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My Ex-Husband Went to Prison for 2 and a Half Years for Creating This Website

Desiree Committed Over 230 Counts of Perjury at the Trial

Yes! Two hundred and thirty false statements, in 8 hours of testimony! The defense attorney, Tony Lagemaat (LinkedIn), actively and deliberately colluded with the Crown Counsel, Mark Myhre, to suppress critical evidence, to not confront or cross examine Desiree on ANY of her perjurious testimony, and to not pursue lines of questioning which would make the Crown or the RCMP look bad. It's all in the transcripts and audio recordings in the new "R. v. Fox" section of this site.

Defense lawyer, Tony Lagemaat, colluded with Crown Counsel, Mark Myhre, to suppress evidence and offer perjurious testimony!

I know, it sounds outrageous. There's no way this kind of shit would happen right there in Canada, right? Well, we've published, right here on this site, all of the transcripts and audio recordings of the trial; the RCMP's Reports to Crown Counsel; the transcripts and audio recordings of all of the RCMP interviews - even the video of both Desiree's and Patrick's RCMP interviews; and Desiree's victim impact statement. Hell, we've even published the audio recording of Patrick's court ordered psychiatric assessment!

IRCC admits Patrick is not a Canadian citizen, and is in Canada illegally, but the court refuses to let him leave BC!

And get this, this is the most fucked up part: Patrick is not a Canadian citizen, he has absolutely no legal status in Canada, he's not allowed to work, he's not eligible for ANY government assistance - no welfare, no health care - no way to support himself... yet, he's sentenced to 3 years probation with one of the conditions being that he is prohibited from leaving British Columbia!!! That twit Crown Counsel, Mark Myhre, goes to court and insists Patrick is a Canadian citizen and the court believes it without question - even though Patrick brings stacks of proof, including IRCC's own admissions and statements that Patrick is absolutely NOT a Canadian citizen - but it doesn't matter! Man, that's some fucked up shit.

What About All That News Coverage

But what about all the shit that was in the news? Surely the news has not been lying to us! Surely we can trust CBC, the Canadian Press, and such reputable and upstanding journalists as Natalie Clancy (CBC) (LinkedIn), Yvette Brend (CBC), Laura Kane (Canadian Press) (LinkedIn), Keith Fraser (Post Media) (LinkedIn), and Manisha Krishnan (Vice), right? Ah, hell NO! You will come to find what Canadian news reporting is really all about. There was not one mention of Desiree's perjurious testimony. Not one mention of her admitting on the witness stand that, Yes!, in fact, she WAS a stripper and that she DID participate in a drug diversion program for people with a "drug problem" - you might remember her denying that in her news media interviews back in February 2016. Not a single mention in the news coverage of the trial about the recordings of Desiree laughing and joking with the RCMP about the very same stuff she was fake crying about while testifying!

CBC and PostMedia refuse to report on ANY of the evidence in favor of Patrick

During the two and a half years Patrick was in jail, he communicated repeatedly with Clancy and Brend, providing them updates and further evidence proving Capuano was lying, that he's NOT a Canadian citizen and was not born in Canada, and since his release on December 30, 2018 he has continued to forward them and Keith Fraser evidence. But, have ANY Canadian news agencies or so called journalists reported ANY of that? No! Patrick has provided concrete proof to them that he was born in the US - including IRCC's own reports and admissions - which means the US government deported a US citizen and the Canadian government allowed someone who is not a Canadian citizen to be deported to Canada - yet not one word of that in the news! And even now, IRCC refuses to deport or even ask Patrick to leave Canada. THAT'S of no interest to Canadian news media - but portraying a lying sociopath as a harmless victim of the person whose life she destroyed is? That country is fucked up!

The Truth Will Always Come Out Eventually

Well, it's all right here, now. You can listen to the recordings of that very RCMP interview - of Desiree laughing about getting Patrick deported so he'd lose custody of their son; laughing about punching herself in the stomach when she was pregnant with that same son, to try to force a miscarriage; laughing about the "scars" she has from having to deal with Patrick.

The transcripts and the audio of Lagemaat desparately trying to justify, in court, why he didn't think Capuano's laughter was relevant - even while Myhre openly conceded it was. How's that for the Crown throwing their lackey under the bus?

If you don't already realize it:

  • Desiree Capuano is a monster;
  • The Canadian justice system is a sham, it's broken, and it's corrupt;
  • The Canadian news media is only interested in reporting one side of any story - the side that will get the most ratings;
  • Canada is controlled by politically correct, man-hating, militant feminists; and
  • Desiree Capuano is a horrible, lying, sociopathic, monster.

And since this website is back online, the Crown is probably going to say it was Patrick that put it up and they'll arrest him and he'll go back to jail. For doing nothing more than telling and publishing the truth about bad people doing bad things! And Desiree will go on lying and cheating and manipulating people and taking advantage of their decency and compassion and just being an all around bad person. God damn, Canada's a fucked up country! Thank God we're in America.