Regina v. Patrick Fox - The BC Government's Efforts to Make Patrick Fox Shut Down this Website!

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This Website is About Standing Up to Tyranny!

This website is about free speech! It's about exposing lying, cheating, manipulators so they can't keep lying, cheating, and taking advantage of the kindness and decency of good people. It's about not lying down and taking it up the ass when the tyrannical, politically correct, feminist segment of society tells you you're a man - that's your role! And it's about exposing the corruption and the misconduct that occurs every day in Canadian justice system.

Why the BC Government Refuses to Get a US Court Order

Every time the BC justice system prosecutes Patrick for refusing to shut down this website, that greasy Chris Johnson argues that this website MUST be taken down in order to protect Desiree Capuano from the ongoing harassment it's causing her. Yet, they refuse to apply for a US court order for the hosting provider to take it down.

If the BC government really believed this website was harming Desiree and their goal was to protect her then they would focus their efforts on actually getting it taken down - not on prosecuting and imprisoning Patrick Fox, a pursuit which, so far, has done absolutely nothing to get this website taken down. No, my friends, the reasons the BC government wants this website shut down is 1) there's a huge amount of proof of all the corruption that's been going on in Patrick's cases in the R. v. Fox section, and 2) because they told Patrick to shut it down!

To date, not a single complaint has been filed with this website's hosting provider - not by the BC government and not by Desiree Capuano. Not a single application for an injunction against the hosting provider has been filed in the Arizona court.

So, this website remains.