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Desiree Capuano & James Pendleton
250 E. Placita Lago Del Mago
Sahuarita, AZ     85629
Tel: 520-288-8200

This website was created for the fundamental purpose of informing the world, or at least as many people as possible, about who Desiree Yvonne Capuano really is, and the many deplorable things she has done and continues to do.

It is the hope of the site creator and maintainers that by publishing the truth about Desiree, with as much supporting evidence as we can get our hands on, her ability to continue manipulating and exploiting decent, honest people will be diminished.

Contrary to what a lot of you simpletons want to believe, Patrick is not broken hearted about Desiree dumping his ass. In fact, it was Patrick that ended the relationship and filed for divorce. The reason Patrick hates Desiree and created this website is because after being completely absent from his and their son's life for 9 years she forced herself back in; abducted their child that she had nothing to do with for 9 years; repeatedly lied in the family court and the news media about Patrick; took deliberate steps to get Patrick deported from the US so she could get custody of their son after the family court determined Patrick should keep custody; then completely cut off all communication between Patrick and their son. THAT is why Patrick hates Desiree and why he created this website! As of right now, Patrick has had no contact with his son since May 2016 (3 years).

Guarantee of Truth and Accuracy

All information provided on this website, pertaining to Desiree, is guaranteed to be true and correct, to the best of the knowledge and abilities of the maintainers.

Knowingly publishing false information about Desiree would amount to defamation (or specifically, libel) which would be illegal (though civilly, not criminally). If we were to do that then Desiree would be able to obtain a court order compelling us to either remove or correct the defamatory content, or possibly to remove the site from the Internet altogether.

In August 2017, Desiree initiated a defamation suit against Patrick Fox, regarding this website. But Patrick was in jail in Canada, at the time (because of this website) and was unable to prepare any kind of defense. Desiree's jackoff lawyer, David Georgetti, was able to get a temporary injunction against Patrick, requiring him to take down this website. Patrick has since, repeatedly pushed Georgetti to proceed with the trial but, of course, Georgetti being a hack of a lawyer, is refusing to move forward - he knows that at the trial Desiree will have to testify and it will come out that everything on this site is completely true and there simply is no defamation. As for the temporary injunction, Georgetti can shove that up his puckered ass - neither I, nor this website are in Canada; none of the parties involved in the website or the lawsuit (i.e. Patrick and Desiree) are Canadian or have any ties to Canada, so the suit is irrelevant.

Another reason Georgetti, Mark Myhre, Natalie Clancy, and Yvette Brend do not want the civil suit moving forward is because in a civil case, unlike a criminal case, there is no section 486.3 appointment to do the cross examination of the complainant. Which means there would be no corrupt lawyer (e.g. Tony Lagemaat) to collude with the government to ensure certain lines of questioning and certain evidence doesn't get presented.

The other reason we only publish true information about Desiree on this site is because if even one statement on this site were ever found to be false then the entire site would lose all credibility. The site would then become completely ineffective because no one would believe any of the content.

When you meet Desiree, you will swear she is the kindest, sweetest person you have ever had the privilege of knowing. Oh no, my friends, don't be fooled! Desiree will tell you everything on this website is lies, and that this website was created by her ex-husband because he's hurt or some such crap. But within this website you will find voluminous physical evidence to support the claims against Desiree, and which will undoubtedly directly contradict what she will try to convince you of.

It is not the aim of this website to discredit Miss Capuano for any reason other the the complete truth about the things she has done, and the beliefs she holds.