sahuarita Municipal Court. Desiree filed a Petition for Order of Protection, and James filed a Petition for Injunction Against Harassment. Desiree alleged: Patrick had told her he discussed shooting her, with their son, and that he said "he would if there was no risk of going to jail"; Patrick told her he intends to hire someone to have sex with her so he can get intimate pictures of her for the website; Patrick tells her he has multiple firearms; Patrick told her that his primary goal in life is for her to experience as much misery as possible; Patrick "shows her the border in Canada that he uses to cross into the United States"; and that Patrick was arrested and charged with criminal harassment against her.

Desiree's petition also stated that there were currently 2 pending family court matters before the Maricopa County Superior Court and the Los Angeles Superior Court. This fact automatically disqualified the Municipal Court from issuing the Order of Protection, under Arizona Revised Statutes § 13-3602(P). The court informed Desiree of that fact, but proceeded to issue the order nonetheless. Most people do not contest orders of protection, and in this case, the defendant was outside the jurisdiction of the order so he was unaffected by it, anyway. The court figured the order would be meaningless and the defendant wouldn't bother contesting it so what the hell.

As for James, his petition alleged Patrick had used {G*****}'s mobile phone to locate James' address and name; Patrick surveilled him through social media websites; sent harassing emails to his "tenant" Desiree Capuano; and posted James' personal information and security clearance level on a "harassing website". James' petition did not state there had ever been any contact between himself and Patrick.

It is significant to note, in James' declaration he repeatedly referred to Desiree as his "tenant", not his "girlfriend". Either James was ashamed of Desiree being his girlfriend, or he was attempting to mislead the court by misrepresenting the facts.

Although the offense of harassment requires some form of direct or indirect contact between the parties, and there was clearly none in the James' case, the court granted his Injunction Against Harassment anyway. Again, the court assumed Patrick lived outside the country and would never bother contesting the order.

James Files a Second Report With the Sahuarita Police

In early August, this website was still up and running. James had become desperate. He was growing concerned his friends, family, and associates might find the site and discover all the terrible things his girlfriend had done. Or worse, the Department of Defense might discover it and realize a person with top secret security clearance is cohabiting with a person of very questionable standing. Such a discovery would very likely result in James losing his security clearance.

On August 4, James placed another call to the Sahuarita Police Department. Though it is unclear what he could have hoped to accomplish by involving the Sahuarita Police. James told Officer Rona Zimmerling that the situation with Patrick was "escalating". James now claimed Patrick had been "harassing" him on other Internet sites; Patrick had posted James' resume and security clearance level this website; and that Patrick had contacted the Department of Justice and told them they should revoke James' security clearance. Officer Zimmerling asked if Patrick had threatened James. James said no, but that Patrick was "harassing" him. Officer Zimmerling informed James that Desiree had not made a report in this matter. James was surprised by that. Desiree had previously told him she had called the Sahuarita Police and filed a report. Officer Zimmerling told James Desiree should call and make her own report.

Again, James emphasized that Patrick had been deported from the US. Even though that would still have no relevance to the allegations. James' insistence on bringing up that irrelevant point would very strongly suggest deeply rooted anti-immigrant, and racist sentiments.

Officer Zimmerling informed James that if no threats had been made then there wasn't anything the police could do. There was nothing illegal about the website Patrick had created, and merely talking negatively about someone on a website wasn't harassment. She told James she'd update the report with this additional information.

James later asked Desiree about why she hadn't filed a report with the Sahuarita Police yet. Desiree denied the allegation. She insisted that she had called them. she claimed they must have lost the report. James was suspicious, but he wanted so badly to believe her that he convinced himself that must be the case.

Desiree Finally Calls the Sahuarita Police

James continued to pester Desiree to file a report with the Sahuarita Police. He was increasingly troubled by her lack of interest in doing so. He tried to express upon her the potential harm the website could do to his reputation. She didn't care. James began to wonder if maybe Desiree actually still had some feelings for Patrick. He confronted her about that. Desiree became very hostile when James suggested that. James told her if she really loved him she would file a report with the Sahuarita Police. He told her people were laughing at them because of the website; he was embarrassed every time he went out in public; strangers were starting to recognize them and he knew people were talking behind their backs.

Desiree asked him what difference it would make if she filed a report with the local police. She insisted Patrick wasn't even in the US so there wasn't anything the Sahuarita Police could do anyway. She knew James was just being insecure; that part of him felt inferior to Patrick. She knew that by not filing the report it was fueling James' insecurity - and she was exploiting it as much as she could.

Finally, James told Desiree that he really believed she cared more about Patrick than she did about him. He told her he didn't want to be with her anymore if this is how it was going to be. She was going to have leave.

At that point, Desiree really had nowhere else to go and she didn't want to give up the comfortable house she'd worked her way into. She agreed to call the Sahuarita Police and file a report against Patrick.

On August 17, 2015, at 1:45PM, when James was not present, Desiree called the Sahuarita Police. Throughout her statement to the Sahuarita Police, Desiree repeatedly referred to Patrick as her "husband" - even though she had supposedly had their marriage annulled a few months prior. She told the police Patrick had created a website about her, and that he had posted "horrible information" about her on it. She did not allege that there had ever been any harassment.

That would be the extent of Desiree's reports to the Sahuarita Police. She would tell James that she had told the police Patrick had been harassing her, and that she had told them about the email where Patrick said he would shoot her. Months later, James would find out, from reading the actual police reports on this website, that Desiree had lied to him. But even then he would convince himself that it wasn't her fault. That she did it because she was afraid of Patrick.

Desiree Requests All Visitation Be Suspended - Again

On September 3, 2015, Desiree filed a request in the family court, seeking to suspend all visitation between {G*****} and Patrick.

In her supporting declaration, Desiree falsely stated:

  • {G*****}'s phone had been seized by the local police and could not be returned to either {G*****} or Patrick because it was being used as evidence in a criminal harassment investigation against Patrick;
  • Since {G*****} had been in Desiree's care, Patrick has not provided any financial support;
  • Patrick sent her and {G*****} an email stating he plans to hire someone to have sex with her in order to obtain intimate photos which he intended to put on this website;
  • Patrick sent her an email saying he told {G*****} he would shoot her and kill her, if he would not face jail time for it;
  • During {G*****}'s visit over the Summer of 2015, Patrick refused to return {G*****} to her care;
  • Patrick said he was willing to put {G*****} at risk of physical harm in order to intimidate her;
  • Patrick had used {G*****}'s phone to determine her new address, and to obtain photographs and other personal information about her;
  • The police had forcibly taken down this website, but that it was back up the next day;
  • Canadian and US authorities are working on taking down this website.

In fact, this website has never been "taken down". Not by force, and not by any supposed "authorities".

Desiree's request was rejected by the court, without even being considered.

James Files a Third Report with the Sahuarita Police

On September 7, 2015, James called the Sahuarita Police yet again. This time he was informing them that on September 5, Patrick had called and spoke with {G*****}. According to James, during that conversation, Patrick had told {G*****} that he had hired a private investigator and that he intends to publish any findings he receives on this website.

James additionally told the officer that all Patrick's phone calls are being recorded by the RCMP, in relation to the criminal harassment charge Desiree had filed on July 21, 2015. In fact, however, that statement was false. While the RCMP had been monitoring Patrick's calls for a period of time, it was not related to that criminal harassment charge.

Although Desiree has maintained, since 2011, that she does not listen to, or record, the calls between Patrick and {G*****}, this particular report proves beyond any doubt that she has been listening to their calls.

That is the extent of the information provided during this call. It is unclear what relevance James believed this information had.

Desiree Refuses Visitation for Fall Break

On September 3, 2015, Patrick sent Desiree an email, requesting {G*****} be permitted to visit during his upcoming Fall Break. Desiree did not respond to the request. She did not allow {G*****} to visit during his Fall Break.

{G*****} had told Desiree he wanted to visit Patrick during his Fall Break, but Desiree refused to allow it.

Patrick Requests {G*****} Be Permitted to Choose Where He Will Live - Again

In early November 2015, Patrick submitted another request for a hearing, in the family court. He was, again, asking the court to allow {G*****} to choose, for himself, with which parent he would be able to live.

In addition, due to Desiree's repeated refusals to allow {G*****} to visit, Patrick also requested the court issue an order directing Desiree to allow {G*****} to visit with Patrick during his school breaks, until a hearing can be held on the matter.

The court scheduled a hearing for January 25, 2016, but did not enter an order regarding visitation in the meantime.

Desiree Refuses Visitation for Winter Break

On October 11, 2015, Patrick sent Desiree an email requesting {G*****} be permitted to visit during his upcoming Winter Break. Desiree did not respond to the request.

On October 22, Patrick sent a follow-up request for {G*****} to be permitted to visit during his upcoming Winter Break. Again, Desiree did not respond.

On November 13, Patrick sent Desiree a third and final request for {G*****} to visit during his upcoming Winter Break.

Finally, Desiree responded on November 14, because she discovered Patrick had recently filed a request in the family court to change the current custody and visitation order. At that point, Desiree hadn't yet received a copy of Patrick's request - she only knew he had filed it because it appeared on the court's website.

In her response, Desiree claimed to have discussed it with {G*****} and that he said he only wanted visit with Patrick for half of his Winter Break. That contradicted what {G*****} had previously told Patrick. He had told Patrick he wanted to go to Vancouver for the entire break. Desiree also insisted that she would only "allow" {G*****} to visit under the condition Patrick may not speak with {G*****} about Desiree, her home, her lifestyle, the other people in her home, Patrick's opinions, or Patrick thoughts. According to Desiree, those were "unnecessary topics of conversation".

Patrick promptly responded, stating that his request was not an invitation to negotiate and that he would not agree to such "terms". {G*****} had stated he wanted to visit for the entire Winter Break, and had not been with his father since the middle of July. Patrick did not think it unreasonable for {G*****} to be able to spend 2 weeks with his father in the past 5 months.

Desiree did not respond. She did not allow {G*****} to visit Patrick over his Winter Break. She would later claim, in the family court, that it was Patrick who denied {G*****} the visit, by refusing to accept her terms.

Patrick Contests the Restraining Orders

On October 31, 2015, the RCMP served a copy of the Desiree's and James' restraining orders on Patrick. As of that moment, and for the next year, they would remain in effect, unless contested.

While serving the documents, the RCMP officer informed Patrick that the orders are meaningless because they have no legal significance in Canada. He said he was only serving the copies because he told Desiree he would.

Patrick asked the officer how the orders would affect his PAL (firearms license), and whether he would be required to dispose of his guns. The officer told him it would have no effect on his PAL and he wouldn't have to do anything with his guns. He said the orders really are that meaningless.

Even though the orders had absolutely no effect on Patrick, because he was outside the US, he eventually decided to contest them anyway - just for the hell of it. He also thought it might be a good opportunity to get additional, more recent, content for the website. He contacted the Sahuarita Municipal Court to arrange a hearing. A hearing was set for December 16, 2015.

On December 16, 2015, at the hearing, first the court acknowledged it did not have the authority to issue Desiree's order of protection because there was already a pending family court matter before the Superior Court. However, the Municipal Court said it was going to proceed with the hearing anyway. That alone guaranteed the order would be overturned on appeal, if the court were to uphold the order.

Desiree's case was based, substantially, on her allegation that Patrick had threatened to shoot her, and on the content of the this website. Desiree failed to provide any evidence to support her allegation of the threat, and Patrick denied he had ever threatened her - in fact, the statement to which Desiree was referring did not amount to a true threat. For that reason, the court's final order was not based on the threat at all, but only on the content of this website.

In James' case, the first question the court asked was how he knew Patrick. James replied that that hearing was actually the first contact he and Patrick had ever had. In other words, his very first statement was an admission that the "contact directed at a specific person" requirement of the statutory definition of harassment had not been met. Nevertheless, the court, again, said that it would proceed. And, again, that single fact would guarantee a ruling in favor of James would be overturned on appeal.

In light of the court's blatant disregard for the statutory requirements of both cases, Patrick decided it would be pointless to bother presenting a defense. He opted, instead, to allow Desiree and James to proceed with their cases, then to appeal to the Superior Court. That would also enable Patrick to obtain a copy of the official record of the hearing - both to post on this website, and to use in the family court.

In spite of the fact that both Desiree's and James' cases failed to meet the minimum statutory requirements, the court ruled in their favors.

Patrick immediately submitted his Notice of Appeal. In early February, Patrick filed his appeal briefs. As of this point it is not known whether Desiree and James filed responding briefs, though it is not likely as their is really no legal argument against the errors mentioned above.

James Files a Forth Report with the Sahuarita Police

On January 3, 2016, still believing that this website constituted some form of harassment against himself and Desiree, James called the Sahuarita Police and filed yet another complaint against Patrick.

This time, James was complaining that Patrick had posted more updates to the website, including some new blog posts. But otherwise, it was just more of the same.

By this point, however, James had begun referring to Desiree as his "fiancé".

Once again, the police told James they'd document this new information. Of course, nothing further was done.

Desiree Tells the Family Court Patrick Threatened to "Kill" Her

On January 11, 2016, Desiree filed, in the family court, her response to Patrick's request to change the current custody and visitation.

Desiree's response focused, as usual, almost entirely on how Patrick's actions affected her, personally, and very little on {G*****}. Much of her attention was given to Patrick's firearm ownership, as she attempted to portray Patrick as a dangerous and violent person. She also declared Patrick had told {G*****} that "he absolutely would have no problems killing her if the consequences of that were not life in prison"; that "he discusses all of his plans to attack her with {G*****}; that "{G*****} is aware he is being used as a pawn in Patrick's plan to destroy her life"; and that Patrick's plan is to cause her so much distress that she commits suicide.

Desiree further claimed in her declaration, that Patrick had stated "when {G*****} turns 16 years old, he plans to take him to Ontario Canada where the age of an adult is 16", and that "at that point {G*****} would no longer be required to return to Desiree and there would be nothing that she or the court could do about it".

Most of the supporting exhibits Desiree attached to her declaration actually contradicted her statements. For example, to support her allegation that Patrick had said he "absolutely would have no problems killing her", she attached the email wherein Patrick supposed made that statement. However, that email showed that what Patrick actually said was:

[{G*****}] once asked me if I would shoot you. I told him that murder is illegal and immoral and can result in spending the rest of one's life in prison. And that the rest of my life in prison is not a risk I'm willing to take. But otherwise, no, I would have no qualms about it; that that is how much I despise you for the things you've done and continue to do...There is nothing illegal or threatening about wanting to harm someone - as long as you don't act on it. I am reasonable and rational enough to know the difference, and to refrain from engaging in such activity.
And let me be absolutely clear on this point: I would never deliberately cause you physical harm, other than in self defense or defense of another...Also, I emphasize that [{G*****}] brought up the question and I only responded to it truthfully.

From Desiree's own prior statements to the Sahuarita Police, the Sahuarita Municipal Court, and family court, it is clear she did not truly interpret Patrick's statements as any kind of threat. She, herself, openly stated in July and December 2015, that Patrick has never actually threatened her.

However, Desiree had no legitimate explanations for the points Patrick raised in his declaration, so she responded in the only way she knew - she lied!

In her declaration, Desiree continued to refer to James Pendleton as her "landlord". Even though she had already, previously admitted that they were in a serious, committed relationship. She was doing that in order to deliberately mislead the court, to make Patrick's actions seem more egregious - as though he were attacking an innocent, uninvolved party. Desiree denied that her and James were "cohabiting" and insisted James was nothing more than her "landlord".

Desiree also stated that since the December 16, 2015 order of protection hearing, Patrick "has continued to post defaming information to the website (in clear violation of the protection order)". That shows that, even as of January 9, 2016, Desiree was still clinging to her misguided belief that her order of protection prohibited Patrick from maintaining and/or updating the website. It is unclear, if not entirely baffling, where her and James would get the idea that any court in the US or Canada would have the authority to restrict a person's free and public speech.

Desiree Goes to the Media

In early January 2016, Desiree and James were still deluding themselves that this website was somehow illegal, and that it in some way violated their rights. They honestly believed that the mere existence of this website somehow amounted to harassment, and that by continuing to update the website Patrick was violating both of their restraining orders.

Both Desiree and James could not believe that none of the courts in the US or Canada; none of the law enforcement agencies - neither the RCMP, the Sahuarita Police, the FBI, nor the DHS - was willing to help them. Wasn't it clear that Patrick was breaking the law? Patrick openly admitted that his goal was to ruin Desiree's life. And he was so blatantly violating the restraining orders. Why was nobody willing to do anything about it?

So, in early January, Desiree began sending her very skewed and misinformed version of her story to as many news media agencies as she could. She represented the story as a poor, helpless, innocent, single mother being terrorized by a relentless, obsessed, vindictive ex-husband who was hurt because she had left him so many years ago. According to Desiree's version of the story, her ex-husband had been very controlling and emotionally abusive; he had taken their child from her when the child was only a year old and subsequently disappeared with the child for 9 years; when the ex-husband was serving a prison sentence for perjury, she finally found the child and they were reunited after all that time; the ex-husband had been an illegal alien and was deported to Canada upon his release from prison; in 2014, the ex-husband created this website with the intention of destroying the poor, innocent mother's life for having left him, to get her fired from her job, and to prevent her from ever being able to get another job and provide for her children.

Certainly, when presented in that light, it sounds like an incredible human interest story. But, unfortunately, almost every one of those points is false. And the ones which weren't false were grossly misrepresented.

On January 15, 2015, Desiree's stories to the media caught the attention of someone at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) in Vancouver. The story was mildly interesting to them, in part, because the villain of the story lived right here in Vancouver. The problem was very few of Desiree's claims could be confirmed.

In early February, the CBC interviewed Desiree for a segment they were putting together which was going to be about "cyber-bullying". The story revolved around Desiree's plight and how her life was being destroyed by her ex-husband and this awful "revenge website". They then contacted Patrick and asked if he would agree to be interviewed. He agreed.

The Family Court Continues to Believe Desiree's Lies

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Patrick Proves to the Family Court Desiree Has Been Lying About Everything

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To Be Continued...